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Shade of lilac by XeniaChowaniec

The minute I saw the thumbnail for this piece I was already amazed by how beautiful it was and then when I saw full view I was blown aw...


There was buzzing excitement as the shooting began. When the archers drew their arrows the audience was expected to remain silent so not to break their concentration. Deadly seconds passed before Celeborn gave his call and only the sound one could hear was of the rushing of arrows that sped to their targets.

There were ten rounds in total and by number five it became obvious who would win the round to go to the final. From every group three archers with the best scores were permitted to participate in the finals. The closer they got to their last shot the more nervous, frustrated or happy the participants looked. Tauriel, who was wrapped in Kíli’s arms, looked at some in pity. All students at the academy were great archers but at times like these, stress and nerves brought out a different side to them. Some of them looked incredibly pale or rather red in frustration. One of the reasons she and Legolas were so good was because Thranduil had taught them how to channel their emotions, especially at times like these. One had to forget about their disappointment and push it away to feel after all the rounds were over. That way, they were able to remain deadly focused the entire time and be successful.

Finally the bell rang as the last arrows had flown. Now they were measured on their targets to determine who had won the round of the red bands. It didn’t take long before the three winners were announced. The audience cheered and Celeborn called for an interval before the next group was up.

Everyone broke into chatter, sharing their opinion to each other. For Kíli this was the time to get to know Tauriel’s friends better. Arwen he had already met a few times and he recognised Elladan from Thorin’s birthday. He found himself sitting next to Éowyn who smiled kindly, obviously not ashamed that she was as curious about him as he was of her.

“So, are you nervous?” She asked him and he smiled.
“A bit to be honest, but more excited than nervous. I can’t wait to win.” He told her and laughed as Tauriel gave him a protesting jab.
“You wish.” She muttered but there was laughter in her eyes.
“How come you’re not shooting? Tauriel couldn’t convince you to join?” And Éowyn laughed, her pale golden hair dancing around her.
“She definitely tried. Unfortunately for both of us I am quite horrid with a bow and arrow.”
“Do you have another weapon of preference then?” He jokingly asked and the blonde gave him a smirk.
“I prefer a blade if you must know.” And Kíli raised an eyebrow in response, earning him another laugh.
“I do fencing at the Rohirrim Institute together with my brother.” She told him and he heard the pride in her voice.
“No way! But then you must have met my brother Fíli, he goes there as well.” And now it was Éowyn and Éomer’s turn to look surprised. Her brother had joined the conversation at his mention.
“Hmmm I can’t remember seeing anyone like you.” She told him and Kíli laughed.
“You won’t! Fíli and I don’t look very much alike. Our parents mixed things up very well.” He said giving her a wink. “I’ll call him. He’s blond like you… come to think of it, what is it with blondes and swords?” As the rest laughed, Kíli called his brother who looked up at him in surprise. With impatient hand movements Kíli gestured him brother to come his way. Looking sceptical and slightly annoyed Fíli stoop up and made his way to him, dragging Arild along with him.

Once he arrived Kíli grinned and introduced them to the others. Arild took a seat next to Tauriel and Arwen, who immediately tried to make her feel at ease. Luckily Arild wasn’t a shy person at all and happily start to chat with the raven beauty.
“Éowyn and Éomer, meet my brother Fíli.” The three looked at each other.
“Do you recognise them?” Kíli asked his brother. “They also do fencing at the Rohirrim Institute.” But Fíli and the Rohan siblings shook their heads and Tauriel almost laughed at Kíli adorable disappointed eyes.  
“No I don’t, but you do look slightly familiar, maybe we’ve seen each other pass in the halls.” Éowyn suggested and Fíli nodded.
“Yes probably. To be honest, I only go in the evenings after work and the last months have been busy so I haven’t gone as much as I’d like.”
“Éowyn and I tend to practice at weird times. Our uncle runs the institute.” Éomer said and the Durin brothers looked at them in amazement.
“No way! Wait but then you’re the White Lady!” Fíli exclaimed and then flushed in embarrassment. The rest looked at him curiously before turning to Éowyn who gained a blush as well.
“Sorry…I well… didn’t think I’d meet you or that you were really one person…There were rumours that you were related to Théoden so I just guessed…” Fíli said seeming quite unsure of himself.
“Do explain.” Arild said looking at her boyfriend with curious eyes. She’d never heard of the White Lady before.

Éowyn waved everyone’s looks away and her brother smiled knowingly.
“It’s nothing guys, it’s actually a rather funny story. There was a time when I tended to skip school just to practice fencing. Of course I didn’t want Théoden, my uncle, to find out. So instead of our green suits, I showed up wearing a completely white one. That way I went unnoticed for a while and was able to beat the shit out of most of the students.” She laughed and Faramir threw an arm around his fiancé, looking proud. “Of course it didn’t take long for Théoden to find out, he recognised my fighting style. But now during some practices and demonstrations, I’ll come in wearing that white suit. It’s good fun and apparently it has earned me a reputation.” She said looking at Fíli who smiled.
“We all thought they hired a professional to kick our butts and scare us off.”
“I am a professional.” Éowyn said and the rest laughed.

Fíli took a seat next to Arild.
“You never told me about her.” She said, giving him a pouting look, though she was obviously teasing.
“The guys all have bets going to see who would beat her. Of course none of us ever did. It hurts my pride every time I think of it, let alone tell my girlfriend that this girl has been beating me at fencing every time she shows up.” Fíli told her and she laughed before rolling her eyes and leaning to Tauriel.
“The Durins are such prideful people. I think it’s in their DNA to drop dead when they loose face.” Tauriel laughed and cuddled Kíli.
“Are you sure you want to go through with this competition love? If what Arild says is true than it will be a suicide mission.” Kíli turned to her grinning.
“You just wait! I hope you haven’t engraved your name on that trophy yet because it’s going to need to be changed to mine.”
“Talking about shooting, they’re going to begin again guys.” Arwen said and she was right. The blue bands started to come up, the Galadhrim brothers, Haldir, Rúmil and Orophin among them.

The audience grew silent as the archers took their positions and lined up their arrows. Tauriel and Kíli peered at their friends. In this group there were some brilliant archers that were trying to prove their worth. Haldir especially had improved a lot and it wouldn’t surprise them if he would join them as green master after the competition.

The first arrows had been fired and the archers turned to reload. As they did so Éomer gave a slight gasp surprising everyone.
“Who’s the girl on the right, the one with the black hair?” he whispered to no one in particular. To everyone’s surprise it was Faramir who answered.
“That’s Lothíriel, my cousin.” And Éomer looked at him in surprise. “Why do you know her?” Faramir asked, giving his future brother-in-law a sideways glance. Éomer shook his head.
“Thought she was someone else.” He muttered, looking away focusing his attention on the other archers. Tauriel caught a ghostly smile on Éowyn’s face.
“Well then she should root for her, don’t you think Éomer. She’ll be family some day.” Éowyn smiled cheekily, not looking at her brother’s reaction, who shrugged nonchalantly.
“Yeah I guess.” He said, threading a hand through his long golden hair.

The rounds passed quickly and it didn’t take too long before the scores where released. The Galadhrim brothers had all three gone to the final. Éowyn could see on her brother’s face that he was disappointed that the mysterious Lothíriel hadn’t gone through.

As the audience applauded, Kíli and Tauriel got up from their seats to get ready for their turn. Their friends wished them good luck with many smiles and thumbs up. As they walked past the rest of the Durin family, Dís and Thorin also wished them well, as did Bilbo, who in the mean time had picked up Frodo. At the sight of Tauriel, Frodo laughed, having forgotten that he had been disappointed to leave his new friends at the day care.
“Good luck! I hope you will win!” The boy chirped as Tauriel crouched down to his height, ruffling his dark curls.
“I will tell you a secret.” Tauriel whispered and the boy looked serious.
“Yes?” He breathed, his eyes sparkling.
“I will win just for you, because you bring me luck.”
“Really? But you’re the fairy, you bring luck.” The boy disagreed but happy he was let in on this secret.
“Oh but you do. I’ll show you.” Tauriel laughed.
“Okay.” Frodo agreed. Maybe he did bring her luck, she would know.

With a final wave the couple disappeared to the changing rooms. Kíli grinned and threw an arm over her shoulders.
“You’re amazing with kids.” He said and she blushed slightly.
“No, not really, he’s just adorable, he can’t be hard to amuse.” And Kíli slightly shook his head.
“You need a lot of patience with him. The boy always had his head in the clouds, dreaming about magical creatures and lands.”
“Why is that a bad thing?”
“It’s not per se a bad thing, it’s just that he doesn’t stop. Bilbo says he thinks it’s because he lost his parents so young and suddenly, that he is building these imaginary worlds to shield himself from reality.”
“Quite understandable, though I see your worry.”
“Do you know what he calls himself, miss fairy?”
“A Hobbit?”
“Hobbit? What a funny sounding name!” Tauriel laughed and Kíli grinned as well.
“Apparently Fíli and I are dwarves…” and this made her laugh even louder.
“Well you are rather small.” And Kíli looked at her like a wounded puppy.
“Compared to you and your insanely tall friends yes. The people I grew up with are my height or shorter.”
“Let’s hope that will help you right now.” Tauriel winked and leaned to him, giving him a kiss on his stubble cheek. “Good luck.” And he smiled.
“You too!” before both disappeared into the changing rooms.

It didn’t take long before they reappeared, clad in their silver uniforms as they headed to the warming up area. Tauriel picked up her bow, letting her hand travel along its smooth lines. The motion had a calming effect on her. She would need that to win. She had to win, not so much for herself of course but for Legolas and Frodo. And now that Thranduil was here as well there wasn’t any choice. She looked over at Kíli, who smiled at her and told hold of her hand, giving it a squeeze.

“It appears we’ve come to a critical turning point in our relationship.” He began seriously and she raised a questioning eyebrow. “How will we handle each other during such an important competition.” And then he broke and grinned widely. “Will you still love me after this?” and Tauriel laughed.
“You fool, don’t scare me like that!” she said whacking his arm.
“I didn’t mean to scare you, but that doesn’t answer my question.” He said.
“Liar, you definitely did, but to answer you question, I think our love is strong enough to handle it. What do you think?” She replied with a grin of her own. Kíli shrugged his shoulders.
“No doubt we’ll survive.” And he winked at her before pulling her to him and giving her a kiss.
Then they were signalled to come up. With one final look at each other Kíli and Tauriel went to their assigned positions. It was time to start.

She focused intently on her target, guiding her third arrow into the right direction. When it was perfectly positioned she froze. Slowly she relaxed her shoulders as Kíli had taught her and then she waited for Celeborn’s call. The first two had been perfectly centred bull’s-eyes so this one had to be too, just like every other arrow in order to win. She counted down in her head as she wondered how Kíli was doing; probably incredibly well. His technique tended to differ a lot from hers and the rest of the academy, but he was amazingly good and Tauriel felt proud of him every time he shot an arrow.

