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Shade of lilac by XeniaChowaniec

The minute I saw the thumbnail for this piece I was already amazed by how beautiful it was and then when I saw full view I was blown aw...


Tauriel had her phone clasped in her hand, disbelieve written all over her face.
“Wait, let me get this straight. You’re inviting us for dinner to tell us that Faramir has become an uncle? But that’s impossible…Boromir is…”
“Dead, I know, and I thought the same, but it seems life is full of surprises. Come tonight so we can explain everything.” Éowyn said.
“Of course I’ll come, you sure you don’t mind Kíli being there as well?”
“No I don’t mind, he’s practically part of the family anyway, so he might as well come.”
“Alright…how are you and Faramir coping?”
“We’re shocked of course, though I think I am taking it better than him. He can’t believe it. The fact that Boromir never told him hurts immensely and if the woman hadn’t come…well, never mind that for now, you’ll hear everything tonight.”
“I am sensing it’s quite a story. Do you know how Arwen is doing, is she still pissed at Aragorn?”
“Not sure, apparently they talked at length last night after we heard the news from him.”
“Well I hope that went well. I’ve got to go now, but I’ll see you soon. Can I bring anything?”
“Great. No nothing I can think of now.”
“You know what, I’ll raid Thranduil’s wine collection. He won’t miss them, and if he does I’ll tell him it was for a good cause.”
“Haha that would be wonderful, I think we all need something to drink. How is he?”
“Fine I think; he’s away for business.”
“I see, well thanks Tauriel.”
“No problem Éowyn, see you tonight.”
“Okay! Bye!”

Hanging up, Tauriel stared at her phone for a while. Of all the unexpected things she could have heard, this beat them all. Checking the time, she saw she still had several hours until she was expected at Éowyn’s and Faramir’s apartment. She thanked Valar for having already had her only class today this morning. At least she had time to do some work. Checking the time once more, she calculated Kíli would be on his break right now. She send him a text about the dinner plans, but when he asked for a further explanation, she called him. She wasn’t surprised to find he had a similar reaction as she had, one full of disbelieve. They planned for him to pick her up later at the Mirkwood Estate before driving, with wine and Ereborian whiskey that Kíli said he’d bring, to their friend’s place.

Hanging up once more, Tauriel opened her medical book in front of her to the right page, and tried to concentrate on its content. After reading several pages, her eyes slid to one of the photos on her desk. She kept several, all in neat silver frames with a leaf motive. The first was one of her parents, taken not long before the accident. She had several of her friends. New photos now also included Kíli and even Fíli and Arild. Faramir had taken photos during the archery competition and he gave her one that contained her with Kíli in the background. Their bows were drawn, a look of concentration and determination on their faces as they aligned their arrows with the targets. Though she normally was quite photo shy, Tauriel enjoyed the photo immensely, seeing her clear cut but delicate profile, her intense eyes and some fiery strands of hair that had escaped her braid. She had thought about getting it reprinted in a large size to hang on a wall, though at Kíli’s because hanging it in her own room felt weird. But currently her eyes were looking at a different picture. It was one of Thranduil, Legolas, and herself. It had been taken a few years back. Thranduil had felt better that year after years of sadness. They’d gone on holiday to the coast, just the three of them. It had been a lovely time with great weather as evident by her burnt nose and an overload of freckles. On the photo they were at the beach with the sea as their background. She and Legolas had asked a passerby to take their photo. The man had been a lot of fun and pretended as if they were doing a complete photo-shoot, which led to hysterics. She and Legolas stood in front, his arm around her shoulder, pulling her sideways into him. She had put her large straw hat on his head, and it made him look extremely ridiculous with his long blond hair. He’d thrown his head back in laughter. Behind them Thranduil, had lost part of his usual perfect composure and was smiling widely at the two teens goofing around in front of him. It was one of the few photos Tauriel had of him, where the smile reached his eyes. Looking at the happy photo, Tauriel felt a pang of sadness and nostalgia, wishing they could go back to the heavenly place. They hadn’t gone on holiday as a family since, and she realised she missed it. Trying to focus on her book, she hoped the men were doing fine. When Thranduil got back, she’d suggest to him to go there again once Legolas would be back too. She was sure Lemaril would have approved of the idea.

The hours passed quickly and before she knew it, she received a message from Kíli that he was on his way. Closing her book and throwing on some nicer clothes, she made her way down to the Mirkwood cellars. Growing up in Thranduil’s household, it had been his ultimate goal to make sure his children knew everything there was to know about wine, especially red. Despite not being allowed to drink legally until their 18th birthday, Tauriel and Legolas had grown accustomed to the taste of wine by the time they were twelve. Once they came closer to the legal age, Thranduil had allowed them to go on a drinking spree at home. It had been the only time both of them had been drunk, waking up the next morning with a blasting headache. Ever since then they knew their limit and were responsible drinkers when they went out. Tauriel was glad her first and only drunk experience had been in the safety of her own home, with Thranduil taking care of them, though he had gathered lots of blackmail material from it.

Walking through the cool stone cellar, she inspected the wines on the oaken racks. She ended up picking three bottles. They were rich in flavour but not too heavy. She knew Thranduil tended to choose them when he had to digest information after long business meetings. Thus it would be perfect for this evening. She carefully put them in her bag and walked back up. In the hallway she put on her ankle boots and scarf. She was going through the cloakroom to find her winter jacket when Kíli arrived and rang the doorbell. With a smile she opened up.
“Perfect timing love.” She said giving him a kiss. Kíli grinned.
“Don’t I always?” He teased and handed her his spare helmet. Taking it she locked the door behind her, zipping up her dark grey jacket. The weather had taken a turn and declared autumn officially over. The days after the competition had become chilly. She put her bag with the wine in the compartment behind her and she spotted Kíli’s whiskey.
“Do you have an unlimited supply of this stuff?” And Kíli laughed.
“Just like you have an unlimited supply of wine. I hope you took Thranduil’s favourite.”
“All wine is his favourite, but I can say he’s quite fond of these.”
“Great.” Kíli grinned and started the motor. Not long after they were speeding over the highway to one of the neighbouring cities, Minas Tirith, where Éowyn and Faramir lived.

45 minutes later they stopped at the marvellous white apartment building that Éowyn called home. Faramir had grown up in the steward residence, which was a grand building more in the outskirts of the city. Boromir as heir had lived there his whole life, but Faramir, whose relationship with their father had always been difficult, had jumped at the opportunity to move into the apartment that lay in the centre of the city, especially since he’d helped design the complex when still in university. When he and Éowyn started dating and he brought her there, she fell in love with the place, thus not minding moving in with him there, instead of in her native Rohan.  

Parking his bike, Tauriel went ahead of Kíli to ring the buzzer. Within seconds Éowyn’s voice came through the speaker.
“Great, you guys are here, you can come up.”
“Thanks.” Tauriel replied and she and Kíli climbed the seven flights of stairs. The door was open when they arrived. Éowyn was waiting to welcome them, smiling. The two women engulfed each other in a hug, while Kíli and Éowyn exchanged a kiss on each cheek.
“I am glad you made it, dinner is just ready.” They entered and Kíli smiled.
“Great timing again.”

They greeted Arwen and Éomer and finally Faramir.
“By Valar, I never expected to have dinner here for such a special reason. Is it alright for me to congratulate you?” Tauriel asked and Faramir gave a smile.
“It’s all very strange I agree, but I think it’s alright for you to say it. I never expected I’d ever be called an uncle.”
“It’s a long story I am sure.” Kíli said as he gave the other man a firm handshake. “I can’t wait hearing it over this delicious smelling dinner.” And they laughingly agreed.

As they sat down, helping themselves to some wine and food, Faramir told them the story he’d been uncovering since last night.
“It appears my brother was a married man when he died.” This statement already earned him several questioning stares and remarks. “A few weeks ago, Aragorn got a visit from a woman at the hospital late at night. She is a lady from Harad. Her city had been under attack last year and she came as a refugee to Osgiliath, where she met my brother. I don’t know much more detail apart from the fact that they fell in love over time. Thinking about it now, it finally explains his continuing eagerness to return there as fast as possible. She became pregnant not long after. She told Aragorn she had been scared at first and tried to hide it, but of course Boromir found out eventually. They married soon after. The baby, they named him Echtelion, after our grandfather, was born in June this year. I remember when he was back here for a while and he was extremely rested. I thought it was because of reports that the enemy was advancing…not that…If only I’d asked him…If only I’d known…” Faramir fell silent and Éowyn took his hand, giving it an encouraging squeeze before she took over.
“He went back there to spend time with his family. It was during this time that Osgiliath was under heavy attack and out of fear for their safety, Boromir send them to North Ithilien, which was another safe haven at that time. Not long after the hospital was bombed that killed him. While we were burying him, Nashwa, that’s her name, got news of her death. I can’t imagine how devastating that would have been to hear. Being so young, in the middle of a warzone, with an infant and hearing your husband has been killed so many miles away from you.” The whole table became silent and Tauriel felt tears in her eyes. Kíli must have seen them because his hand found hers, their fingers entangling.
“I just wish I’d known, than perhaps we could have gotten her out of there sooner, then Boromir wouldn’t have been there when they attacked…he might have still lived…” Faramir stuttered softly.
“But we didn’t and shouldn’t blame ourselves for it. God knows why your brother didn’t tell us, but we can’t change the past.” Éowyn told him and the rest agreed with her.

“How did she get to Aragorn?” Arwen asked.
“She walked back, an incredibly foolish idea.” Faramir responded.
“And apparently the only option.” Éowyn retorted.
“Indeed, no one in their right mind would do it unless they had no choice. It’s a dangerous and treacherous road. She’s lucky to have made it back in one piece.” Faramir said.
“Anyway, she surprised and scared the hell out of Aragorn when she arrived. At first he didn’t believe her either, in denial, just like us, but seeing the child, he noticed a strong resemblance and agreed to do a DNA test. He didn’t tell us why specifically so we wouldn’t get our hopes up, before he knew for certain. He got the results several days ago and reached us last night. Apparently he’d tried to call before but the lines were dead.” Éowyn finished and everyone fell silent once more, trying to digest all the information. Eating proven fruitless and thus they settled for some light dessert and more wine.