“Leithian!” came the signal and Tauriel released, feeling a rush of energy go through her as the arrow slipped between her fingers. Her eyes trailed its feathered end as if that would help it reach its destination. At the sound of a thud she smirked as it had hit dead centre. Only then did she hear the other arrows hitting their targets with thuds that sounded like gunshots. She was used to hearing that sound, but right now something clicked in her mind. She’d heard that sound before – but not on an archery shooting range. No, she’s heard it somewhere where it didn’t belong. Somewhere where it was supposed to be safe. She was digging for memories that seemed hidden away in the dark far corners of her mind. Briefly she saw darkness and one word rang through her mind – closet. The sound of muffled gunshots rang through her ears until they were followed by a high-pitched scream.

Tauriel blinked and shook her head as Celeborn’s command brought her attention back. He had signalled for them to pick up their fourth arrow. Feeling dazed, Tauriel turned slightly to pick up one from the quiver behind her. She looked at the audience, who all looked at her and the rest with great interest, but she wasn’t focused on them. Instead her eyes found two pale blue ones looking straight at her. Focus they told her. She rolled back her shoulders and grabbed an arrow. Now was not the time to daydream – focus Tauriel, focus. Celeborn’s voice rang again and she released. Another deadly hit.

Thranduil couldn’t take his eyes of Tauriel, his little girl, the daughter he never had. Something was off. He’d seen it immediately, the ever so slight shift in her stance after her third arrow. The stiffness in her back told him something was wrong. The way she turned and looked straight at him had only been a confirmation. Something was haunting her and he was almost certain he knew what it was. Memories. But why now? Why at all? She had hidden them so deep she herself had forgotten, and if he hadn’t seen it first hand, he never would have known what had happened. He didn’t want her to relive them like he did – she didn’t need that burden.

Elrond shifted beside him.
“Is Tauriel alright?” His friend asked and Thranduil wasn’t sure whether to praise or curse the man’s keen eyesight and observation skills. But there was no need for him to enlighten his friend, not yet at least. So Thranduil turned to him and gave him a rare smile.
“She’s fine.” And then he chuckled softly before proudly turning back to the archers. “She’s winning.”  

Kíli didn’t feel any sense of disappointment when he was called up second, differing only one point, one meagre, tiny point with first place. But Tauriel’s last shot had been a millimetre better than his. Not that he cared. He felt incredibly happy when the thick silver medal hung from his neck. He revelled at the sight of seeing his love standing in the spotlight, her hair catching the light, becoming a fiery halo all around her. With such grace, she bent over to receive the golden medal from Galadriel before looking at him with an adorable grin on her face. He decided she looked very becoming from above, and with their deal for tonight it made his loss feel even sweeter.

There was loud applause. Haldir had proven his entire being, gleaming happily with the bronze medal around his neck. The three of them descended the stage and were quickly swarmed by family and friends. But before answering anyone, Tauriel made sure to give Kíli a hard and passionate kiss.

“You deserve this more than I do.” She murmured and Kíli laughed.
“What’s this? First you go on about how you’ll beat me and now you want to share? You surprise me my love.” And she smiled.
“We were so close, we should have tied.”
“Darling, I am very proud of this silver plate, I don’t think I want to trade. Besides silver looks much better on me than gold.” He said and she laughed.
“Well alright then!” And he was rewarded by another kiss. They were interrupted by small Frodo, whose eyes and smile were so wide, Kíli hoped it wouldn’t hurt him.

“That was amazing! All those arrows and then, and then…wow! You were so close! Can I try too?” the boy was bouncing on his toes in excitement, giving the couple his best practiced puppy eyes. Thankfully they were saved by Bilbo, who placed a firm hand on Frodo’s shoulder.
“Absolutely not! But I am sure they wouldn’t object to you watching them shoot, as long as you behave of course.” Bilbo said and Kíli tried not to laugh when Frodo rolled his huge eyes and his face scrunched up in disappointment. But the man ignored his nephew and ward and instead shook hands of both of them.
“Congratulations both of you. It was absolutely magnificent to watch. I had to catch myself not to fall off my chair in excitement and trying to see everything clearly, it all happens rather quickly.”
“Thanks Bilbo, I appreciate that you came here.” Kíli said and Bilbo laughed.
“But of course my dear boy! It was a privilege to watch and Frodo obviously enjoyed himself immensely.” At his name Frodo nodded heavily and smiling Tauriel sank down to her knees, ruffling his hair. Then she lifted the medal over her head and placed it over his, until the large medal rested on his small chest. His big grew even bigger as did those of the people around him. Kíli smiled, knowing exactly what she was doing.

“There,” she said smiling, “I told you you’d bring me luck. So I think you should have it.”
“R…really? You mean it?” Frodo stuttered and Bilbo looked in shock.
“Yes, are you sure Tauriel? I mean I appreciate the gesture but you won this competition by yourself.” He said looking unsurely between her and Kíli.
“I am sure Bilbo, I want Frodo to have it.” She said giving him a smile.
“I well… then, Frodo what do you say?” At this Frodo bowed very deeply, and Tauriel hoped he won’t fall over.
“Thank you so much Tauriel!”
“It’s my pleasure.”
“Frodo and I will make sure it will get the most beautiful in Bag End to reside on.” Bilbo promised her earnestly.
“That’s great.” She laughed and felt Kíli wrap an arm around as she stood up.
“Well we won’t keep you up much longer, I know there are plenty of others that want to talk to you. I am afraid we can’t go to the after celebration. We have to catch our train back to the Shire in the early morning.”
“That’s alright. It was great to see you again Bilbo and have you around. I hope to see you again soon, not like last time.” Kíli said and Bilbo laughed.
“Oh yes of course. I am planning a next visit in the near future. Although do know that you are always welcome in Bag End, both of you that is.” He said and the couple smiled.
“We’ll definitely remember that.” Kíli said smiling.

They turned to the others who congratulated them enthusiastically. At one point they got separated talking to many different people. As Kíli stood with his family Tauriel saw Thranduil approach her. There was a light smile on his face.

“Congratulations Tauriel. You shot magnificently.”
“Thank you.”
“I am proud of you.” And Tauriel gave him a slight bow of her head.
“That means a lot to me. I am glad you came to watch.”
“Yes it had been a while. Legolas would be very happy. You’ve spoken to him?”
“Yes I have. He’s doing well.”
“Good.” Then Thranduil paused and looked at her intently and he appeared to feel uncomfortable, which was a surprising emotion to see on him. “Tauriel, I couldn’t help but notice you seemed… distracted during the shooting. Is there anything I should know?” and she almost felt embarrassed. She shook her head slightly.
“I don’t think so, it was just a bit odd… but probably just the stress playing up.”
“Yes of course. Well, I am going to have to leave. We’ll talk about it some other time. I’ll be gone for a few days, there are some things I have to attend to.”
“Oh of course. When will you be back?”
“End of the week probably.”
“Okay, well good luck, have a safe trip.”
“Thank you. Have a good week here and have a good time at the party. You and Elrond’s sons will Riverdance right?”
“Yes, It’s become a tradition.”
“Have fun Tauriel.”
“Thank you. I will see you soon.” And Thranduil nodded, ready to walk away, before he turned one final time, his eyes gazing to where Kíli was standing. Then he turned back to Tauriel. “The boy is not as bad as I thought.”
“And that’s a huge compliment coming from you.”
“You misunderstand me, it’s not a compliment, rather an observation.” But Tauriel smiled nonetheless.
“A good observation then.” And Thranduil gave a smile of his own.

Shooting Starlight Ch.16 Competition Part 2
Chapter sixteen in my fanfic that mixes The Hobbit and LOTR characters and puts them in a modern (AU) setting.

Chapter 1: 
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Chapter 16: Here

You can also find it on my account under the name Shooting in Starlight:

But also on Archive of Our Own:…

I hope you all enjoy it and please comment to let me know what you think! :) (Smile)
“Excuse me?” That was the only thing his brain managed to process and say. Aragorn caught himself with his mouth open and felt incredibly stupid. This was ridiculous. What this woman had said was ridiculous and he felt a headache come up, beating his head, making it even more difficult to concentrate. Apart from that, the mentioning of his late dear friend was terribly painful. He felt emptiness and it was as if someone had decided to gut him right there, a knife twisting in his stomach. It made him angry, how dare she take advantage of Boromir’s death? She probably wanted money or something stupid like that. Perhaps she thought it might be a ticket out of this miserable place. Aragorn couldn’t really blame her for trying, but the fact that she used his friend made him livid. He scoffed and ignored her offended look, as if she had the right to look that way. He, his friends, and Boromir’s family were allowed to be offended. The poor guy was probably turning in his grave right now. He hated being used by anyone. In fact the whole notion of him having a wife was ridiculous, the woman obviously hadn’t done her homework.

Everyone knew Boromir had no plans for marriage nor for a steady relationship. He was too busy. He had too much energy and he used that energy to help people. In fact he had told Aragorn several times when the conversation arose that he couldn’t even picture himself living a domestic life. He didn’t care much for it, he didn’t have time for a girlfriend, let alone a wife. And the guy didn’t even mind, he had described himself as a life long bachelor. He rather looked forward to be an uncle for the future children of Faramir and Éowyn than having children himself. He would be able to spoil them and then give them back at the end of the day, very practical. Everyone knew this about Boromir, so this woman was talking bullshit. Angry Aragon narrowed his eyes at her, crossing his arms over his strong chest, appearing taller and bigger and hopefully more intimidating.

“His wife? Boromir never had a girlfriend or a wife. I would appreciate it if you left his spirit and memory alone and just say what you really want, and we’ll see what we can do.” He told her, desperately trying to keep calm, he was a doctor; he was supposed to be in control. Getting worked up wouldn’t help and only create chaos and he was well aware of the audience they had. But the woman didn’t seem intimidated. Instead she narrowed her own emerald eyes at him, glaring.
“I tell truth.” She spit at him in broken common tongue. “We married six months passed.” And Aragorn scoffed again.
“Impossible. Stop telling me lies. What do you want?”
“I don’t lie.”
“And I am sick of this game. Tell me what you want or leave!” She glared at him even more furiously and he saw her tanned cheeks redden.
“He say you understand, you be nice. I knew not so, but I try. Now I right.” She told him, practically talking to herself.
“What. Do. You. Want?” Aragorn hissed at her, patience wearing extremely thin. He wanted her gone, she made precious memories of Boromir flood his mind and he hated it.
“His family.” She answered and he raised is eyebrows, thinking he misunderstood. Wasn’t there a goddamn translator here somewhere?
“His family!” She told him again, more forcefully hoping he would understand. Then she frowned, trying to find words to explain what she meant. When that failed, she sighed, giving up. Her strong posture faded as she dropped her thin shoulders. Aragorn figured if she weren’t this skinny she would cut an impressive figure and presence. She took a step forward, adjusting the bundle in her arms.