“Does your father know, Faramir?” Arwen asking breaking the silence and he let out a sigh.
“Yes, I told him this afternoon.”
“And? He must be happy.”
“Happy? No. He’s accusing me of being a liar, deliberately reminding him of his favourites son’s death and tearing up his good reputation. No, father refused to believe it and is very far from happy. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is currently altering his will, if he hasn’t already done so.” He told them, which led to words shock and disapproval and Éowyn look grim.
“He’s such a despicable man.” She said loudly.
“Éowyn…” Faramir muttered, sounding as if they had, had this discussion far too many times already. “He’s still my father.”
“And he’s still an asshole, and I can’t believe you keep defending him after everything he’s said and done to you.”
“Let’s discuss this later.” Faramir offered and poured himself and Éomer some more of Thranduil’s wine while Kíli refilled his glass of whiskey. Éowyn looked displeased but let it slide, downing her own wine.

“What’s the plan now?” Kíli asked.
“Aragorn has made sure Nashwa and the child will be on the first available flight to Minas Tirith. From there they will go through some tough immigration routine, Gondor can’t be careful enough of course. We will do everything we can to support them. Of course, with the DNA test confirming the child is related it shouldn’t be a problem getting him in, but for her it’s a different case. She’ll probably be allowed in, but it’s not sure how long she can stay. She’s from Harad, came to Osgiliath as a refugee and her Westron is very limited. Éowyn has managed to secure housing for her in Rohan, where she will get language classes. But the Gondor and Rohan governments want her to work as soon as possible. They are afraid that refugees will start creating problems. So if she doesn’t live up to their expectations, there’s the fear that she might get send back.”
“That would be barbaric! She’s obviously very determined and intelligent.” Tauriel observed. “I don’t think many would have been able to make the long journey with a child and being smart enough to go to the right person immediately. I am quite curious to see what’s she’s like.” And she saw the others nod in agreement.
“Perhaps you can persuade her to shoot with you.” Éowyn suggested dryly.
“Or you’ve found yourself a new sparring opponent.”
“Who knows, she might actually be normal and into drawing and reading, or perhaps she’ll be a willing shopping partner.” Arwen sighed as she stared at her two friends accusingly, causing everyone to laugh, lifting some of the thick tension.
“I am just curious about the woman who seduced my brother, the man who claimed to be unseducable – if that’s even a word.” Faramir said, his voice lined with a harsh edge. Éomer put his hand on his friend and soon to be brother-in-law’s shoulders.
“I am sure she’s a fine person. Your brother wasn’t an idiot and he was very good at reading people. I think it is more likely he seduced her than the other way around.” And Faramir shrugged his shoulders.
“We’ll see.”

The rest of the evening passed with the friends reflecting on the past events and what was still to come. Nashwa and baby Echtelion would arrive on the coming Monday, five days away. Tauriel hoped Faramir would have given the information a restful place in his mind and heart by then. But she could definitely understand his hurt and distress. She hated it when Legolas kept things away from her, as did Kíli with his own brother.

That night they lay together in her own bed for once in Mirkwood, but sleep was faraway. In silence they stared at her ceiling that she had painted to resemble the night sky with its many constellations.
“I think, if we’d ever be in such a situation, I’d rather die with you than go through all that pain.” Tauriel said softly and Kíli shifted and turned to look at her in the darkness. His hand traced her naked form.
“Perhaps, but if you’d have the choice, wouldn’t you try to save me?”
“Of course.”
“Even if that meant giving your own life?”
“…Yes I would.”
“I would personally be incredibly angry if I sacrificed myself for you, only for you to then follow soon after.”
“What would you do, ignore me for all eternity?” And Kíli laughed.
“I would never be able to do that, but I’d probably be angry for a long time.”
“Hmmm I think I would be too, the other way around.”
“It’s terrible to think about love, I’d rather think about living my life with you like this.” He said and Tauriel softly pressed her lips against his.
“Yes I would too. But it’s not all tragic.”
“A part of Boromir still lives on in this little boy who came out of a short but loving union. Isn’t that also a wonderful thing, especially looking at what the child has survived already.” Kíli thought about it for a few seconds. Then he gathered her into his arms.
“Yes, I suppose it is love.”

And with that they fell asleep.
Shooting Starlight Ch.19 The News
Chapter nineteen in my fanfic that mixes The Hobbit and LOTR characters and puts them in a modern (AU) setting.

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You can also find it on my account under the name Shooting in Starlight:

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I hope you all enjoy it and please comment to let me know what you think! :) (Smile)
Gimli grunted as he dragged himself through the rough terrain. He was drenched in mud, his muscles were sore, he felt chilled to the bone, but worst of all, he was hungry, incredibly hungry. The enemy wouldn’t see them coming but rather hear his stomach approaching. It made him lose his concentration, and that was something heavily required on this mission. He tried to remember why exactly he had agreed to come.

He’d only been back several weeks and he’d been incredibly bored. His hands itched to do something. Cold had descended so he had been in charge of cutting up enough wood to supply the people for warmth. He scoffed. Three years of military training, rigorous and intensive, and there he was, in the middle of Mordor chopping up wood. He’d been frustrated and tired and so when one of the military generals, Gimli believe his name was Glorfindel, asked him if he wanted to help with the mission, he’d agreed immediately, without even knowing what it actually entailed. Looking back he declared himself an idiot. While he’d felt useless before, he now could remember the smiles on people’s faces whenever he came in carrying the logs. He had been useful after all. He wouldn’t mind going back there now; he ached for some warmth, a shower would be heavenly. Gimli didn’t think there was a part of his body clean at the moment. He had long given up trying to wipe the grime off his face with the grime on his hands.

Next to him lay Ereinion, the second in command. There were two other soldiers who had trained in Doriath. Gimli was the only one from Erebor. Not that he minded very much, they generally left him in peace. But there was one that tested his patience. The journalist. Gimli had practically laughed in the blondes face when he’d requested to come along. Come along! As if this was some school trip. The man might have been leanly built, but he was also way too tall and thin. Not one who couldn’t fend for himself in the wild, not with such perfectly styled hair.  

Those volunteers, who thought coming here would be a walk in the park, who thought they could do everything and not break a nail. Sissy’s every single one of them. Gimli couldn’t stand them.

Thus far the journalist had survived, proving to be sturdier than originally thought and much to Gimli’s chagrin the lad had been very good with a bow. At least he could protect himself, because Gimli had no intention of looking out for his sorry ass. He might be ok with being an wood chopper but definitely not a baby sitter.

But the man’s name sounded familiar… he couldn’t quite place it. Everyone called the man Lego, an unfortunate nickname Gimli assumed. The young sturdy redhead avoided the man at all costs. He had never been very good dealing with his anger management; it was one of the reasons why he’d joined the army, to let of some steam. But he did have a lot of pride and felt a large amount of responsibility. He wasn’t going to start a fight if it was avoidable because it would end badly for all of them.

The sun had gone down and when the sky shifted from twilight to dusk the small party made a small camp. They kept a fire low, which provided they with just enough light to see what they were doing. They were closer to their target, the city of Pelargir. Recently had been recaptured by enemy forces leading to further devastation. Pelargir had been in and out of enemy control since the entire conflict started. Legolas even remembered that as a young child his father would talk about it. The aim of their mission was to infiltrate the centre of the harbour city and take out the leaders, so to weaken their defences so that coming forces would be able to take it over and bring it into Gondor forces control. The large forces were a day away, waiting for Glorfindel’s command. But first they had to make it to the city unseen. They were close, so close that Gimli could practically smell it. It affected them all. They became quieter and more withdrawn. They all knew the plan, the only thing they could do now was pray that everything would go well, and they’d all get out alive.

Two days passed and Glorfindel and one of the Doriath soldiers had gone to explore the city, memorizing the changing of the guards and the ins and outs of the fortress and the palace where the leader lived. Glorfindel came back filled with hope.
“It’s time. I will send word to the waiting forces. We will attack right before dawn tonight. With any luck we can create so much confusion and fear that our aid, arriving midday tomorrow, will have limited resistance.” At his words Gimli felt a spurge of adrenaline go through him. Looking around he would see in the eyes of the others that they felt the same. He felt excitement just also incredibly anxious. He hadn’t really thought much of his life back home, not much of his father or mother, but now, knowing real danger was coming, he couldn’t help think back on all those great times. Whenever his mother made his favourite food or when his father would bring him to wrestling matches, after which he always got ice cream. It was at that moment that he wondered if they would be proud of him. He hadn’t gone into accounting, as his father had liked. He’d always pushed himself into dangerous situations despite his mother’s warnings. She had probably preferred him to use his physical abilities to play Olympic sports. At least then she’d have more control over his well being. Now they had no control at all, in fact they didn’t even know where he was. He had known about this mission before coming back for Thorin’s birthday but had sworn he wouldn’t tell anyone. He wondered if he died here and the mission failed, would they tell them what happened? Would his parents be told about this? Would it ease their pain in some way?

Gimli looked around again and met the eyes of the journalist. There was a strange mix of fear and determination in them. Gimli huffed at himself before passing ale to the man. Pale blue eyes met his one brown ones and the journalist smiled.
“Thank you.”
“Its nothin’, ye’ll need it.” Gimli said gruffly, before turning his attention to sharpening his weapons, and from the corner of his eye, he saw the blond do the same. The rest of the evening they spend sharping weapons, loading and packing equipment and going over the plan, until they could dream the layout of the harbour city and the main building they would target. They quickly ate some food that would last them for a few hours. Then they doused the fire and everyone tried to get a little sleep while Ereinion kept watch.

That night Gimli dreamed of blazing fire while Thranduil and Tauriel’s face haunted Legolas. Both men were glad when Ereinion woke them up. It was dark, the only light came from the stars. There was a new moon that night which was beneficial as it made sneaking in a lot easier. Drawing his black hood around him, Gimli checked once more if everything was in place. Satisfied, he slipped after the others into the darkness, on to Pelargir.  

When they reached the city wall under the cover of darkness, Ereinion and one from Doriath ran forward, pressing their backs against the cold wall, ready to climb it. Waiting the listened whether to hear if they advance had been heard, but it appeared not. Then they scaled the wall. The changing of the guards had begun and there was no one on that section of the wall. Silently they climbed on and hide themselves in the shadows. The journalist readied his bow; his task was to kill the new guard as quickly as possible, while the two on the wall would make sure he made no sound. The guard came into view. He didn’t look very pleased and his eyes seemed tired or at least that’s what Gimli heard Glorfindel say, he himself didn’t have such brilliant night vision as the rest of the party. They waited several minutes for the guards to settle. From their disinterested positions, they wouldn’t be too much of a problem.

The journalist had probably received a signal, because suddenly an arrow flew swiftly and silently through the air. Bull’s-eye. Gimli could make out the guards shadow, the arrow sticking out of his heart. But before he could offer a cry, Ereinion and Doriath 1 silenced him quickly. They removed the dead mans armour, stopping the wound from bleeding too much. Then Doriath 1 put on the clothes and strapped the helmet on his head. He would now be in charge of keeping watch and ensuring their way out when necessary. Ereinion disappeared again in the shadows as they hid the body of the guard. Then the others started to climb over the wall. Gimli tried his best to do it as silently as possible but towards the top it became troublesome. A hand reached out to him and without thinking he took it and was pulled on. It irritated to see it was the journalist who helped him, who was currently smiling at him, obviously glad they survived the first part. Gimli didn’t return his smile.
“I didn’t need ye help.” He whispered hoarsely and the blond merely shrugged his shoulders, with a pleased grin on his face.

The party slipped into the city, stepping through the shadows and empty alleyways. It didn’t take long for them to near the building that was being used as a palace for the leader of the city, Lord Umbar. A few buildings before it, they climbed onto the roofs, that way they could reach the palace unseen. One by one they jumped the distance to land on a flat side of the palace roof. From there Glorfindel had found another unguarded entrance into the building. Reaching the door, Gimli felt his heart beating in his chest. He hoped getting in would prove as easy as getting the hell out.
They sneaked through the hallways, several times they were almost caught by a guard or wandering servant. Gimli wiped away the sweat from his brow. Beside him he saw the journalist and others looking perfectly calm. Stupid fairies, he thought. Glorfindel had followed the Lord’s movements and had some idea where he might be. They had tried the bedchamber, but found it empty. Now they tried location B, the Lord’s study and library. It didn’t take long for them to find it. Within minutes they found themselves inside.  

Lord Umbar’s chambers were dark and musky. Silently they approached his study. Angamaitë sat in his chair by the fire, he held a book in his hand, but didn’t appear to be reading it. Suddenly his let out a laugh that sent chills through Gimli’s spine. As quick as lighting he turned around and the party drew their weapons. The Lord’s dark eyes scanned over them looking slightly amused.
“There, there, what do we have here, my assassins committee? I have to say I am flattered to receive so many of you.” The man said, his lips curling into a grim smile. His dark hair stuck to his face. “Well I can’t say I am surprised, sorry to disappoint. I received news from my brother in Gundabad of an attack there. I knew it was only a matter of time before you came to see me.” The Lord said smugly.
“What attack?” Gimli couldn’t help himself from asking, and kicked himself for being such a fool as he looked at Glorfindel. This amused the man even more.
“Well, I see you aren’t very informed.” He observed and Gimli felt the man look at him from top to bottom, judging him. “Would you like me to tell you dwarf?” Gimli balled his fists in anger. His lack in height had always caused others to tease him, leading to many hard-handed fights. But it hurt to admit that especially besides such incredibly tall men, he did indeed appear like a dwarf. Angamaitë didn’t wait for his response.
“A small force of idiots from Mirkwood thought they were strong enough to break into Gundabad’s defence system.” And he let out a shrill laugh. “Fools.” He sneered and his dark eyes flickered to the journalist, who had stiffened and paled. “Their leader joined them for once, it’s been an age since he has.” The man licked his lips and took a step closer. “Didn’t daddy tell you? He suffered great losses, the coward.” He sheered and Gimli saw anger burst in front of the blond eyes. His cursed inside. How had he been so stupid to not realize that the journalist was Legolas Greenwood, Tauriel’s adopted brother? He felt like an idiot as well as sorry for the young man. His hands reached for his throwing axes as he saw Legolas gripping his bow tightly. The Lord saw as well and gave them a mocking smile, raising a thick eyebrow.
“You really think I’d let you kill me in my own home?” He quickly turned his head slightly to the door, hand reaching out for a warning bell beside him. But before his fingers touched it, an arrow was yanked through it. Angamaitë gave a scream pulling back his wounded hand, cradling it with his other. His eyes flashed murderously at Legolas who’d released his arrow.

Gimli ran to the door, blocking it from potential guards. The man screamed again, and loud footsteps came closer as well as shouts. Glorfindel and Ereinion seemed to have enough and charger at the man. The man was a born fighter, dodging their attacks. Meanwhile Gimli was helped by Legolas and Doriath 2 to secure the door as numerous guards were trying to open it. Lord Umbar had manage to secure a fireplace rod as weapon, wielding it in his left hand, his wounded one dangling useless by his side, blood dripping from it. Yet he fought with confidence.

Gimli and Doriath 2 were now in charge of a second door while Legolas shot anyone daring to come in the first. They heard the clashing of swords and rod behind him. At one point, no one recalled how, parts of the library had be lit ablaze, burning collection of books at a time. Confident Doriath 2 could handle the other door, Gimli tried to douse the fire. He heard the Lord laugh and not long after a window shattered. Knowing he couldn’t stop the fire, Gimli used it to block the doors. The people behind it shrieked in pain and fear as flames engulfed them. This gave them time to turn to the on going battle. Glorfindel and Ereinion were sporting several scrapes, but Angamaitë had it worse. Parts of his wounded hand were now completely missing and he had cuts running across his face as well as chest and legs. But he maintained the wicked grin on his face. His back was to the broken window and he swung his vicious rod around him to keep the fighters away. Swiftly he climbed into the windowsill as something strange flickered in his eyes. The man knew he would die. He turned his body as if ready to jump. Glorfindel took a step towards him as if trying to call him back but the man turned even further. Gimli thought he would jump at any second, ending his own life. But right before he did, Angamaitë turned once more, something shiny flying from his hand, and with that he let himself fall backwards, out of the window, sealing his own fate.

Gimli felt something rushing passed him but was unsure of what it was. Smoke began to get heavier, flames licking at the door entrances. Their only way out was through the same window the evil Lord had dropped himself. He was about to smile when he heard a groan beside him and turned. The blood left in his face drained away. The shining object, a sharp dagger, was protruding out of Doriath 2’s heart. The soldier had a look of shock on his face, clasping his chest, as if unsure what had happened to him. His brown eyes sought Ereinion who rushed towards him with a wail of agony.
“Aeglos! Aeglos! No god damnit! Look at me! Look at me! You’re fine; we’re going to get you out of here safe and sound. Look at me!” Ereinion practically shouted and Gimli felt tears streaming down his face as he saw Glorfindel inspect the wound, his face turning ever more grim by the second.
“Gil…Gil-Galad…” Aeglos managed to stutter, blood trickling softly from the corner of his mouth and Ereinion, also called Gil-Galad, wiped it away with his finger.
“Yes?” the dark haired warrior asked softly.
“Get…out. Tell…tell…my brother…tell…Lindon…I love…love him. Will you…?” Aeglos gasped. He had fallen unto the ground, his hand over his heart. Glorfindel had pulled the dagger out.
“Of course I will.” Ereinion promised, tears dripping from his cheeks unto Aeglos’, who gave him a smile. He took several more weak breaths before he closed his eyes and stopped moving. Ereinion looked at him in shock.
“No…no….it can’t be…not like this…” Glorfindel held his shoulder trying to give comfort. They were distracted by more shouts coming from the door. Several guards were trying anew to get into the room.
“Ereinion, we have to leave now.” Glorfindel said and the warrior gave a quick. “We can’t take him with us.” Again a nod.
“I know that.” And Ereinion reached around Aeglos’ neck to receive a necklace, his weapons and several other small belongings. Then he looked at the door and the fire. “I can’t leave him like this, if they do come in, who know what they’ll do to his body. Help me move him into the fire.” The four of them each held a part of Aeglos and carried him as closer to the fire as possible. Gimli shuddered at the feeling of the already cold skin. He reached into his inner pocket and got out a flash with Ereborian whiskey. His looked at Ereinion with permission who nodded. He poured the contents in a symbol of respect over the fallen soldier. As soon as the flames tasted the alcohol they engulfed the body, making the remaining party jump anyway quickly. Legolas and Gimli made it for the window, swiftly slipping through it and on to the roof. Below them a crowd had gathered, but they were too busy with the body on the ground to notice them. Ereinion and Glorfindel joined them quickly and they ran as fast as they could back to the wall from which they came.

Getting closer they saw there was panic on the wall. They were relieved to see Doriath 1, Lindon still there.
“Thank god you guys are back. Several here were commanded to come to the palace to aid the Lord. I was praying to Valar that they wouldn’t ask me. Also the troops are here, I had contact with their leader, once we jump off this wall, they will attack.” Then the soldier let his eyes roam the party and his eyebrows furrowed. “Where’s my brother?” Gimli breath caught in his throat and he looked away. The silence he received confirmed Lindon’s fears.
“Good god…” he said and swayed on his feet. Ereinion and Glorfindel came to his support. With begging eyes he looked at his commanders. “You can’t be serious…” he whispered and Ereinion closed his eyes before pulling out the necklace and Aeglos’ weapons.
“I am so sorry Lindon…I don’t know what to say…” And Lindon let out a sob.
“He was my brother…my baby brother…he can’t be dead… can’t be…”
“Lindon, you’re brother fought bravely and his death was honourable, I don’t think he was in much pain, it happened so quickly and suddenly. But we will have time to mourn later, we first have to get out of here.” Glorfindel said, trying to sooth the poor young man.
“I can’t just leave…His body…”
“We made sure they couldn’t touch his body, its currently burning in the room, probably killing several who try to come close.”