Aragorn thought he saw something move and then suddenly fear filled his body. What if… She wouldn’t possible try this trick…? But he hardy had time to think as she gave him a good look at what she was carrying. He breath caught in his throat, a strange noise escaping him.

She held a baby.

He shook his head. There was no way. The child had a light mocha skin and a full head of black curls like his mother. But it was impossible as Aragorn was going to protest. But then the child opened its eyes and he was staring into Boromir’s sea-green orbs…

It was a week before the archery competition and Tauriel and Kíli had practically taken up residence at the Lothlórien Academy for the past two weeks just like the rest of the students. Everyone, of all three levels, were desperately trying to improve their skills. The red and blue bands were set on trying to beat the green bands, and had together created a pact against the green masters, who would make sure to defend their title at all costs.

Kíli was very excited. It would be his first competition since a few years, and he had heard stories from Tauriel and others like Haldir, Rúmil, and Orophin on how intense it could get.

There was a healthy type a rivalry going on between Kíli and Tauriel as they practised. Kíli had made it very clear that while she was his girlfriend, by no means would he let her win to which Tauriel had laughed, saying she wouldn’t let some beginner beat her – boyfriend or not. She and Legolas tended to win the competition anyway and with Legolas away, she didn’t think there would be too much dangerous competition trying to steal her title away.

They were currently warming up at accuracy practice before they would leap into the forest for some endurance. The competition would only involve accuracy, but they figured it would be boring to only practice that, as well as being counter-productive. They lined up arrow after arrow, shooting with deadly accuracy at the targets. Celeborn was walking around with a mad grin on his face. He always loved the few weeks and days before the competition – it brought out many different emotions and atmosphere. It created loads of tension but also excitement, determination and hard work. For him it was a great way to judge the students and determine who would be climbing ranks, stay the same, or in some cases even drop down or out.
He passed the enthusiastic couple with a smile, being sure to correct them on some slight errors. Being Arwen’s grandfather he knew Tauriel on a professional but also a more personal level than some of the other students. Seeing her with the youngest Durin had at first been a bit of a surprise. They had seemed like an odd couple, one with more contrasts than similarities, but as he got to know Kíli better and see them together, Celeborn was quick to realize that they were one of the best-found matches. They complemented each other. Tauriel, while wilder than some others, had still been rather demure. Her was quieter and in the background, preferring the solitude of few but loyal friends. Kíli was far more outgoing. He was easy to talk to and his presence demanded attention, though not at all in a bad way. He had been her more open and free, Celeborn couldn’t remember a time when he’d seen her happier.

After two hours, the pair decided to take a break, making their way to the café. The weather had cooled dramatically in the past few weeks and they had opted to wear their warmer training uniforms. The Lothlórien Café was made almost entirely of wood, it’s interior a shining warm brown. To make it cosy there were candles everywhere in red, blue and green holders and plush embroidered cushions of fine silver colours covered the chairs and soft couches. The outside of the café was covered with ivy, the leaves having changed from a rich green to a brilliant red.

The couple ordered their drinks and took a seat on one of the tables outside, enjoying the feel of the final warm rays of sun.
“So have you spoken to Legolas recently?” Kíli asked her, his arm around her, and Tauriel nodded as she remembered the first time she had called her adopted brother.

She had felt very nervous, hoping to hear his voice as prove that he was still alive. She hoped she wouldn’t break down. She usually had never been this open with her emotions but meeting and being with Kíli had changed her. Her hands were shaking as she dialled the number Thranduil had given her. The phone rang once…twice…a third time…

“With Legolas?” His soft rich voice filled her ear and she cursed herself as a strangled sob escaped her throat. Nevertheless Legolas seemed to recognize her voice anyway.
“Y…yes?” And she could practically hear him smile.
“It’s so good to hear your voice.” He said.
“Yes, the same to you.” She told him.
“I didn’t…I didn’t think I’d hear it so soon…which I would understand of course!”
“No Tauriel, wait hear me out!” He said quickly, words rushing from him, like wine escaping from a corked bottled, as if he was afraid she would hang up any second. “I am so sorry,” He told her, his voice raw with emotion. “You have every right to be mad at me, I would be too. I couldn’t bear it to say good-bye – not knowing, you know with Boromir… I wanted you to have good last memories. Once I got on the train I realised of course…”
“I realised what an absolute coward I had… have been. I know it would be wrong for me to ask for forgiveness…”
“Legolas Greenwood! Will you shut up?” He fell silent so abruptly it was almost comical and Tauriel laughed. “Of course I forgive you.” She told him and he sighed of relief. Throughout the rest of the conversation he had told her about the situation in Mordor and how he was doing.

“It’s a mess here Tauriel. There is so much chaos and so much death. A few cities are under our protection for now but it’s been difficult holding on to them. Everyday there are bombs and casualties. The times I’ve seen Aragorn he’s busy with the wounded seeping into the hospital. Apart from that refugees are coming in by the dozens. I just hope we will be able to provide them the safety they seek.”
“I think it’s very brave of you to go there, you’re very much needed.”
“Yes, well, they need as many hands as they can get.”
“Just promise me you’ll stay safe…as much as possible that is.” And he laughed.
“I promise Tauriel.”

Tauriel looked up at Kíli and gave him a smile.
“Yes I spoke to him, he’s doing fine. There’s enough to keep him busy anyway.” And Kíli nodded at that, but his eyebrows furrowed and he seemed lost in thought. She poked him and he looked up sheepishly. “What’s on your mind?”
“Oh nothing really, just…” and he shrugged, looking at her with those big doe eyes. “It admirable going there… I sometimes wonder whether I should go…” Now it was her turn to shrug as she looked to the valley.
“Yes it’s admirable I guess… but also extremely dangerous. It changes them and the ones that stay behind.” Then she looked at him and leaned in to give him a chaste kiss. “I’d prefer it if you’d stay here.” And he grin, raising an eyebrow.
“And why is that my lady?”
“To keep you out of trouble.” She winked and stood up as they both had finished their drinks. “Come on, we need to practice.” She told him and started to walk back to the range until she squealed in surprise as Kíli had flung himself around her waist, planting a kiss in her neck.
“Mmmm I know something we can practice back at home…” He whispered huskily and she smiled. Perhaps they’d had enough archery for today…

Days passed in a blur and before either of them knew, the day of the competition finally arrived.

Celeborn had ordered for decorations to cover the Lothlórien grounds and together with his wife Galadriel, he made sure they could accompany to large amounts so spectators that were due to arrive.
Many family members of the archers were quick to fill up the assigned benches as they supplied themselves with enough food and drink to last the day.
Although small children weren’t often brought along, they had provided for a day care centre where they would be entertained, away from the sharp arrows. It was something Bilbo Baggins was very happy about. Sure Frodo couldn’t be counted among the very small at the age of 11, but the boy tended to wander around the place when he got bored. Thus Bilbo brought him to the centre where a lovely tall lady with a kind smile welcomed him. Frodo seemed to forget about his earlier protests as he gazed upon the fair lady who reminded him of the fairytale stories Bilbo had told him about.
“There now laddie, you’ll be fine here. I will pick you up when it’s Kíli and Tauriel’s turn alright?” Bilbo said and smiled at the boy fondly as he ruffled his black curls. Frodo only nodded, his large pale blue eyes still trance fixed on the lady in front of him. Satisfied Bilbo turned to her. “I hope he won’t be too much trouble. As I said I’ll be picked him up soon enough.” He apologized but the woman smiled.
“It’s no problem, there will be plenty of other kids to amuse him for a while.”
“Great! Well thanks and um… I’ll be back later… well soon…uh yes.” He stammered before giving Frodo one last look before walking back to the seats. But Frodo didn’t see it. He’d slipped his small hand into the woman’s and looked up at her as she walked him inside to where two twins boys with black curls were playing.
“Are you an elf?” Bilbo heard his small voice ask and the giggle that followed.
“Perhaps.” The woman responded laughing, which brought a small to his own face as the small man walked to the seats where the Durin family was waiting for him.

As he arrived he saw Kíli animatedly laughing with his brother and mother would looked very happy to be there. Thorin on the other hand looked very much out of place. He looked around him with a heavy brow, looking quite grumpy, as if he was trying to find an escape route. Bilbo had to chuckle, he would not hear the end of this. He squared his shoulders. It was time to cheer the old man up; he’d only attract unwanted attention to himself this way.

Meanwhile Tauriel had found her friends Arwen and Éowyn, who had brought Faramir along as well as her brother Éomer. The fact that Arwen’s family came was a given. Her parents sat in the chairs a few rows above them. Her brothers sat together with Elrohir’s wife Elendiel, who had delivered off their twin sons, Elrohan and Elrodal at the day care. She looked happy to have some few moments of peace, though she loved her sons deeply.
“It’s so great you guys could come!” Tauriel told them happily. She was tied into her competition uniform, the silver fabric gleaming. Two twin braids on either side of her face held her hair out of the way. She was itching to start shooting. Éowyn leaned over to her friend, laying her hand on hers.
“But of course dear. It’s about time we saw it, which reminds me,” A smile crept on the blondes face. “Bring Kíli here. To be honest I rather came here to meet him rather than see you shoot, though I am sure that’s amazing too.” And Tauriel laughed.
“Alright, alright I’ll get him. Be nice.” She warned them, looking specifically at the Rivendell twins who were trying to pull of their most innocent looks.

Tauriel made her way to the Durin family. They greeted her warmly; she even received a polite nod from Thorin. Kíli had told her that his uncle wasn’t very good at showing positive emotions so she took the nod as a grand gesture and smiled back. Kíli smiled at her, going as far as giving her gloved hand a kiss, making Tauriel feeling incredibly embarrassed.
“Hello Ms Second Place.” he said, his eyes sparkling and she smiled back dangerously.
“Be careful what you say or you’ll end up last Mr Durin.” Earning her a few laughs, Kíli laughing along. He pulled her close and whispered softly so only she could hear.
“If I do lose, I don’t mind being on bottom place later.” Tauriel didn’t miss a beat and pinched his arm.
“Stop that, not right now.” But he only grinned apparently proud of himself.
“I hope you’re that bold in a few seconds.”
“And why’s that?”
“There are a few people dying to meet you, but I am not sure all will be as nice as I am.” She smiled smugly as his eyes travelled over to his ‘welcome committee.’ He shrugged his shoulders.
“Sure.” And she grinned as she grabbed his hand ready to lead him to them. Quickly her turned over her shoulder.
“It’s great that you came Mr Baggins!” She said and Bilbo smiled back.
“It’s a pleasure.”