In a daze, Glorfindel led Lindon and the others from the wall. Due to the panic and chaos on the wall, they weren’t noticed. They ran back into the forest. Once they were under cover, Ereinion produced a horn and blew it. The loud, low sound carried far. It didn’t take long for there to come a response and with that the troops attacked the city of Pelargir.  

Several long hours passed. The party had created a large distance between them and the city and set up camp. Ereinion and Lindon had distanced themselves from the rest. They would go back to the main city, where Lindon would be brought back to his family and allowed time to recover from the terrible fate of his brother. After a while they got news that the troops had won and Pelargir was back into allies control and the smoke of fire and destruction cleared up. Gimli saw Legolas sitting on one of the small hills, looking out in the distance. He sighed, picked up two bowls of stew while balancing some bottles of ale and walked over.

“Here.” He grunted and Legolas looked up in surprise. “Thought ye’d want some food. Ale’s never bad at times like these.” With a nod Legolas accepted the food and gestured for Gimli to sit next to him. They sat together in silence for a while.
“Well, that was that.” Gimli finally said and Legolas gave a nod though he remained staring out in the distance.
“Have ye heard anything from ye da?”
“No, but I know he is fine, he’s a strong man.”
“So I’d heard. Are ye ever worried bout him?”
“Sometimes, but not often.” And then Legolas turned to the red-haired soldier beside him. “I am more worried about my sister.”
“Yes, you know her?”
“Kíli’s my cousin.”
“I see.”
“She was mad when ye left.”
“Why didn’t ye tell her, she’s a strong lass.”
“I know she’s strong, but that doesn’t mean I won’t protect her.”
“Didn’t seem like protecting to me.” And Legolas turned to glare at him.
“What do you mean?” And Gimli shrugged.
“Well, I don’t think running away without sayin’ anythin’ is protecting someone.”
“Don’t you.”
“No I don’t.”
“It wasn’t a question, just an observation.”
“Touchy are we? Tell me, why did ye do it.” And Gimli was met with several seconds of silence.
“Because I love her.” Legolas finally answered.
“Of course ye do, she’s ye sister.”
“She is sometimes… and sometimes she’s not…sometimes I love her more than that.” Now it was Gimli’s turn to remain silent, as he had to process those words.
“I see.” He finally said and was surprised to hear Legolas laugh beside him. “What’s funny?” He grunted, worried he’d said something wrong.
“Nothing particularly, I am just glad you don’t judge me.”
“Well I have to tell ye I am shocked, but having met her, let me tell ye she’s not my type, but I can imagine she breaking a few hearts.”
“Yes, and she does so without even knowing it.”
“So I assume she doesn’t know.”
“No heavens no, it would be my greatest nightmare. To be honest it is one of the reasons I jumped at the chance to come here.” Gimli looked at him in surprise.
“Ye what?”
“Seeing her so happy, I couldn’t bear to do anything I’d regret. I hoped by coming here I could clear my head. And I do like Kíli, I can see he treats her well.”
“Well I am biased of course, but even then I’d say you’re a lost cause, they love each other too much.”
“I know, she would be far happier with him than with me.”
“Aye.” And Legolas looked at him and smiled.
“Thank you Gimli, for being so honest.”
“Likewise, I’m glad I could help.”
“Would you mind keeping this…”
“A secret? Of course I will lad. You know what they say, anythin' that happens in the army stays in the army. Honestly I think its best. If we would tell everythin' that we said and did here, it would be far safer here than at home, I can tell ye that.” And Legolas burst out laughing.
“Now once we’re back at camp, you should get that arm checked.” Gimli said pointing at the cut on Legolas’ arm. The blond shook his head.
“It’s only a cut, I hardly feel it.”
“Lad, it’s an excuse to meet all those nurses, never mind the cut. I’ve seen men purposely cut themselves just to have an excuse to see a bonnie lass.” And Legolas grinned at him as Gimli rolled for both of them a cigarette. Taking it, Legolas inhaled deeply.
“Thank you, I think I will. Are you sure you’re not bruised yourself?”
“I might be.” Gimli winked and with that the two new friends watched the sun go down once again.

Éowyn sat on the couch reading her book. Heavenly smells floated towards her from the kitchen as Faramir was cooking a feast. He had promised to do so for weeks, and now finally he had the time to do so, much to Éowyn’s delight. As she happily listened to her fiancé humming in the kitchen, she heard the phone ring. Quickly she marked her page and hopped of the couch to reach the phone on time.
“Hello Éowyn.”
“Aragorn! How lovely for you to call! Is everything going alright there?”
“It’s going fine, thank you. Is Faramir there, I need to speak to him.”
“Of course, hold on a sec.” And she put down the phone.
“Faramir honey?”
“Yes darling?”
“It’s Aragorn on the phone, he wants to speak to you.”
There was a bustling sound in the kitchen and Faramir appeared, his apron marked with tomato sauce.
“God now? Would you mind stirring? Its almost done.” He asked his eyes begging. As she handed him the phone she pressed a kiss to his cheek.
“Oh course love.” And with that made her way into the kitchen. There was a marinated chicken in the oven and a pan of sauce on the heat and she quickly started stirring as she tried to listen to what was being said.

“Great to speak to you man, how are things? Will I finally hear what all that DNA was about, you aren’t trying to clone me are you, that would be a bad idea.” Faramir laughed into the phone, but soon he fell silent giving short aha and yeah answers. Deeming it hopeless, Éowyn focused on their dinner that was indeed almost ready. When the alarm went off, she took the chicken out of the oven and placed the sauce from the heat. Carefully she poured it onto the chicken. Armed with gloves she lifted the tray into their small dining room, onto the set table, next to a large salad.
“Honey, dinner’s ready.” When she got no response she walked into the living room. The phone call had already ended and Faramir was sitting on the couch, heads in his hair.
“Faramir, what’s wrong? What was that about? What did Aragorn say?” She fired rapidly, sitting down next to him in a few strides, draping an arm around him.
“It’s so strange, I don’t know whether to be happy or sad…” Faramir said softly.
“What darling?” Éowyn asked again and he turned to look at her.
“Aragorn told me…that I am an uncle…”
Shooting Starlight Ch.18 Pelargir
Chapter eighteen in my fanfic that mixes The Hobbit and LOTR characters and puts them in a modern (AU) setting.

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The after party would take place in one of the grand Lothlórien halls. There would be a buffet style dinner with a performance. After that music would be played for those who wished to dance. Kíli thought it was all rather exciting. He had never been before but had always heard marvel stories from those who had. Several in his former politics class at university had been invited and had gushed about it for a week afterwards. He was glad his family was staying as well. The Durins had found company with Elrond and Celebrían and Fíli and Arild didn’t mind getting to know Tauriel’s friends more.

He smiled as he saw her interact with them, especially with Arwen and her brothers. While Tauriel stood out in both age and her looks with her flaming hair, wild green eyes, and freckled skin, they treated her as if she was their younger sibling. Thranduil and Elrond, being both part of the high elite society in Dale had often visited each other, and when their children were young and Thranduil’s wife Lemaril had lived, they even went on holidays together to some faraway estates. It was during those visiting and trips that their children had gotten to know each other and became friends. It had been quite a shock when the Mirkwood couple adopted four-year-old Tauriel as part of the family. Arwen, who at the time was the youngest at seven-years-old was grateful at her arrival. She was glad she wasn’t the only girl anymore, even though her loyal playmate Legolas was only a year older than her and had enjoyed her company. Being an only child he was glad to have someone to play with. After two blissful years, Lemaril died. Instead of travelling as a family, Thranduil would send Legolas and Tauriel over to Elrond and Celebrían so they would have a good time and he would be left in peace. Knowing their friend needed time to heal, the Rivendell Lord and Lady gladly took the young children under their wing.

Smiling broadly Kíli walked up to his girlfriend. He had changed into a more festive outfit, dark jeans and a navy dress shirt, with his hair tied back with an Ereborian clasp that his mother had given him. Reaching Tauriel, when threaded his arm through hers and she smiled back at him. She wore a short silver dress, with a tight bodice and a flowing skirt that reached her knees. Her hair hung loose, curling at the ends. He knew she would be part of the performance tonight, though she refused to tell him what it was. The buffet was about to start and he was hungry. Softly he started to drag her to their table that they shared with friends. She laughed, as they got closer to their seats.
“Did you want some attention, handsome?” she asked teasingly and he grunted in response.
“Yes, what’s wrong with that?” He challenged. “I haven’t spoken to you alone since our game.”
“Oh dear, you make it sound as if we cannot be separated for more than an hour.”
“It’s been 4 hours and I can’t wait for this dinner to be over.” Tauriel raised her eyebrows.
“And why is…that?” But one look at his intense eyes on her gave her answer. Her cheeks turned scarlet.
“Oh…” was all she managed to say, “of course…” she mumbled and he grinned. Their deal, which had all been his idea. In fact thinking about it, Tauriel assumed he knew she’d win all along, or perhaps he’d lost intentionally. Their deal entailed the winner comforting the loser that night. Tauriel sighed. It wasn’t that she minded it, just that, that was the only thing occupying his mind currently. But Kíli merely shrugged his shoulders.
“What? Can’t a man want his lady?” He asked innocently and then mischief filled his eyes. “It’s not my fault you look even more stunning without clothes or are amazing…” But Tauriel quickly clamped her hand over his mouth and the rest of his sentence came out muffled.
“What do you think you’re doing?” She demanded, her voice higher as she looked around panicky, hoping no one heard what he said. She tried not to squeal when she felt his tongue ran over her hand. He grinned at her like someone young teenage boy who had just pranked a teacher.
“You’re so cute when you get worked up.” He told her plainly and she glared. Just then the buffet was opened and the couple walked to the tables.
“Thank god,” Kíli said and smiled, “because I am ravenous!”