They couple were about to walk away when she spotted someone in the crowd that made her freeze in her step causing Kíli to bump into her back. Frowning he turned to her.
“What’s the matter love?” He looked at her worried, his eyes trying to find what had her so shell shocked.
“Impossible.” She muttered, not answering him. Luckily for him it didn’t take too long to find the surprise. Coming towards them – or much rather gliding towards them – was Thranduil.

Wearing a black designer coat with burgundy scarf tucked in, his platinum blond hair dancing behind him, Thranduil seemed the epiphany of grace. On one hand he seemed to blend in with the people around him, being tall and elegant, with long hair and fine features, but he was also extremely tall, towering over most here. He seemed almost too elegant and too prefect that it appeared scary, his clear blue eyes piercing everyone’s soul. He reminded Kíli of Galadriel is a sense, but while Galadriel seemed to radiate warmth, Thranduil seemed to rather be frosted around to edges, like a beautiful flower in winter. God – that sounded far too poetic for his liking.

Within seconds Thranduil had reached them, leaving several people gasping in his wake. It appeared to Kíli that Thranduil didn’t come here as often as he’d used to anyway.
“What are you doing here?” Tauriel confirmed his suspicions immediately.
“Always ever so polite. I am proud.” Thranduil said mockingly. But his eyes wasted no time on his ward as his gaze rested in Kíli, who felt himself gulp.
“So, you must be Kíli Durin.” It wasn’t really a question, more of an observation but he needless felt the need to answer.
“Yes I am sir.” He didn’t really know how but he’d reached his hand forward for Thranduil to shake. The pale man looked down at his large hand, apparently unsure what to do with it at first. To Kíli it seemed as if several days passed, his hand feeling heavy and he began to feel embarrassed, wanting to draw it back. But then a pale hand reached his and he was almost surprised to find Thranduil’s own hand hold his in a firm grip. There was a brief shake before both parties withdrew, almost pretending as if it had never happened, but the event seemed to chip away the icy wall between them. Kíli quickly found Tauriel’s eyes, who smiled at him.
“It’s good to meet you sir.” He said and he thought he saw a flicker of amusement pass the man’s stoic face.
“Likewise.” Thranduil’s deep voice replied. Then he looked past the couple to look at a pair of eyes he didn’t think he’d have to see for an age. Thorin Durin. Their gazes locked, anger and tension flowing between them but before either could make a move they were interrupted.
“My gosh, it’s about time we meet you.” Both men looked at the source of the interruption and found Dís looking at them, though her own pale eyes were transfixed on Thranduil rather than he brother. Thranduil looked at her surprised and questioning. She practically rolled her eyes at him and stuck out her own hand and he took it warily.
“Dís. Kíli’s mother.” She told him frankly and out of sheer automatism, Thranduil brought her hand to his lips as greeting.
“Thranduil, Tauriel’s…father.” He replied sliding a look to her in question who gave him an encouraging smile.
“Well ye raised her in any case.”
“She’s become a fine young lady.”
“Yes, she has.” And with that Thranduil gave Dís a nod before turning back to Tauriel.

“I didn’t think you would come.”
“There was a change in schedules so I had time.”
“I see.”
“Well thanks, I hope you’ll enjoy it.”
“I am sure I will.”
“There’s a party I’ll be going to later.”
“Yes, I am aware.”

They stood rather awkwardly together, or at least that was how it appeared to Kíli who was looking at the exchange with a dumbfounded expression.

Thranduil seemed ready to turn to walk to some seats by Elrond and Celebrían. But before he walked away and turned once more to Tauriel.
“Legolas would have loved to see you win, as do I.” This earned him a smile from Tauriel.
“I only come here to win.” She told him and to Kíli greatest surprise a smile formed on Thranduil’s face making his frosty exterior disappear.
“Good,” he said, reaching out his arm to place a firm hand on her shoulder, looking her in the eye. “Good luck.” Then he turned ever as graceful and ascended the stairs.

When Kíli looked at Tauriel she was beaming.
“He hasn’t come to watch for years.” She told him and he smiled back at her.
“Well I am glad to meet him though he gave the rest a bit of a shock.” They laughed as they looked to see Dís looking at Thranduil’s back with Thorin in full glare mode with Bilbo desperately trying to distract him.

Taking his hand once more, Tauriel led Kíli to her friends who were eagerly waiting. They welcomed him very warmly and Kíli had no doubt they would get along finely. He was sure having a few beers with Faramir and Éomer would be a lot of fun.

As Thranduil reached his destination his friend Elrond had already stood up to greet him.
“My! I didn’t think I’d see you here.”
“Yes well plans changed.”
“I see.” Elrond’s eyes sparkled and he looked down to where Tauriel and Kíli were standing with his children and their friends. “The boy’s a fine fellow.” Thranduil merely huffed slightly causing Celebrían to laughed and lay a pale arm on his own.
“Oh but they look so adorable together. Even you can agree to that!” and Thranduil rolled his eyes in a less than graceful manner.

“Kids…” he muttered and with that the drums signalled for the first game to start as the red band archers started to take their positions.

The competition had begun!
Shooting Starlight Ch.15 Competition Part 1
Chapter fifteen in my fanfic that mixes The Hobbit and LOTR characters and puts them in a modern (AU) setting.

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Chapter 15: Here

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As promised that evening Kíli arrived at the mansion, his motorbike rumbling. Tauriel walked over to him with a spring in her step. She had decided to dress up a bit, since she would be meeting his family again, but unlike the party this would be far more intimate and she wanted to continue giving of a good impression. So she’d opted for a pair of dark brown pants, a maroon red tank top over which she wore a sheer cream shirt. Her hair she left loose and it swayed around her knees. The sight of her took Kíli’s breath away, as usual. She greeted him with a smile and a kiss, that he couldn’t resist deepening. It was only when the wind picked up and she shivered did they come up from breath.

“Hello gorgeous.”
“Hello handsome.”
“You’re looking lovely as always.” He said with a grin before turning more serious. “I am glad to see that smile.”
“Thank you, for everything Kíli, I wouldn’t know what to do without you. I feel so useless right now, even to you. The only thing I do is be sad.” And he laughed at that.
“Now that’s not true, there was a time nothing could get you down, it’s not your fault your friends enjoy going to Mordor.” He hoped she would appreciate the humour and thankfully she did as she laughed at him. Then she bent down, giving him another quick kiss.
“Shouldn’t we go, I don’t think your mother would approve of us coming late to dinner?” She asked as she playfully danced away from him hands. He gave a huff as she put on the helmet but smiled when they got on the bike and he felt her arms sneak around his waist.

When they arrived at Dís’ house they were greeted by the smell of food. Kíli sniffed the air deeply before smiling at her.
“Mum’s making a feast.” He told her excitedly and she smiled back at him. Hand in hand they entered the house.
“Ma, we’re here!” he shouted and within seconds Dís appeared in the hallway.
“Oh there you are darling.” She said as she maneuvered her way through the space before capturing Tauriel in a crush hug. Tauriel looked up in surprise. She still had to get used to the abundance of physical contact that the Durin’s displayed, something that was so different at home when it was generally only used to comfort someone instead of random displays of happiness.
“Ma don’t crush her please, I’d like to keep her alive.” Kíli commented dryly, which earned him a chuckle from his mother and the look from Tauriel.
“You’d like to keep me alive?” She asked, an eyebrow raised and Kíli laughed winking at her.
“But of course love.” This earned him an eye roll from Tauriel but he was unimpressed by it an dragged her to the living room.

The first thing Tauriel noticed was how very cosy it was, despite being a large room. The walls were coloured a warm grey with tapestries and photos hanging everywhere. She glimpsed a few of young Kíli and Fíli happily playing in a field and splashing each other in a blow up swimming pool. The floor was made of a dark wood with a thick carpet by the hearth, which was surrounded by several heavy leather couches and armchairs. It was completely opposite to the elegant and high-class interior at Mirkwood or Rivendell but Tauriel immediately loved it as it made her feel at home. She could definitely imagine herself snuggling up in a large blanket and sitting by the fire together with Kíli. As she thought of him she squeezed his hand and he looked at her with a huge smile, which she returned.

As they entered the other people present turned towards them. Tauriel saw Arild who smiled at her. Fíli also gave her a grin. His cousin Gimli sat with the couple on one of the couches. He was a smaller man like Fíli and Kíli but he had even broader shoulders and chest that were heavily muscled. His copper hair was tied back and he sported a heavy, yet neatly trimmed, beard. His dark eyes twinkled at her curiously. He stood up and gave her a firm handshake.
“Gimli, son of Glóin. Must ‘ve missed you at Thorin’s party. Nice to finally meet ye! Kíli won’t shut up about ye.” And Tauriel laughed.
“It’s nice to meet you too Gimli, son of Glóin. I am sorry for not introducing myself to you at the party, there were so many people. Besides I was under constant watch.” She said and her eyes flickered to Kíli who gave a groan but smiled at the same time.
“And for good reason.” He muttered and Gimli and Tauriel laughed at him. Then Gimli sized her up.
“He probably spent all night forcing you to the buffet.” He remarked bluntly as he looked at her small frame obviously not approving it very much. But Tauriel graced him with smile.
“And they probably spent the whole night trying to drag you away.” She retorted raising an eyebrow. She looked at him and saw his eyes twinkling and even his full beard couldn’t hide the smile on his face.
“You’re alright lass.” He said and Tauriel interpreted it as a high compliment coming from him.

With that Bilbo had jumped from his armchair and made his way to Tauriel. She smiled at the small man who seemed to be a funny blend of seriousness and eccentricity with his bold coloured vest and wild curling hair. With a smile he took her hand, pressing a soft kiss to it.
“It’s a pleasure to see you again Tauriel. I am delighted to see both these troublemakers surrounded by such lovely girls.”
“Thank you Mr Baggins, it is lovely to see you again too. Lord Elrond wanted to thank you for the amusing conversations you had during the party, his wife and parents-in-law very much enjoyed it.”
“Oh Bilbo please, I don’t want to sound so old! And it has been a pleasure too. Some had to take it among themselves to engage in civilized conversation.” He said, his eyes sliding to Thorin, who replied with a grunt. With a smile the small man turned his shining eyes back to her. “My nephew Frodo was completely in awe with you. He keeps asking me about the flame haired fairy.” And Bilbo winked as Tauriel starting laughing.
“That’s so sweet of him! Well I don’t know how long you will be here, but you and Frodo are welcome to come to the archery competition, if you’d like. There will be plenty of fairies for him there.” She said and looked at Kíli. “You wouldn’t mind that love?” and Kíli laughed, his arm encircling her waist.
“No of course not, it would be fun! The more the merrier!”
“Oh yes,” Bilbo said, “Kíli has told me about it yesterday. Well that sounds lovely, I am sure Frodo would love to see that.”