Tauriel wasn’t sure he meant it in terms of food.

The rest of the dinner passed rather quickly. The food was delicious as always was the case. No one could ever complain about the great cuisine Lothlórien had to offer its guests.
At their table, the young adults chatted away. Lothíriel had joined their table and sat with her cousin Faramir. Since the death of Boromir, the cousins had closer than ever before, sharing their feelings and grief. Éowyn and Faramir had decided to postpone their wedding to the end of spring in the coming year. No one was yet in the mood nor shape for such a joyful affaire. While Éowyn and Boromir had never been close, they had tolerated each other and she didn’t think it fair for him to not honour his untimely death, which had been a huge blow to Faramir as well as their father Denethor. They had received a strange call from Aragorn not long ago about a DNA test. Aragorn had been very vague about the whole matter, not giving away any details, not even to Arwen, which annoyed to raven greatly, since she could feel something was going on. But they trusted Aragorn as their good friend, and Faramir had agreed into sending over some of his DNA. Aragorn promised to give them a call again soon. The whole story had become to main topic of gossip at the table, with everyone offering their own opinions. Their conclusion was that is was very odd. Meanwhile Tauriel and Kíli relayed on the news of how Legolas and Gimli were doing. There were sighs of relieve when they heard the two men were doing well, although it appeared they hadn’t met each other yet, which wasn’t very surprising with the large amounts of people in Mordor, as well as them having completely different positions there.

Dinner drew to a close and a break was announced, during which guests would receive coffee and tea or a stronger drink. During that time, Tauriel and several others rose and went to a separate room to get ready for their yearly performance. Tauriel quickly scooped down to give Kíli a kiss, who wished her good luck. Elladan and Elrohir followed her.

There was a room behind the makeshift stage that they used to get dressed and warm up. Changing into her performance clothes, Tauriel moved to one of the mirrors to paint on some makeup. She put on her black tap shoes and took a deep breath. Unlike most years, she hadn’t had that much time to practice. Between university and archery she could usually be found in the dance studio dancing. But with Kíli’s arrival into her life, her ever pilling up school work and Legolas’ departure to Mordor, she found time lacking. She just hoped now that everything would work out. It wasn’t long before Galadriel popped her head in to tell them they could start.

In silent agreement Elladan and Tauriel looked at each other, it was now or never. Of course it wasn’t much of a surprise, they, with several others would Riverdance every year, but she hoped Kíli would like it. It was very different to what he was used to. With her hands she smoothed away any wrinkles in the fabric of her short green dress that was stud with sparkling gems. Her hair was put into a tight half up, to keep it out of her face. The loose hair was coiled into tight ringlet curls, eating up its length, that would later be bouncing against her back and add a touch of drama to the dance.

Most dancers were from Mirkwood that lay in the Silvan County although Elladan and Elrohir participated as well. At times like these she missed Legolas, who usually was her partner instead of Elladan. The latter currently looked perfect as always, wearing tight black pants and a billowing white shirt that contrasted with his long inky hair that was tied up into a ponytail, with several strands framing his chiselled face.

Elrohir looked at great as his brother, wearing a black shirt instead of white, and the twins stood out with their dark locks against the brown, auburn and blonde of the other seven dancers. The two other girls wore black dresses. Gwilwileth had striking golden hair and Tuilin had rich brown curls that bounced as she moved. The five other men wear dressed like Elrohir, in full black. All ten dancers wore shoes with metal underneath that would create amazing sounds as they danced in unison. Elladan looked at the rest of them.
“Ready?” he asked and he was answered with several cheers. In unison they left the room and came onto the stage gaining a lot of applause already. While Tauriel and Elladan took centre stage, the rest hung back in the shadow, unseen by the audience. With a nod of his head, the music started and he and Tauriel began to dance.

The music started of soft and playful with high flowing notes. With clicking steps Tauriel danced around the stage, graceful like water, her hair twirling around her. Then drums came into the rhythm and Elladan started to dance his part, tapping faster and faster as if challenging the drums with his own feet. The pair danced together, kicking and flicking their feet and legs around, perfectly on beat. Tauriel felt a smile rise on her face. The music sped up further and the other dancers joined them. Tapping their way across the stage they all formed a straight line. With perfect synchronization they danced together, becoming one with the music. Their high kicks rose into the air and Kíli was in awe. He marvelled at how fast their legs were moving while their upper bodies remained completely straight. He saw Tauriel beam at him and he couldn’t help but smile back as he felt pride fill his body. This amazing woman was his, she was his Tauriel and at that moment, seeing all those tall, lithe dancers dance their Riverdance, Kíli couldn’t wait to spend the rest of his life by her side.

With a huge round of applause they finished. Kíli clapped until his hands were sore and he heard others whistle. All smiling brightly, chests rising rapidly due to exhaustion, the dancers on stage bowed, all holding hands. Then they quickly returned to the back room to change back into their party outfits. It didn’t take long for Tauriel to reappear. Without a second thought about his family and friends being there, he gathered her in his arms and kissed her. Holding her face between his hands he smiled his charming and adorable smile.
“That, darling, was amazing!”
“Really? You truly think so!”
“Of course!”
“I am glad! I know it’s so different from what you’re used to.”
“Only a fool wouldn’t be impressed.”
“And thank Valar you’re not a fool.” She grinned and kissed him.

Walking back to their table Tauriel and the others were showered with compliments.
“Amazing, as always!” Arwen told her friend and brothers. “It’s a shame Legolas isn’t here but Elladan filled his role adequately.” She said and Elladan rolled his eyes.
“Thanks sis.” He countered and Arwen laughed, throwing her arms around her oldest sibling, giving him a kiss on his cheek.
“I am just kidding, you did great too.”

Éowyn and Faramir had gone to get everyone a drink. Tauriel happily took a glass of red wine from her. Looking at each other, the old and new friends toasted and eagerly sipped their long sought after drinks. In the mean time some of the empty tables were cleared so that a make shift dance floor appeared and music started softly playing in the background.

Sitting down to rest, Tauriel and Arild engaged in pleasant conversation. Arild wasn’t a dancer but had enjoyed the performance immensely.
“I filmed some of it to show at home, my mum is a big fan of such dances, much to my dad’s annoyance I am afraid. He and my brothers prefer ale over music.” She told laughing.
“How many brothers do you have?”
“Four, all of them older.”
“Wow!” Tauriel remarked, giving Fíli a look, who burst out laughing as well.
“Yes they didn’t make it easy for me.” The blond said, winking and his girlfriend huffed.
“Oh please, they were never really serious, you were just too much of a coward.”
“Not serious? They threatened to do all sorts of things…” Fíli exclaimed and Kíli snickered, leaning in close to Tauriel to whisper.
“With his balls…” And Tauriel let out an ungraceful snort while Fíli glared at his younger brother.
“I heard that.” But Kíli shrugged his shoulders.
“What? It’s true. At one point it got so bad, he didn’t come by their house for two weeks, and when he did find the courage, he dragged me along.”
“Which pissed me of royally as you can imagine. There I thought I’d found myself some brave warrior, I was so disappointed.” Arild said.
“You are lucky Kíli likes you,” Fíli told her, “He can be very nasty to those who get on his wrong side.” Tauriel raised an eyebrow and Kíli smirked, trying to look innocent.
“In my defence,” he started, “all the other girls you’d brought home with you were complete airheads. Only after him for his inheritance and they would treat me like I was some baby. At least Arild and I were friends. We played in the same sandbox as kids.” He explained as Tauriel laughed.
“Oh yes I remember that! We would build fort castles from the sand and defend it from intruders.” Arild grinned.
“And who were the intruders?” Tauriel asked.
“Gimli and Ori…oh and at that time Fíli also. He was trying to act older and hang out with Bofur. Needless to say, it wasn’t appreciated.” Kíli said and the friends laughed.
“Alright, alright, enough stories.” Fíli said and pushed the couple from their seats. “You two go dance. We’ll judge.” He said and put an arm around Arild. Laughing, Tauriel and Kíli did as they were told and hurried to the dance floor were several were already dancing.

Placing her hand in Kíli’s a salsa started playing. Smiling, Kíli led her into the steps and soon they were effortlessly gliding over the dance floor. They saw Éowyn and Faramir awkwardly trying to flow the rhythm. Elrohir and his wife Elendiel were also dancing, and Tauriel happily saw Elladan and Arwen doing the same. She smiled when she saw Éomer talking to Lothíriel at the bar. They seemed to be getting along, though she didn’t miss Lothíriel’s eyes glancing longingly at the dancing couples. Unfortunately Éomer lacked all dancing skills like his sister and it was plain to see he hoped she wouldn’t mind.

“How long will Thranduil be away?” Kíli asked, bringing her attention back to him.
“About a week. I was thinking, when he’s back, you should come over. It’s weird to think I’ve seen so much of your family already while you’ve barely seen mine. Besides, he’s warming up to you.” And Kíli laughed.
“I am glad to hear. Honestly I haven’t minded not seeing much of them yet, not when I’d be eaten alive.”
“Gosh, you’re just as brave as your brother.” Tauriel dryly remarked and he huffed.
“I am much more brave than he is!”
“Perhaps. Or just more reckless.”
“Perhaps that too. But seriously I would like to meet him properly.” The music changed into a bachata and they moved positions accordingly, dancing against each other.
“I was thinking about doing something fun this weekend.” He said not long wards.
“Like what?”
“Well, perhaps, if you want, I’d like to see where you grew up. You’ve seen the Erebor neighbourhood, and I spend loads of time in Dale, but I’ve never been further than the Mirkwood gate.” He said and was glad when she smiled.
“That sounds like a great idea. We could make a day of it. There are some great treks and hikes that we could do.” Tauriel said and her eyes where shining with ideas. “It will be lovely.” And with that Kíli leaned in for a kiss.