Then finally her attention turned to Thorin, who sat in his armchair that stood closest to the fire, watching the exchanges from a distance. Plucking up her courage, Tauriel walked over to him giving him a smile.
He silently accepted to hand she held out.
“It is good to see you again Tauriel Greenwood.” His low voice rumbled.
“Likewise Mr. Durin. I um wanted to thank you for accepting me with Kíli.” She told him and he raised his heavy brow, piercing eyes looking at her.
“You thank me for that?” He asked and she swallowed heavily, hoping she hadn’t made a mistake. But her fears were quickly dimmed when the man graced her with an actual smile. “Lass I fear, even if I didn’t accept it, my nephew and well this entire room would turn against me. I am a very proud and stubborn man, as some here love to remind me, but I know better than trying to go against Kíli or his mother for that matter.” Several chuckles filled the room, Thorin’s laugh among them before his eyes turned serious again. “But do know that any action against him, is also one against us. You won’t survive our wrath.” He stated simply. But instead of being intimidated by it, Tauriel merely smiled.
“Understood sir.” She said, humour lining her voice. A cough came from behind them and they turned to see Kíli stride towards Tauriel, his cheeks red with blush and he began to drag her away.
“Seriously, you guys are way to embarrassing. I am the one supposed to be threatened.” And Tauriel laughed.
“Oh you will love, soon enough.”  

Not long after, Dís called that dinner was ready and the company eagerly sat themselves on the long wooden table that was laden with food.
Sitting next to each other, Tauriel bend over to Kíli as she tried some of Dís’ amazing dishes.
“So is this where you get your cooking skills from?” She asked and he nodded, his mouth full. He quickly swallowed.
“Yes, mum was adamant Fíli and I would learn if we were to leave home.”
“The best decision she ever made I’d say.” Arild said happily as she gave Dís a large smile, earning her a playful jab from Fíli. Dís laughed, her eyes sparkling.
“Believe me, if you are ever graced with boys, you’ll soon learn that food is the one thing to keep them content. It’s only fair they are able to return the favour.” She said, before turning her attention to Gimli, who was currently avoiding her glance, trying to disappear in his chair. “How are your cooking classes going?” Dís asked him, and he shifted uncomfortably.
“Well, let’s just say Mordor doesn’t allow me to practice my master chef skills.” He muttered softly, and the rest laughed.
“Well if we are talking about food, Tauriel have you ever tried local Hobbiton dishes?” Bilbo asked as he helped himself to some more potatoes. Tauriel softly shook her head.
“No I haven’t been fortunate enough.”
“Well then do remind me to make some for you at one point. Does Mirkwood have their own particular dish?”
“Hmm our diet is more varied than that of Rivendell and Lothlórien. A speciality is deer and rabbit pie, but it’s mainly vegetables and fruits.” Tauriel told him and looking at the rest at the table, they seemed to appreciate that she ate meat. She wondered if it would have been more of an insult if she had been a vegetarian rather than the adopted daughter of Thranduil Greenwood. “I think our main export is wine, Thranduil considers himself to be an expert.” She said.

Thorin had remained silent for most of the dinner thus far, observing the others. But at the mention of his business enemy did he join the conversation. Tauriel wondered if it had been a mistake to do so.
“So Tauriel, tell me, how is it that Thranduil adopted you?” Thorin’s low voice rumbled, his ice blue eyes giving her a calculated look. She looked away from his gaze, focusing on cutting the meat in front of her. Once finished she pinned a piece with her fork, bringing it to her mouth.
“My parents died in a car crash.” She told him before taking a bite. The hardness in his eyes softened.
“I am sorry to hear that.” His voice filled with genuine emotion. “Do you miss them?”
“Of course, but I hardly remember them, I was very young when they died.”
“How old?”
“Four. I do know what they look like, I carry a picture of them around with me, but other than that static image I don’t recall them.”
“What were their names? Are you named after them?”
“No, my father’s name was Feredir and my mother’s Meriliel.” She looked over at Thorin who had grown remarkably still. “What?” She asked him, her eyebrow raised. He snapped his head back to her.
“Feredir and Meriliel Forrest?” He asked back and she looked surprised as seemed the rest of the family.
“You knew them?” came the question from Kíli and his uncle nodded.
“Aye I did, not very personally though. Your father worked closely with Thranduil when our businesses still worked together… Incredible.” He muttered towards the end seeming to slip into his own thoughts.
“What is incredible?” Tauriel asked, finding his entire behaviour incredibly odd.
“Sorry did I say incredible, I meant rather a shame, for such young and strong people to die in that way. Must have been a terrible time for you.” Thorin said and Dís rolled her eyes, becoming more annoyed by the second.
“Actually I don’t remember anything of that time, there’s just darkness, like a gap in my memory. Thranduil send me to a therapist quite soon after because I wouldn’t speak. She said it was due to trauma. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll remember?” Tauriel said and then smiled softly and with that Dís stood up.
“Well its always nice to have my brother over for dinner, he always brings up such lovely conversation.” She said sarcastically and hit Thorin over his head with her napkin. “I think it’s time for dessert.” She said and within seconds she had retrieved a large chocolate cake that she balanced on a silver plate. She cut off a healthy portion while waving away her eager sons, and handed in to Tauriel. “There you go love, do eat up.” She said with a warming smile that Tauriel happily returned.

The rest of the dinner passed with pleasant conversation. Gimli told about his time in Mordor, making sure to give Tauriel an accurate description of how it was there.
“Oh of course since your brother isn’t a soldier, his experience would be a bit different. The journalists have different quarters and tasks and stuff. But just being there and seeing everything is something everyone there shares. We all look out for each other.” And Tauriel smiled at him and Kíli hoped this would put her mind at ease.
“Thank you Gimli.” She said softly and to his surprise Kíli saw a slight blush appearing on his cousin’s ruddy cheeks.
“Tis no problem. If I see ye brother, I’ll tell him you said hi.” And Tauriel laughed.
“Make sure to also give him a few good punches.” At this Gimli and the rest of the Durins laughed.
“It will be my pleasure lass.”

It was late once everyone had gone upstairs after enjoying some good stories, music, and a fair bit of brandy. Thorin and Dís were left by the smouldering fire place, the fire dying out as its embers glowed.

The siblings sat in opposite chairs, Thorin softly twirling around the alcohol in his glass. Dís eyed him carefully, knowing she had his attention.
“Did you have to bring up such conversation? You barely know the girl. You of all people know how hard it is to talk about loved ones we’ve lost. It’s not something we should openly discuss like that. You made her uncomfortable and embarrassed the rest of us. Poor Kíli will have a hard time convincing her to come back again, especially now. We shouldn’t talk of death when her brother is in Mordor, it will only make her worry more.” Thorin didn’t say anything but she knew he’d heard her, his eye catching hers. He continued to twirl his glass and take a sip. Right before she thought he wouldn’t answer her at all he finally spoke.
“I think you underestimate her.”
“Excuse me?”
“She wasn’t uncomfortable with the topic, I would not have continued asking is she was.”
“Well that’s a comfort.”
“There’s something not right Dís.” Thorin said ignoring her sarcastic come back and his eyes bored into hers.
“What do you mean?”
“Feredir and Meriliel were strong people, part of Thranduil Guards.” Thranduil’s Guards just like Thorin’s Ravens were people loyal to them who not only helped them with business but also missions, some dangerous, some not. Especially with reoccurring battle scenes it was becoming important for them to be able to defend their territory. There were fears that the war in Mordor would spread and thus businesses like Oakenshield Company, Mirkwood Estate, and Rivendell would invest in army-trained personnel, ready to defend while the actual armies were busy elsewhere.
“As impressive as that is, so what?” Dís asked, an eyebrow raised and her brother turned to her with a huff, obviously annoyed she didn’t follow his absurd train of thought.
“It’s strange for them to die so young. I remember when I heard the news, it was all very hushed up.”
“Believe it or not Thorin but things like car accidents can be fatal.” His sister answered her voice on edge and he sighed apologetically.
“I’m sorry Dís, I didn’t mean to imply that Kaelin…”
“Yes well, be careful with what you say. I know you like no other, but most people won’t understand and take major offense.” And he cracked a grin.
“That appears to be something I am good at, offending people.” And Dís laughed.
“Yes, you’re hidden talent.” She said before her eyes turned serious again. “But what is it you’re implying then, if you find their death so strange?”
“Well it’s just a theory mind you, more of a feeling…” Thorin stated slowly, fixing his eyes on the dying fire. Silent minutes passed as he seemed to formulate his thoughts. Then he turned to his sister who looked at him with the same intense blue eyes that he had.
“I think they and Frerin suffered a similar fate…”

Meanwhile in Mordor the only thing Aragorn Strider could think about was his bed. It had been an incredibly busy and draining day. Fighting was going on in a town nearby and patients swarmed the hospital like bees around honey. Some had minor injuries while others were slowly dying in front of his eyes.

He gathered the papers on his desk; many of them were death certificates he had to sign. He didn’t want to think about those right now. He wanted to sleep. He’d seen and cleared away enough scrapple from wounds for one day.

Just as he was about to turn off the light and head home, there was a loud knock on his door. He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.
“Yes?” he answered, trying not to sound too annoyed. His day hadn’t been all that bad, he was especially glad to see Legolas again.

The door opened and one of his assistants appeared, she looked slightly distressed.
“What’s wrong Fama?”
“There’s a woman to see you sir. She just arrived, we couldn’t send her away, it seems she came from far.”
“What’s wrong with her, is she hurt?”
“Well not particularly sir, apart from being exhausted.” And Aragorn raised his eyebrows in surprise.
“Then why do you need me?”
“Well that’s the thing, she specifically asked to talk to you.”
“Did she say anything else?”
“Not much apart from your name, I don’t think she can speak our language very well.” Aragorn grew even more curious.
“Alright.” He said and followed Fama to the hospital lobby while she kept talking.
“From her appearance and accent we think she might be from Harad.” Aragorn only nodded and then he saw her.

The woman was dressed in rags, holding a tightly wrapped bundle in her arms, probably containing her few belongings. She had a tanned skin, a mass of thick black curls that desperately needed a wash, and her emerald green eyes that contrasted with her skin were exhausted. But once she saw him she leaped up, determination filling her eyes. Aragorn couldn’t remember ever seeing her before. He approached her and held out a hand that she slowly took hold of.

“I am Aragorn Strider, can I help you miss?” He asked gracing her with an encouraging smile. The woman smiled back as if relieved. She slightly bowed her head.
“My name is Nashwa.” She said, her voice heavy with the Harad accent. Then she looked up, facing him, her eyes sparkling.

“I am Boromir’s wife.”
Shooting Starlight Ch.14 Tales of the Past
Chapter fourteen in my fanfic that mixes The Hobbit and LOTR characters and puts them in a modern (AU) setting.

Chapter 1: 
Shooting Starlight Ch.1 Lothlorien Academy
Chapter 2: Shooting Starlight Ch.2 Caramel Macchiato
Chapter 3: Shooting Starlight Ch.3 Peace at Rivendell
Chapter 4: Shooting Starlight Ch.4 Freckles
Chapter 5: Shooting Starlight Ch.5 Amralime
Chapter 6: Shooting Starlight Ch.6 Doubt
Chapter 7: Shooting Starlight Ch.7 Choices
Chapter 8: Shooting Starlight Ch.8 Blue
Chapter 9: Shooting Starlight Ch.9 Unfair
Chapter 10: Shooting Starlight Ch.10 The Leave
Chapter 11: Shooting Starlight Ch.11 Thorin's Birthday
Chapter 12: Shooting Starlight Ch.12 Gone
Chapter 13: Shooting Starlight Ch.13 Apologies
Chapter 14: Here
Chapter 15: Shooting Starlight Ch.15 Competition Part 1

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For an hour Kíli had spent on the phone trying to comfort Tauriel who had not come over the shock of finding out her brother had left to Mordor. He felt incredibly useless as he promised her everything would be fine, while not being able to hold her. He waved her constant apologies away, she needed him and he would be there for her, always.

She told him about Arwen and Éowyn and he heard the pain in her voice. Having met Arwen he couldn’t imagine the girl doing anything to hurt her friend. He’d suggested that perhaps they wanted to protect her from such news because they knew she never would have gone to the birthday is she had know. If this was the case than Kíli wholeheartedly thanked them. But as much as he was happy she hadn’t known about this yesterday, he understood her pain. He would flip if anyone would do that to her. Legolas and possibly had terribly underestimated her, thinking she wouldn’t be able to handle it. She was one of the strongest people he knew and if she had known she would have dealt with it far better than now. She was realistic enough to get over it; she didn’t have any choice.

He had made her promise to talk to her friends the next day after she had slept a little. Then he told her to come over in the evening at his mother’s insistence who had heard enough of the conversation to understand what was going on. Dís had planned some distraction for the girl. Also Gimli would still be there, he had seen Mordor and perhaps he could help her understand Legolas’ situation better.

Hanging up his heart felt heavy and he took a while to process what had happened before he told his family, who had all looked at him questioning. Their reactions were shocked at the news.

“Poor girl!” Arild exclaimed. “To be left in the dark like that, by her brother especially. Are they close?”

Kíli thought about the blond man, the way they seemed to move in perfect synchronization with each other and his protective attitude around Tauriel. Yes he could definitely see they were close, which Tauriel confirmed through all her stories of her past. Legolas very often appeared in them. Kíli would be lying if he said he hadn’t at times felt jealous and even threatened by the man. But apart from being incredibly angry at the guy for hurting Tauriel like this, he realized, dreadfully, that he did respect him more. He had to admire his bravery; for heading to one of the most dangerous places in the world to help out, it was quite admirable.

He couldn’t help but wonder if Tauriel would have been as upset if he had gone.

By the time the sun came back up Tauriel had slept minimally. She had half hoped that by waking up she would realize it had all been a bad dream and she would soon hear Legolas go downstairs. He was very much a morning person, rising with the sun. But of course, it hadn’t been a dream and she lay in bed feeling empty. Her talk with Kíli last night had definitely helped her. He understood her strong bond with Legolas, a bond similar to the one he shared with his own brother.

She had listened to what he had said about Arwen and Éowyn and she felt incredibly guilty about her outburst. They were both dealing with loss and if they had tried to protect her from feeling the same, it would have been one of the nicest things rather than acts of betrayal.

And so she waited for the hours to fly by until it was a respectable time to call her friends. She listened to the birds that were starting to sing and read the texts for university that she had fallen behind on, anything to keep her mind from Mordor. She had come to the realisation that she wasn’t even able to reach Legolas by phone, and she desperately tried to push away the constant feeling of fear in her stomach.

Once she saw the hour turn to be nine in the morning, she gave in, not being able to wait any longer. She picked up her phone and dialled Arwen’s number. Propping herself up against her bed’s headboard she took a shaky breath. She could imagine Arwen’s anger, what she had said was really unforgivable. She heard the phone dial and within seconds her friend’s voice came through the line.

“Tauriel?” came a voice heavy with sleep and she felt terribly guilty.
“Arwen… oh I am so sorry…” Tauriel started but her friend cut her off.
“No, Tauriel listen, I am sorry. I never should have listened to Legolas and you have every right to be mad at me. I only heard about his leaving from Aragorn, who swore me to secrecy and when I confronted Legolas he made me promise not to tell you. And you were so happy with Kíli, I couldn’t dare to tell you. I am so sorry for being such of a coward.”
“No Arwen, I don’t think you’re a coward, not at all, you were and always have been my friend. I so want to take back the words I said last night. I just couldn’t understand, I didn’t want to understand…”
“I know…”
“Can you forgive me for such words?”
“Can I…can you forgive me for not telling you?”
“Of course I can. And you are not the coward, Legolas is for not being brave enough to face my anger.”
“Legolas was only trying to help Tauriel, as crazy as it sounds, not that I agree with him of course.”
“Yeah… I can see his reasons… Did um Éowyn know about it?”
“Éowyn only knew that night. Apparently Faramir had told her. She was going to ask you about it but I told her to shut up. She didn’t like that of course. I think if it had taken me longer to find my make p supplied she probably would had said something.”
“I am glad she didn’t…” Tauriel admitted softly. “I should probably call her later.”
Yeah…” Arwen agreed softly and there was a pause.
“How…um…how are you feeling?” She carefully asked.
“Empty… I just… I am still so angry,” Tauriel told her, “Not at you, but at him, at this war…” she quickly added.
“I understand, if Aragorn was here right now, I would punch him…several times…” her friend agreed. “But life goes on, they have decided to go, so we have to make the best of it.”
“Will it get better?”
“I don’t know, it hasn’t felt any better, but I do advise you not to have a radio or tv on somewhere, it’s just terribly distracting.”
“I’ll keep that in mind.”
“So… do you want to tell me about the party, Elladan told me you stayed.” Her friend asked and Tauriel could picture her face in front of her, her eyes curious and a sly grin on her face.
“It was great, the party was amazing. Everyone was so friendly, his mother loves me and even his uncle seems to tolerate my presence. Their parties are quite…different from ours.” Tauriel told her, her heart lifting as she remembered the great time she had. She knew this answer would only partially satisfy her friend who wanted to know some very specific things.
“Oh great! See I told you, you didn’t have to worry. How did Kíli find your dress?”
“He liked it a lot, kept telling me how great I looked.”
“Good, good… and then?”
“And then I stayed over at his place, the party was only just getting started when your family left.”
“Yes and then?”
“Then what?” She heard Arwen sigh dramatically.
“I swear you’re doing this on purpose, do I have to literally pull it out of you?”
“You know I am terrible at giving you details.”
“Oh but so there are details to give?” and Tauriel laughed.
“I had a great evening Arwen, he… it was great. There, happy?”
“No, but this answer will do for present. He really makes you happy doesn’t he?”
“Yes he does. I love him.”
“Oh gosh, this is so romantic.”
“You think everything is romantic.”
“Hey! I know a great romantic story when I see one. Come on think about it! Son and daughter of two opposing companies meeting and falling on common grounds, against all the odds.” And Tauriel laughed.
“You’re making it sound a lot more dramatic then it has been.”
“I am just more cultured. Thranduil should have taught you that. Talking about Thranduil, how is he doing?” Tauriel sighed thinking of her guardian.
“I don’t know, it’s very hard to tell.”
“It’s hard to tell with him anyway.” Arwen commented dryly.
“True, but he seems to be ok. He’s terribly hurt obviously and worried for Legolas, afraid of losing him too. But he at least got to say good-bye and so he’s keeping himself strong, as always. In a weird way, it might have actually helped our relationship.”
“Well I am glad to hear that he appears to be coping, and I know you will too. Dad will probably come by in the next few days. Apparently Elladan has been talking more about Mordor than dad likes.”
“Oh god, not Elladan too.” Tauriel said in shock. She could practically hear Arwen shake her head.
“Apparently it’s in our blood. Let’s just hope he’s not stupid enough.”
“So… any plans today. That’s another thing that helps, keep busy. I can’t be alone in my room too long before I go crazy.”
“Yeah I was planning on keeping busy for a while. There’s an archery competition coming up soon, so more excuse to practice. Kíli’s mother invited me over for dinner tonight. So working on that project for the rest of the day I think.”
“Oh good! When is the competition, Éowyn and I would love to come watch.”
“It’s in three weeks from now. It would be great if you guys came. I had actually been thinking before Aragorn left that we three should introduce the boys to Kíli. I mean I want him to get to know you guys as well, you’re also part of my life.”
“Even without Aragorn here, I think that’s a great idea. Éowyn can’t wait to finally meet him.”
“Well we will figure something out. I am gonna hang up and make some breakfast.” Tauriel said.
“Yes of course. Enjoy your day, it might be hard, but everything will be fine.”
“Thanks, you too. And Arwen, again, I am sorry.”
“I know and so am I. I am glad you called.”
“Me too.”
“Bye love.”

Putting her phone down, Tauriel leaned back to rest. She was glad Arwen didn’t blame her for overreacting, and glad she heard the full story. She could definitely imagine her and Legolas’ intentions. If only she hadn’t been so impulsive… but at least she was forgiven.

Softly she heard someone downstairs turning on the espresso machine, which made its usual rattling noise. Thranduil must be up as well. She sent Kíli a message saying that she had talked to Arwen and all was fine, thanking him for his help last night. Pushing the covers off her and throwing on jeans and a shirt she made her way downstairs. Normally she’d enjoy a shower now, but she’d skipped dinner last night and her body was begging to be fed.

As she came down stairs she suspicions were confirmed as she saw Thranduil move with in the kitchen. She smelled freshly baked bread in the air and happily walked to the kitchen.
“Good morning Tauriel.” He said, without turning around. “How are you feeling this morning?”
“Much better, thank you.” She told him as she put some plates down on the table, before turning to the coffee machine. “Did you know I was awake.”
“I had a feeling you would be.”
“I talked to Arwen this morning.”
“Well last night… I said some pretty horrible things to her… I was some mad.”
“You’ve always been reckless, doing before thinking.”
“Yes, well I realized and called her again.”
“She forgave me, thankfully.”
“I would have no doubt that Arwen would forgive. She is far too kind.” And Tauriel laughed.
“Thanks.” She said sarcasm lining her voice. She looked at him. His clothing was impeccable as usual and his face looked calmer, telling her he was feeling better than last night. His silver blond hair was tied of at the ends to keep it out of his face, a hairstyle he generally adopted while cooking.
“How are you feeling?” and he looked at her and she saw a sparkle of a smile in his eyes.
“Better, well as good as can be. I have to say I am glad to not live with this burden in secrecy anymore.”
“Have you heard from Legolas?”
“Not much, he’s still travelling. We’ll probably get news tomorrow when he arrives at his post. Which reminds me,” and out of his pocket came a business card. “His contact details are on here. Try not to bombard him.” With a smile Tauriel took the treasured information from him.
“I’ll try not to.”