“I know it will be love.”

In Mordor Aragorn was startled by a knock on his office door. Within seconds a nurse came in, holding a large envelope out for him.
“Here are the results for the tests you asked for.”
“Thank you Thea, I appreciate it.” Aragorn told her, taking it. As she left, closing the door, he felt his hands shake.

Carefully he opened the seal and got out the pieces of paper inside. Part of him was afraid to read its contents but the other side was screaming for him to know. His eyes skimmed the letters on the page. His hand found the telephone beside him.

It was time to call them.
Shooting Starlight Ch.17 After Party
Chapter seventeen in my fanfic that mixes The Hobbit and LOTR characters and puts them in a modern (AU) setting.

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Kíli felt fear grip him as he felt himself dangling from a tree, wrapped up in spider silk like a new present ready to be unpacked…or eaten as it seemed.

As a young dwarfling, he had never been afraid of spiders, in fact he sometimes enjoyed the company of the small little things. But he definitely knew he wasn’t a fan of these monsters. A thought occurred to him that was part worrying and amusing. Fíli hated spiders, even the tiny ones, so he had to be shitting himself now in fear. Kíli tried to call out to him, but the spiders had done their job well at packing them in, he couldn’t move anything. He was lucky that he could blink his eyes.

At that moment one of the spiders crawled on top of him and he recoiled in fear, his scream muffled. But the spider had no intention of eating him yet apparently because it easily crawled over him. He heard it hiss to its companions.

Kíli scolded himself for his fearful reaction. He had to fight, try to free himself. It would sound rather pathetic for others to later tell his mother that he had died as spider lunch; there was no honour in that. With that in mind he tried to wiggle around. Moving with all his might he felt a small satisfaction when he felt himself swing around. That wouldn’t be enough. As he tried again however he heard some commotion. In hordes the spiders rushed away as if they were chasing something, or perhaps they were chased. In any case he hoped he would have enough time to free himself. As he thought about it he suddenly felt himself falling down. Something had cut him! With a yell he landed roughly on the ground, onto something bumpy.  The cocoon became softer, giving him room to grab his weapon and cut open his imprisonment. As much as he’d hated this cursed forest before, he was now glad to gaze upon its trees. He saw Bilbo waving around his oversized letter opener, attacking one of the spiders. In the distance he saw others rushing back. From beneath him he felt movement and realised Bombur and Dwalin had broken his fall and were now desperately trying to get from underneath him. He gave them a grin and jumped off. His eyes found his brother’s blue ones and the siblings smiled, understanding that both were fine. Then they raised their weapons and charged at the oncoming spiders.

His bow had been lost and would have been useless at such close range so Kíli used his sword, slashing anything non-dwarven or Hobbit out of the way. The spiders were huge, towering over them, their long legs dancing around. The Company worked as a team, effectively killing several of the nasty creatures. Most memorable was the one that had caught Bombur. Together they grabbed its legs and pulled so hard until they were ripped from its body. It gave Kíli a thrill to see the beast like this, but the feeling was short lived as another one grabbed him from behind, wrapping its hairy legs around him. He squirmed, his sword dropping in the process. God damn it!

He tried to call out, but his voice was drowned in the other yells, grunts, and frantic hissing. He was dragged further and further away from the group until he could only make out their silhouettes as they reached a clearing. While struggling he tried to keep listening to what was happening. He heard running and then suddenly the weirdest sound, the sound of flying arrows! He was the only one who could properly shoot, in that he was an oddity among dwarves. Thorin wouldn’t use his bow and neither would Fíli, because they knew it would be useless. So then who were shooting?

The noise stopped and the beast tugged even harder on his legs as he tried to kick it away. He gave some more shouts and almost sighed in relief when he heard his brother respond. The spider loosened its grip slightly and Kíli used it to his advantage. Full of rage he kicked himself free and tried to scramble away as the beast hissed and clawed. Suddenly it gave a high-pitched squeal, falling dead and Kíli saw an arrow protruding from its head. Surprised he turned to see an elf advancing towards him, killing every spider in its path. The elf moved with deadly grace that he found enchanting. He’d made the embarrassing mistake in Rivendell of mistaking an elf lad for an elven maiden to the thorough amusement of the company. But the way the immense long red hair danced around the elf’s elegant face and the graceful steps, Kíli was sure this was an elven maid, a hell of a one. A sound distracted him from her and he saw another spider approach them.
“Throw me a dagger!” He called to the elleth. When she didn’t respond he panicked, the spider coming way too close for comfort and she was busy killing another one. “Quick!” He cried.
“If you think I’m giving you a weapon dwarf, you’re mistaken!” She said and turned, throwing her dagger that landed straight into the eye of the spider. Again Kíli turned to look at her. Her hair waved around her, falling back into place. She had a grin on her face, obviously happy with herself. Then she looked at him and her green eyes made his heart skip a beat. Belatedly he realised his mouth was gaping. Quickly he closed it, but not before muttering a weak “wow…”

They seized each other up and Kíli couldn’t resist giving her a charming smile. Thank Mahal Dwalin or Thorin weren’t there to see it. She looked slightly confused at him, unsure how to respond. Her ears seemed to pick up commotion and she nodded into that direction.
“Come.” She said soft but firmly and gestured him to walk that way, obviously wanting to make sure he didn’t run away. His smile disappeared. They had run into the Mirkwood elves of King Thranduil, the bastard who’d refused to help his family when Smaug came. This was going to be interesting. He did as she told him, resisting would be useless. She was faster than him and armed.

They arrived to where the rest of the company was, who were surrounded by more elves. Satisfied that she had dropped him off, the lovely elf left his side, going over to a male elf with pale blond hair, who was obviously the leader of their group. Kíli watched them talk in their song-like language. He could tell that it sounded different from what the elves spoke in Rivendell. These tones were harsher, rapid and had a more mysterious air. He remembered what Balin had once told him. Mirkwood elves were less wise and more dangerous than their kin. He wondered what they were talking about as the other elves were given the order to search them. He was surprised to find that none searched him. In amusement and dread he watched Fíli’s stash of weapons being diminished. Kíli knew how many weapons his brother carried and started counting. With every weapon the elf found the more frustrated he grew. Unable to keep watching, he focused his attention on the ground, trying to locate his own weapons that he had dropped. But he soon found that the elves had already gathered them up, including his bow and arrows.

He saw the tall blond leader elf wield his uncle’s sword, speaking in elvish while looking at it in awe, as if he’d made it himself. Then the elf turned to Thorin.
“Where did you get this?” He asked in common tongue accusingly.
“It was given to me.” Thorin replied in his low voice. Within seconds the sword in question was pointed at his throat.
“Not only a thief, but a liar as well!” the elf said angrily. “Enwenno hain!” He called and the elves pushed them into a line and started to march them through the forest. Kíli didn’t think it would result into something good. He tried to sneak a glance at the pretty red-haired elf, but her expression was a mask. She looked serious and gave several elves orders. He smiled amused; she must have a high position in order to do so.

Rather quickly they were crossing a bridge over a rushing river before the entrance of the Mirkwood Realm. Kíli couldn’t help but marvel at the grand structure. This wasn’t anything like the curls and swirls of Rivendell, it was robust, yet decorative; purposeful yet beautiful, just like dwarven architecture. It surprised the young dwarf that most of the kingdom was in fact made of stone. Light stonewalls surrounded them, as if they were in a canyon. They walked over wooden walkways that looked like huge roots of trees, meandering through the immense space. Everywhere around him, Kíli heard the sounds of waterfalls rushing past. As he looked up he saw hundreds of more walkways, decorated with elegant bows. Golden light fell into the hall in scattered places, giving it a mysterious feeling. Stone pillars seemed to support the entire structure and these were carved to reassemble tree, their branches connecting into large arches. He could see a platform in the middle of the hall. The majority of the platform was covered with a huge throne, decorated with antlers. Fitting he mused. But they passed the throne and without a word, were marched deeper into the kingdom. Several of the elves they passed looked at them in surprise and distrust. Kíli gave them a harsh look; if only they knew who they were looking at. It wasn’t long before they reached their destination. It was no surprise to see several prisons, carved into the stone walls with elegant but obviously sturdy iron wrought gates. Several of the company started to make loud protests as they were placed into one of the cells, one by one.

Kíli had the chuckle a bit when he heard Gloin protest loudly against his guard.
“This won’t be the end of it! Do ye hear me?” the dark red dwarf yelled. But the elves ignored him. Kíli and Fíli were marched to the last cells, and although the cells were still several meters apart, they were glad they weren’t separated that much. As Fíli was pushed into his, his guard stopped him and grabbed his final weapon, number 13, from the inside of his jacket, and Fíli gave a frustrated sigh. Kíli turned to the lovely female elf, who guided him into his own.
“Aren’t you going to search me?” He asked, his face turning deadly serious. “I could have anything down my trousers.” The elf didn’t even blink.
“Or nothing.” She retorted and closed his cell, but her eyes lingered and he could see the amusement in her eyes. As she walked away he couldn’t resist watching her leave.

She passed the blond elf on her way. They spoke a few quick words before she continued to walk away, smiling. The blond on the other hand didn’t look very amused and turned to look straight at him. Kíli held his gaze and the elf gave him a glare before he too left.

Kíli turned to look at his surroundings. For a prison cell it wasn’t too bad. There was a bed, a chair and table, as well as a small sink to wash his face and a stone bench close to the door. He sighed as he lay on his bed. He could hear some other dwarves talking, trying to find a way to get out of here.
He closed his eyes.

This was going to be interesting.
Children of Starlight Chapter 2
Even though I am still busy with my other Tolkien fanfic Shooting in Starlight, this just came to mind and I had to write it. A new story, this time still in the Middle Earth world and time frame. Bilbo wants to write down the Tale of Kíli and Tauriel when they visit him in Bag End with their two children. And so they start telling their story, from the very beginning.