The bread was done, sliced in perfect slices. They prepared and eat their bread in silence, but it was a comfortable one. It had been a while since they had eaten together. With the three of them having busy schedules of their own, it generally meant that meal times were not together, something Tauriel realised she had missed.

“I missed this.” She told him and he nodded. “It’s rather ironic that Legolas always tried to force us to eat together, and that now that he’s gone, we finally do.”
“Yes indeed. He would be happy to hear it.”
“Yes…” she said and as she took another bite of her bread a memory came to mind, an old one. She was a young child, her feet swinging from a high wooden chair, not being able to touch the ground. The table she was sitting on was white and filled with fruits and jams, as well as syrups and chocolate. The smell of pancakes filled the air. Strong sunlight came from the windows and she remembered it being summer. Her parents sat on either side of her, they faces weren’t clear but she could tell their outline, her mother’s red hair and her father’s blond locks. They were smiling at her, happiness radiated from them during this normal happening. Tauriel came back to the present, looking slightly dazed.
“I used to eat like this with mum and dad.” She said though with a slight hesitation in her voice, as if asking a question. Thranduil looked up at her, his eyes curious.
“You remember?” He asked and she looked back at him.
“I do… well just now… I remembered just now. During the summer, it was a very warm summer.” Thranduil didn’t say anything but his eyes had grown hard, concern lining his face.
“Have you been remembering anything else?” He asked and she was slightly taken back by the strange question.
“Well no, not really…although…” She thought back of the time in Lothlórien forest with Kíli.
“Yes?” Thranduil urged.
“Well not so much as remembering I think, but not too long ago I was in the forest with Kíli. It was the day after Boromir’s funeral and I was very upset. We decided to go shooting and at one point it seemed as if I was in a kind of trance, as if I had fallen asleep and had a nightmare.”
“What was the nightmare?”
“It wasn’t very clear… it seemed like a battlefield, or at least people were fighting, they were shadows and chasing me… it was all very dark.” She looked at him, a frown now clearly present on his face.
“Have you been having these dreams often.”
“No thank heavens, it was only that time. I was very upset.”
“Yes of course.” He murmured and then his frown lifted and he even smiled. “You’ve always had a wild imagination.” And Tauriel laughed.
“That’s true.”
“And always so scared of small things.” He teased.
“Small things? Oh come on, I was never afraid, Legolas was the coward.”
“At times yes, but as a child you were so afraid of spiders.” And Tauriel shivered.
“I still don’t like them.”
“And you could never stand the dark.”
“There are many people afraid of the dark.” And Thranduil huffed.
“It’s an entirely irrational fear.” He said and Tauriel rolled her eyes.
“Well we can’t all be as brave as you.” And he smiled.
“No, no indeed.”

They resumed their delicious meal and cleared up.
“I have a meeting tonight, so I won’t be here for dinner.” Thranduil told her and she shrugged.
“That makes two of us.”
“Oh?” He raised his dark eyebrow.
“Mrs Durin, Kíli’s mum invited me over for dinner.”
“How lovely.” He said dryly and Tauriel gave him a look.
“She’s very nice as is the rest of his family.” She told him and he laughed.
“Yes I am sure Thorin is a pleasure to be around.”
“Ok, well maybe not him, but he’s not that bad. He seems to tolerate me.”
“Which is more than most people can say of him.”
“Is that supposed to be a compliment?”
“Possibly. Just don’t expect me to throw huge dinner parties like Mrs Durin seems to do. I’d like to keep my house intact.
“We can always give them Legolas’ room to trash.” She muttered and Thranduil gave her a slyly smile.
“I’ve taught you well… but no.” and she laughed.

She was about to go upstairs again when Thranduil, who was busy putting on his jacket to leave to his office, called her. His hair was released for the hair tie, falling around him so perfectly it was almost frightening.
“Yes?” She asked and his ice blue eyes locked with hers. He seemed to think over what he was about to say, choosing his words carefully.
“Have…fun tonight and get home safe.” He told her and she smiled.
“Thank you, I will. You enjoy you’re evening too.” He was about to leave when he turned once more.
“I am glad you’re still here Tauriel.” He said softly, almost too soft for her to hear, but she did and smiled even more widely this time.
“I am glad too Thranduil. Now go before you kill yourself with such heartfelt words.” She teased and he gave her a grin before walking out.

She couldn’t belief, that in his own weird way, he had basically said he cared for her. While missing the presence of Legolas terribly, at least she and his father were making steps, albeit baby steps, to getting closer to a father-daughter relationship, which was more than she could have asked for.

She reached her bedroom and checked her phone. Kíli long replied to her message saying how glad he was everything seemed to be better than last night. He asked if he should pick her up that evening. She smiled.

‘Only if it’s with that sexy motorbike of yours xxx.’ She sent. Within seconds there was a reply.

‘Deal my lady. Prince on the motorbike coming your way xxx’

Laughing she walked off to take a well deserved shower.
Shooting Starlight Ch.13 Apologies
Chapter thirteen in my fanfic that mixes The Hobbit and LOTR characters and puts them in a modern (AU) setting.

Chapter 1: 
Shooting Starlight Ch.1 Lothlorien Academy
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Ithtirion bounced up and down in excitement, gripping on to the railings to get a closer look. Rivendell, or Imladris as his mother called it, was vast and beautiful and so different from the glittering halls of Erebor, charming Dale or the statuesque Mirkwood Realm that he was used to. There was the sound of a blasting horn and to the dwelfs greatest amazement and glee he saw several elven warriors return to the city upon horseback. Their armour glittered in the late sunlight, banners flying in the wind. Ithtirion tried to get even closer, pushing himself from the railing. Within a second he felt a firm grip on the back of his tunic that pulled him away before he lost his balance.

Slightly dazed he looked up and his leaf green eyes met his father’s brown ones. Kíli gave his son a stern look and Ithtirion gave his father a sheepish grin, trying to look as innocent as possible.
“I only wanted to look.” He said with a slight shrug in his shoulders.
“Dangling over a railing isn’t the best place to get a closer look my boy. Be more careful, you could have fallen.”
“But I didn’t.”
“You would have. Now if you want to get a better look, go downstairs, the normal way. Falling down is a quicker but less effective way I am afraid.”
“Alright!” the young lad chirped and was about to turn to the stairs when his father halted him once more. He crouched down to the child’s height. Kíli still marvelled at his son who seemed to be the perfect blend of both him and Tauriel. He had the same thick dark brown hair as well as his thicker eyebrows. But his eyes were his mother’s; his nose was slimmer and his skin more pale with a few lost freckles on his nose. He still did not show any signs of beard growth, though Kíli himself, sporting a short but thick beard, had been very slow at growing one too. He grinned at his son’s wild hair that seemed adamant on escaping from its clasp. Quickly Kíli released the hair that was pulled back and thread his fingers through the strands before gathering the hair out of his son’s face and bond it back.
“There, now you look presentable.” He said and Ithtirion rolled is eyes. “Now promise me you’ll be careful, you’re mother will go mad if you get yourself hurt and then it will be my fault.” And his son grinned cheekily.
“Yes khagam.” He promised and as Kíli released him he sprinted down the stairs without looking back.

Kíli laughed as the boy reminded him way too much of himself at that age. With every passing day he realised what his mother must he gone through with him and Fíli around, making her life difficult.

“Of course I’d blame you, he gets it from your side.” A voice floated onto the balcony and Kíli looked up with a grin. Tauriel stood in the archway, a light green gown floating around her that complemented her long flaming hair and bright green eyes. A simple golden circlet rested on her head, her marriage braids, identical to Kíli’s hanging beside her face. She smiled at him.

Beside her stood their young daughter, who held on to her fingers with her small hands to keep her balance. His smile widened and within seconds he’d scooped down and picked up his daughter twirling her in the air, the girl madly giggling, smiling with a toothy grin. She had inherited her mother’s red hair a splash of freckles that contrasted with her large sparkling brown eyes that came from him.
“My darling Amrâliel! How are you doing today?”
“Fine khagam.” She giggled putting her small hand on his cheek. “Nana said we could go see the horses.” The girl told him, looking back at her mother to make sure the promise still held.
“But of course!” Kíli told his girl. “Your nadad is already downstairs.” He shifted his daughter to his left side, supporting her easily with one arm. With his other hand he reached out for his wife. With a smile Tauriel laced her own fingers through his. He reached up to give her a kiss.
“Amrâlimê.” He murmured and she smiled kissing him on his cheek.
“Meleth nîn.” She said back so softly it was like a whisper. Hand in hand they walked down the stairs, their daughter marvelling at Rivendell.

They had only arrived the night before, stopping here on their way to the Shire. Bilbo had invited them over for tea. They had last seen him at their wedding 20 years ago and Bilbo was curious to see their dwelfling children. It wasn’t something new, everywhere they went people from all kinds of races seemed in awe of their children. Apart from the fact that they existed, which was a feat in itself, they seemed to be perfect mix of dwarf and elf. In fact most remarked that they resembled the race of men the most, not including their slightly pointed ears. It had been a long and difficult road till now, with many more challenges on the way for the small family. But Kíli and Tauriel were so happy to simply to be together, being able to raise two wonderful children that every day felt like a blessed day.

They arrived in the courtyard where the leader of the party was reporting to Lord Elrond. The other elves were busy dismounting and patting their horses dry. Ithtirion was buzzing around, in awe by the warriors and their large horses. When Kíli and Tauriel reached Lord Elrond, Ithtirion had managed to get the attention of one of the elves and was firing questions at him. The elf with long brown hair calmly answered his questions one by one, not seeming to mind the young boy’s rapid pace. Others around to pair looked at the scene amused. It was rare to see elf children, especially a dwelfling, and thus all were treasured and treated with the outmost care and kindness.