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There was buzzing excitement as the shooting began. When the archers drew their arrows the audience was expected to remain silent so not to break their concentration. Deadly seconds passed before Celeborn gave his call and only the sound one could hear was of the rushing of arrows that sped to their targets.

There were ten rounds in total and by number five it became obvious who would win the round to go to the final. From every group three archers with the best scores were permitted to participate in the finals. The closer they got to their last shot the more nervous, frustrated or happy the participants looked. Tauriel, who was wrapped in Kíli’s arms, looked at some in pity. All students at the academy were great archers but at times like these, stress and nerves brought out a different side to them. Some of them looked incredibly pale or rather red in frustration. One of the reasons she and Legolas were so good was because Thranduil had taught them how to channel their emotions, especially at times like these. One had to forget about their disappointment and push it away to feel after all the rounds were over. That way, they were able to remain deadly focused the entire time and be successful.

Finally the bell rang as the last arrows had flown. Now they were measured on their targets to determine who had won the round of the red bands. It didn’t take long before the three winners were announced. The audience cheered and Celeborn called for an interval before the next group was up.

Everyone broke into chatter, sharing their opinion to each other. For Kíli this was the time to get to know Tauriel’s friends better. Arwen he had already met a few times and he recognised Elladan from Thorin’s birthday. He found himself sitting next to Éowyn who smiled kindly, obviously not ashamed that she was as curious about him as he was of her.

“So, are you nervous?” She asked him and he smiled.
“A bit to be honest, but more excited than nervous. I can’t wait to win.” He told her and laughed as Tauriel gave him a protesting jab.
“You wish.” She muttered but there was laughter in her eyes.
“How come you’re not shooting? Tauriel couldn’t convince you to join?” And Éowyn laughed, her pale golden hair dancing around her.
“She definitely tried. Unfortunately for both of us I am quite horrid with a bow and arrow.”
“Do you have another weapon of preference then?” He jokingly asked and the blonde gave him a smirk.
“I prefer a blade if you must know.” And Kíli raised an eyebrow in response, earning him another laugh.
“I do fencing at the Rohirrim Institute together with my brother.” She told him and he heard the pride in her voice.
“No way! But then you must have met my brother Fíli, he goes there as well.” And now it was Éowyn and Éomer’s turn to look surprised. Her brother had joined the conversation at his mention.
“Hmmm I can’t remember seeing anyone like you.” She told him and Kíli laughed.
“You won’t! Fíli and I don’t look very much alike. Our parents mixed things up very well.” He said giving her a wink. “I’ll call him. He’s blond like you… come to think of it, what is it with blondes and swords?” As the rest laughed, Kíli called his brother who looked up at him in surprise. With impatient hand movements Kíli gestured him brother to come his way. Looking sceptical and slightly annoyed Fíli stoop up and made his way to him, dragging Arild along with him.

Once he arrived Kíli grinned and introduced them to the others. Arild took a seat next to Tauriel and Arwen, who immediately tried to make her feel at ease. Luckily Arild wasn’t a shy person at all and happily start to chat with the raven beauty.
“Éowyn and Éomer, meet my brother Fíli.” The three looked at each other.
“Do you recognise them?” Kíli asked his brother. “They also do fencing at the Rohirrim Institute.” But Fíli and the Rohan siblings shook their heads and Tauriel almost laughed at Kíli adorable disappointed eyes.  
“No I don’t, but you do look slightly familiar, maybe we’ve seen each other pass in the halls.” Éowyn suggested and Fíli nodded.
“Yes probably. To be honest, I only go in the evenings after work and the last months have been busy so I haven’t gone as much as I’d like.”
“Éowyn and I tend to practice at weird times. Our uncle runs the institute.” Éomer said and the Durin brothers looked at them in amazement.
“No way! Wait but then you’re the White Lady!” Fíli exclaimed and then flushed in embarrassment. The rest looked at him curiously before turning to Éowyn who gained a blush as well.
“Sorry…I well… didn’t think I’d meet you or that you were really one person…There were rumours that you were related to Théoden so I just guessed…” Fíli said seeming quite unsure of himself.
“Do explain.” Arild said looking at her boyfriend with curious eyes. She’d never heard of the White Lady before.

Éowyn waved everyone’s looks away and her brother smiled knowingly.
“It’s nothing guys, it’s actually a rather funny story. There was a time when I tended to skip school just to practice fencing. Of course I didn’t want Théoden, my uncle, to find out. So instead of our green suits, I showed up wearing a completely white one. That way I went unnoticed for a while and was able to beat the shit out of most of the students.” She laughed and Faramir threw an arm around his fiancé, looking proud. “Of course it didn’t take long for Théoden to find out, he recognised my fighting style. But now during some practices and demonstrations, I’ll come in wearing that white suit. It’s good fun and apparently it has earned me a reputation.” She said looking at Fíli who smiled.
“We all thought they hired a professional to kick our butts and scare us off.”
“I am a professional.” Éowyn said and the rest laughed.

Fíli took a seat next to Arild.
“You never told me about her.” She said, giving him a pouting look, though she was obviously teasing.
“The guys all have bets going to see who would beat her. Of course none of us ever did. It hurts my pride every time I think of it, let alone tell my girlfriend that this girl has been beating me at fencing every time she shows up.” Fíli told her and she laughed before rolling her eyes and leaning to Tauriel.
“The Durins are such prideful people. I think it’s in their DNA to drop dead when they loose face.” Tauriel laughed and cuddled Kíli.
“Are you sure you want to go through with this competition love? If what Arild says is true than it will be a suicide mission.” Kíli turned to her grinning.
“You just wait! I hope you haven’t engraved your name on that trophy yet because it’s going to need to be changed to mine.”
“Talking about shooting, they’re going to begin again guys.” Arwen said and she was right. The blue bands started to come up, the Galadhrim brothers, Haldir, Rúmil and Orophin among them.

The audience grew silent as the archers took their positions and lined up their arrows. Tauriel and Kíli peered at their friends. In this group there were some brilliant archers that were trying to prove their worth. Haldir especially had improved a lot and it wouldn’t surprise them if he would join them as green master after the competition.

The first arrows had been fired and the archers turned to reload. As they did so Éomer gave a slight gasp surprising everyone.
“Who’s the girl on the right, the one with the black hair?” he whispered to no one in particular. To everyone’s surprise it was Faramir who answered.
“That’s Lothíriel, my cousin.” And Éomer looked at him in surprise. “Why do you know her?” Faramir asked, giving his future brother-in-law a sideways glance. Éomer shook his head.
“Thought she was someone else.” He muttered, looking away focusing his attention on the other archers. Tauriel caught a ghostly smile on Éowyn’s face.
“Well then she should root for her, don’t you think Éomer. She’ll be family some day.” Éowyn smiled cheekily, not looking at her brother’s reaction, who shrugged nonchalantly.
“Yeah I guess.” He said, threading a hand through his long golden hair.

The rounds passed quickly and it didn’t take too long before the scores where released. The Galadhrim brothers had all three gone to the final. Éowyn could see on her brother’s face that he was disappointed that the mysterious Lothíriel hadn’t gone through.

As the audience applauded, Kíli and Tauriel got up from their seats to get ready for their turn. Their friends wished them good luck with many smiles and thumbs up. As they walked past the rest of the Durin family, Dís and Thorin also wished them well, as did Bilbo, who in the mean time had picked up Frodo. At the sight of Tauriel, Frodo laughed, having forgotten that he had been disappointed to leave his new friends at the day care.
“Good luck! I hope you will win!” The boy chirped as Tauriel crouched down to his height, ruffling his dark curls.
“I will tell you a secret.” Tauriel whispered and the boy looked serious.
“Yes?” He breathed, his eyes sparkling.
“I will win just for you, because you bring me luck.”
“Really? But you’re the fairy, you bring luck.” The boy disagreed but happy he was let in on this secret.
“Oh but you do. I’ll show you.” Tauriel laughed.
“Okay.” Frodo agreed. Maybe he did bring her luck, she would know.

With a final wave the couple disappeared to the changing rooms. Kíli grinned and threw an arm over her shoulders.
“You’re amazing with kids.” He said and she blushed slightly.
“No, not really, he’s just adorable, he can’t be hard to amuse.” And Kíli slightly shook his head.
“You need a lot of patience with him. The boy always had his head in the clouds, dreaming about magical creatures and lands.”
“Why is that a bad thing?”
“It’s not per se a bad thing, it’s just that he doesn’t stop. Bilbo says he thinks it’s because he lost his parents so young and suddenly, that he is building these imaginary worlds to shield himself from reality.”
“Quite understandable, though I see your worry.”
“Do you know what he calls himself, miss fairy?”
“A Hobbit?”
“Hobbit? What a funny sounding name!” Tauriel laughed and Kíli grinned as well.
“Apparently Fíli and I are dwarves…” and this made her laugh even louder.
“Well you are rather small.” And Kíli looked at her like a wounded puppy.
“Compared to you and your insanely tall friends yes. The people I grew up with are my height or shorter.”
“Let’s hope that will help you right now.” Tauriel winked and leaned to him, giving him a kiss on his stubble cheek. “Good luck.” And he smiled.
“You too!” before both disappeared into the changing rooms.

It didn’t take long before they reappeared, clad in their silver uniforms as they headed to the warming up area. Tauriel picked up her bow, letting her hand travel along its smooth lines. The motion had a calming effect on her. She would need that to win. She had to win, not so much for herself of course but for Legolas and Frodo. And now that Thranduil was here as well there wasn’t any choice. She looked over at Kíli, who smiled at her and told hold of her hand, giving it a squeeze.

“It appears we’ve come to a critical turning point in our relationship.” He began seriously and she raised a questioning eyebrow. “How will we handle each other during such an important competition.” And then he broke and grinned widely. “Will you still love me after this?” and Tauriel laughed.
“You fool, don’t scare me like that!” she said whacking his arm.
“I didn’t mean to scare you, but that doesn’t answer my question.” He said.
“Liar, you definitely did, but to answer you question, I think our love is strong enough to handle it. What do you think?” She replied with a grin of her own. Kíli shrugged his shoulders.
“No doubt we’ll survive.” And he winked at her before pulling her to him and giving her a kiss.
Then they were signalled to come up. With one final look at each other Kíli and Tauriel went to their assigned positions. It was time to start.

She focused intently on her target, guiding her third arrow into the right direction. When it was perfectly positioned she froze. Slowly she relaxed her shoulders as Kíli had taught her and then she waited for Celeborn’s call. The first two had been perfectly centred bull’s-eyes so this one had to be too, just like every other arrow in order to win. She counted down in her head as she wondered how Kíli was doing; probably incredibly well. His technique tended to differ a lot from hers and the rest of the academy, but he was amazingly good and Tauriel felt proud of him every time he shot an arrow.

“Leithian!” came the signal and Tauriel released, feeling a rush of energy go through her as the arrow slipped between her fingers. Her eyes trailed its feathered end as if that would help it reach its destination. At the sound of a thud she smirked as it had hit dead centre. Only then did she hear the other arrows hitting their targets with thuds that sounded like gunshots. She was used to hearing that sound, but right now something clicked in her mind. She’d heard that sound before – but not on an archery shooting range. No, she’s heard it somewhere where it didn’t belong. Somewhere where it was supposed to be safe. She was digging for memories that seemed hidden away in the dark far corners of her mind. Briefly she saw darkness and one word rang through her mind – closet. The sound of muffled gunshots rang through her ears until they were followed by a high-pitched scream.

Tauriel blinked and shook her head as Celeborn’s command brought her attention back. He had signalled for them to pick up their fourth arrow. Feeling dazed, Tauriel turned slightly to pick up one from the quiver behind her. She looked at the audience, who all looked at her and the rest with great interest, but she wasn’t focused on them. Instead her eyes found two pale blue ones looking straight at her. Focus they told her. She rolled back her shoulders and grabbed an arrow. Now was not the time to daydream – focus Tauriel, focus. Celeborn’s voice rang again and she released. Another deadly hit.

Thranduil couldn’t take his eyes of Tauriel, his little girl, the daughter he never had. Something was off. He’d seen it immediately, the ever so slight shift in her stance after her third arrow. The stiffness in her back told him something was wrong. The way she turned and looked straight at him had only been a confirmation. Something was haunting her and he was almost certain he knew what it was. Memories. But why now? Why at all? She had hidden them so deep she herself had forgotten, and if he hadn’t seen it first hand, he never would have known what had happened. He didn’t want her to relive them like he did – she didn’t need that burden.

Elrond shifted beside him.
“Is Tauriel alright?” His friend asked and Thranduil wasn’t sure whether to praise or curse the man’s keen eyesight and observation skills. But there was no need for him to enlighten his friend, not yet at least. So Thranduil turned to him and gave him a rare smile.
“She’s fine.” And then he chuckled softly before proudly turning back to the archers. “She’s winning.”  

Kíli didn’t feel any sense of disappointment when he was called up second, differing only one point, one meagre, tiny point with first place. But Tauriel’s last shot had been a millimetre better than his. Not that he cared. He felt incredibly happy when the thick silver medal hung from his neck. He revelled at the sight of seeing his love standing in the spotlight, her hair catching the light, becoming a fiery halo all around her. With such grace, she bent over to receive the golden medal from Galadriel before looking at him with an adorable grin on her face. He decided she looked very becoming from above, and with their deal for tonight it made his loss feel even sweeter.

There was loud applause. Haldir had proven his entire being, gleaming happily with the bronze medal around his neck. The three of them descended the stage and were quickly swarmed by family and friends. But before answering anyone, Tauriel made sure to give Kíli a hard and passionate kiss.

“You deserve this more than I do.” She murmured and Kíli laughed.
“What’s this? First you go on about how you’ll beat me and now you want to share? You surprise me my love.” And she smiled.
“We were so close, we should have tied.”
“Darling, I am very proud of this silver plate, I don’t think I want to trade. Besides silver looks much better on me than gold.” He said and she laughed.
“Well alright then!” And he was rewarded by another kiss. They were interrupted by small Frodo, whose eyes and smile were so wide, Kíli hoped it wouldn’t hurt him.

“That was amazing! All those arrows and then, and then…wow! You were so close! Can I try too?” the boy was bouncing on his toes in excitement, giving the couple his best practiced puppy eyes. Thankfully they were saved by Bilbo, who placed a firm hand on Frodo’s shoulder.
“Absolutely not! But I am sure they wouldn’t object to you watching them shoot, as long as you behave of course.” Bilbo said and Kíli tried not to laugh when Frodo rolled his huge eyes and his face scrunched up in disappointment. But the man ignored his nephew and ward and instead shook hands of both of them.
“Congratulations both of you. It was absolutely magnificent to watch. I had to catch myself not to fall off my chair in excitement and trying to see everything clearly, it all happens rather quickly.”
“Thanks Bilbo, I appreciate that you came here.” Kíli said and Bilbo laughed.
“But of course my dear boy! It was a privilege to watch and Frodo obviously enjoyed himself immensely.” At his name Frodo nodded heavily and smiling Tauriel sank down to her knees, ruffling his hair. Then she lifted the medal over her head and placed it over his, until the large medal rested on his small chest. His big grew even bigger as did those of the people around him. Kíli smiled, knowing exactly what she was doing.

“There,” she said smiling, “I told you you’d bring me luck. So I think you should have it.”
“R…really? You mean it?” Frodo stuttered and Bilbo looked in shock.
“Yes, are you sure Tauriel? I mean I appreciate the gesture but you won this competition by yourself.” He said looking unsurely between her and Kíli.
“I am sure Bilbo, I want Frodo to have it.” She said giving him a smile.
“I well… then, Frodo what do you say?” At this Frodo bowed very deeply, and Tauriel hoped he won’t fall over.
“Thank you so much Tauriel!”
“It’s my pleasure.”
“Frodo and I will make sure it will get the most beautiful in Bag End to reside on.” Bilbo promised her earnestly.
“That’s great.” She laughed and felt Kíli wrap an arm around as she stood up.
“Well we won’t keep you up much longer, I know there are plenty of others that want to talk to you. I am afraid we can’t go to the after celebration. We have to catch our train back to the Shire in the early morning.”
“That’s alright. It was great to see you again Bilbo and have you around. I hope to see you again soon, not like last time.” Kíli said and Bilbo laughed.
“Oh yes of course. I am planning a next visit in the near future. Although do know that you are always welcome in Bag End, both of you that is.” He said and the couple smiled.
“We’ll definitely remember that.” Kíli said smiling.

They turned to the others who congratulated them enthusiastically. At one point they got separated talking to many different people. As Kíli stood with his family Tauriel saw Thranduil approach her. There was a light smile on his face.

“Congratulations Tauriel. You shot magnificently.”
“Thank you.”
“I am proud of you.” And Tauriel gave him a slight bow of her head.
“That means a lot to me. I am glad you came to watch.”
“Yes it had been a while. Legolas would be very happy. You’ve spoken to him?”
“Yes I have. He’s doing well.”
“Good.” Then Thranduil paused and looked at her intently and he appeared to feel uncomfortable, which was a surprising emotion to see on him. “Tauriel, I couldn’t help but notice you seemed… distracted during the shooting. Is there anything I should know?” and she almost felt embarrassed. She shook her head slightly.
“I don’t think so, it was just a bit odd… but probably just the stress playing up.”
“Yes of course. Well, I am going to have to leave. We’ll talk about it some other time. I’ll be gone for a few days, there are some things I have to attend to.”
“Oh of course. When will you be back?”
“End of the week probably.”
“Okay, well good luck, have a safe trip.”
“Thank you. Have a good week here and have a good time at the party. You and Elrond’s sons will Riverdance right?”
“Yes, It’s become a tradition.”
“Have fun Tauriel.”
“Thank you. I will see you soon.” And Thranduil nodded, ready to walk away, before he turned one final time, his eyes gazing to where Kíli was standing. Then he turned back to Tauriel. “The boy is not as bad as I thought.”
“And that’s a huge compliment coming from you.”
“You misunderstand me, it’s not a compliment, rather an observation.” But Tauriel smiled nonetheless.
“A good observation then.” And Thranduil gave a smile of his own.

Shooting Starlight Ch.16 Competition Part 2
Chapter sixteen in my fanfic that mixes The Hobbit and LOTR characters and puts them in a modern (AU) setting.

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Shooting Starlight Ch.1 Lothlorien Academy
Chapter 2: Shooting Starlight Ch.2 Caramel Macchiato
Chapter 3: Shooting Starlight Ch.3 Peace at Rivendell
Chapter 4: Shooting Starlight Ch.4 Freckles
Chapter 5: Shooting Starlight Ch.5 Amralime
Chapter 6: Shooting Starlight Ch.6 Doubt
Chapter 7: Shooting Starlight Ch.7 Choices
Chapter 8: Shooting Starlight Ch.8 Blue
Chapter 9: Shooting Starlight Ch.9 Unfair
Chapter 10: Shooting Starlight Ch.10 The Leave
Chapter 11: Shooting Starlight Ch.11 Thorin's Birthday
Chapter 12: Shooting Starlight Ch.12 Gone
Chapter 13: Shooting Starlight Ch.13 Apologies
Chapter 14: Shooting Starlight Ch.14 Tales of the Past
Chapter 15: Shooting Starlight Ch.15 Competition Part 1
Chapter 16: Here

You can also find it on my account under the name Shooting in Starlight:

But also on Archive of Our Own:…

I hope you all enjoy it and please comment to let me know what you think! :) (Smile)
Hello everyone!

Today I hit 10,000 pageviews and that means so much to me! It really is a milestone.

I started out on DA uploading my silly drawings and showing this community my poems and stories. Then I found my love for photography and my gallery became dominated with photos of the places that I have lived and visited.

I am very proud of my improvements over the years but wouldn't have been able to do that without DA.
All you amazing artists have inspired me and my work and I am very grateful for all the support I have been getting.

So thank you so much everyone! :heart:

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