Greeting Lord Elrond, Tauriel laughing made her way to her son, rescuing the poor elf from his interrogation.
“Come now elnya, let them rest first. I am sure you can ask all your questions later.” She slightly scolded him and he looked up at her with wide eyes, trying to look innocent. But it had no effect on his mother, as he really knew. Her firm hand on his shoulder told him enough.
“Yes nana.” He said. The elf he was talking to smiled.
“It’s alright Lady Tauriel, your boy is just very curious.”
“Yes I am sure he is, but he does need to learn the best time to ask all those questions of his.” Then she scooped down to Ithnorul and readjusted a strand of hair. “Have you greeted Lord Elrond yet?” she asked and his softly shook his head. Straightening she took his hand in her own. “Well let’s go then, or are you afraid?” The boy looked at her in shock and puffed out his small chest.
“No!” he retorted and to prove it he turned to drag his mother to the elf in question but his mother stopped him.
“What do you say first?” She asked. Quickly realizing his mistake, her son turned back and bowed to the brown haired elf.
“Thank you sir!” then he looked at his mother for confirmation that he did the right thing. She smiled and relieved he set out to where his father was. Tauriel laughed as he tried to pull her with him. She looked back at the elf.
“Le hannon.” She said giving him a nod with her head, the elf returned the nod and turned to his waiting horse, still looking amused.

Ithtirion’s initial burst of bravery seemed to dim down considerably as he approach the elven lord. Only a few steps away he stopped completely. His parents laughed and Elrond himself suppressed a grin. Softly his mother pushed him forward, whispering encouraging words. He glanced at his baby sister who sat in her father’s arms looking entirely calm. He didn’t want to let her see him be afraid even if she was still so young. He clenched his jaw, straightened his shoulders and had a determined look on his face. He took a few steps forward so he stood right in front of the lord, looking into his stormy grey eyes.
“It’s an honour to meet you, Lord Elrond of Rivendell.” The boy said giving him a low albeit stiff bow. It took all Elrond’s willpower not to laugh at the poor boy for he looked very amusing. But he feared it might hurt the boy’s pride. So when the boy rose to look at him, he himself gave the boy a small bow back.
“And it’s an honour to meet you to Ithtirion, son of Kíli, son of stars.” He said seriously before gracing him with a smile. The boy looked at him in awe. “Are you enjoying your stay in Imladris?” and the boy nodded heavily.
“Yes sir!”
“Then after lunch you wouldn’t mind accompanying me to the libraries would you?” Ithtirion’s green eyes grew wide. He had heard many stories of what the libraries of Rivendell possessed and it wasn’t only books. His eyes quickly darted to his parents who gave him an encouraging smile. Then he bowed down again.
“Yes sir, it would be an honour.” And Elrond grinned, the boy reminding him of his own sons.
“Great.” He said and turned to the stairs. Kíli and Tauriel followed him. He didn’t miss Ithnorul shooting to his mother’s side, holding her hand.
“Was that okay?” He asked in a whisper. His mother smiled.
“You were wonderful darling.” And the boy’s shoulders relaxed. As they turned a corner his head shot up, another question coming to mind.
“Yes meleth?”
“Is it true they only have green food here?” Tauriel laughed in amusement.
“Who told you?”
“Uncle Fíli. What if you don’t like green food, do you starve?”
“Oh no darling, Lord Elrond wouldn’t let any of his guests starve and besides, you like green food.”
“Well yes I do, but I was just wondering, what if you don’t?”
“Then I am sure there will be something else if you ask nicely.” The answer seemed to content her son for a little while until another thought sprung to mind.
“Ada doesn’t like green food.” He stated and his father laughed, turning to ruffle his son’s hair.
“Don’t worry son, I’ll manage. You’re mother taught me to like it.” He smiled before turning to his wife. “More like forcing really.” He muttered under his breath and Tauriel winked at him.

Their days at Rivendell passed quickly yet peacefully. Tauriel seemed to come to rest in its lovely halls and Kíli loved seeing her in such a peaceful state of mind. Amrâliel, daughter of love, kept true to her name and had been charming every elf that lay eyes on her. Apart from playing with her brother she could often be found outside with several elves, male and female, that would play with her and allowed her to explore. Her favourite pass time was with the ponies and she had begged her mother to help her ride one and Tauriel obliged. When the girl grew tired she would spend many hours being read to of all the magnificent stories that Middle Earth had to offer.

Meanwhile Ithtirion was questioning anyone that had time to answer. Elrond’s library seemed like a different world all together and he spent hours reading and discovering new things. But he was especially interested in the large armoury where he had found a bow his size. He’d shown it to his father proudly and desperately wanted to learn how to use it. Kíli and Tauriel had always wanted to each their children the ways of fighting they would probably have to use those skills one day. But they were still very young and the parents had planned to wait a few years when they were strong enough. But seeing their son with the bow, they couldn’t resist teaching him the basics, Kíli watching his son proudly during the ‘training’ sessions.  

Before long they saddled up their horses and the travel equipment packed ready to ride to Hobbiton. Lord Elrond and several other elves came down to bid the family farewell. Small gifts for the children were given, who felt like it was Christmas, much to their parents exasperation who didn’t want their children to leave Rivendell completely spoiled.

Saying good-bye to Elrond, Kíli and Tauriel made the lord promise them to keep them up to date with the rather alarming developments in Middle Earth.
“If ever you need a safe house, Rivendell will welcome you.” He said and the couple bowed in thanks. Being parents had changed them from wanting adventure, fighting, and actions, to doing anything to keep their children safe.

Tauriel climbed on her horse with Ithtirion in front of her, while Kíli’s pony carried him and Amrâliel. Waving the children said their goodbyes to the wonderful place and people as their parents brought their horses into gallop.

It took them two days to get from Rivendell to the Shire, taking many breaks in between. The children squealed in delight when the Brandywine River, dividing the Shire with Breeland came into view and in the distance they could start making out several hobbit holes.
“Are we almost there now nana?” Ithtirion asked and his mother smiled down at him.
“Yes we are darling.” And within several minutes they had crossed the river. On the shores of the Shire they dismounted, fearing the small paths would be cumbersome from the horses and the hobbits walking on the road.

As they walked towards Bag End several of the hobbits stared, which was entirely understandable. It wasn’t often that they saw a dwarf or an elf, and much less together, with children cheerfully walking along.

Kíli after all this time still remember the way the Bilbo’s house, unlike his uncle he actually was good with directions. Bilbo had spotted them before they saw him. Knowing his guests could arrive any moment, the hobbit had sat on the bench in his front lawn, enjoying to sunny weather, happily smoking his pipe. He felt entirely content, and was reminded of the day when he had sat on the same place, before Gandalf the Grey had whisked him of for an adventure. An adventure it had been! Though some if not most parts hadn’t been very enjoyable for the poor hobbit, who did indeed prefer his books and armchair to nasty things such as skipping meals, not having handkerchiefs and fighting the occasional orcs, he didn’t regret it for the world. He felt blessed to have seen so many different parts of Middle Earth, meeting interesting folk, and creating ever-lasting friendships.  

As his guests drew closer he got up excitedly and doused him pipe. He opened his front gate. He saw Kíli smiled and wave before shouting loudly.
“Mr Boggins!”
“Kíli Durin!” Bilbo called back, not caring for the scene he was making, several Hobbits turning in their gardens to see what the shouting was about.

Within seconds the dwarf had reached his old friend and pulled him into a bone-crushing hug. Bilbo had slightly forgotten the strength of dwarves. He hastily tapped the lad on his shoulder.
“My boy, I do enjoy breathing.” He said faintly and Kíli put him back down grinning.
“It’s great to see you again Bilbo.” He said, his brown eyes earnest and Bilbo smiled at him.
“Likewise of course.” He said before turning to face the beautiful elf in front of him. He bowed slightly before taking her hand and giving it a brief kiss. She laughed as he came back up.
“It’s an honour to see you again Lady Tauriel.” He said smiling at the faint blush that reached her cheeks.
“Oh Mr. Baggins, you haven’t changed, still as charming as ever.”
“What can I say, you’re still as beautiful as ever.” The hobbit slyly retorted and Tauriel laughed again.
“Please, Kíli says nothing but endearments, I do long for normal conversation.” She said sneaking a look at her husband’s reactions, who of course reacted as she hoped.
“Hey! I can speak of other things too! But if you must know, I do mean every single endearment I say.” And his wife gave him cheeky grin.

“What’s an endearment?” came a soft voice and from behind Tauriel, their son appeared, his sister’s hand tightly holding on to his. The adults laughed and Bilbo walked over the children, taking in their appearance.

The boy seemed no more than 7, at least in Hobbit appearances and years, though he knew the boy was born almost 20 years prior to this day. Their growing process would be a fascinating thing indeed, Bilbo decided. The girl was obviously younger, Bilbo guessing her to be 4. But for part dwarven children they did seem rather tall, the boy not being that much smaller than Bilbo himself.

He smiled at them before extending a hand.
“My name is Bilbo Baggins of the Shire, I am a friend of your parents and family. How do you do?” The boy broke out into a grin, taking the Hobbit’s hand and shaking it.
“It’s a pleasure Mr Baggins, I am Ithtirion of Erebor.” His grin reminded Bilbo all too much of his father, who was looking at the scene with a grin of his own. Then he turned his attention to the girl. She had seemed more shy than her brother, but seeing their interaction had made her decide that the man in front of her would be fine and so she gave him a charming smile of her own, eyes sparkling. Bilbo had no doubt she would turn into a head turning beauty like her mother.
“Hi Bilbo, I am Amrâliel of Erebor.” Bilbo laughed and took her small hand to give it a kiss just like he had given her mother. The girl looked at him with huge eyes, blushing in the tips of her pointed ears.
“It’s an honour Lady Amrâliel.” And she giggled before turning her attention to her parents saying rather bluntly:
“He’s funny khagam!” making the adults laugh again and her brother looked rather embarrassed.
“Amrâliel, you can’t say that!” his sister looked at him confused.
“Why not? He is funny.”
“Yes, but its impolite to say that out loud.” Then he bit his lip, looking at his mother a reconfirmation. “Right nana?” His mother smiled.
“Yes darling.” The girl shifted around before shyly looking back at Bilbo, giving him her best puppy eyes.
“I am sorry Mr Baggins.” And he smiled, stood up and took the girl’s hand.
“That’s alright my Lady. Now have you children ever had Hobbiton chocolate milk?” Both heavily shook their head no, their eyes looking at him eagerly.
“Well then you’re in luck because I have some in my pantry, which,” he said, looking at Kíli as the children gave shouts of glee, “I am hoping to keep stacked.” And Kíli roared in laughter, and guided his wife, a hand on her lower back, towards the door, following Bilbo.

The chocolate milk naturally was the best the children had ever drunken and kept asking for more, though their parents ensured they wouldn’t drink too much, afraid it might upset their stomachs.
Dinner was a joyful affair. Bilbo had outdone his cooking, which his guests loved as they told him the latest news from Erebor and Rivendell.
Fíli himself was now father of three, he and his wife blissfully married. Thorin was growing tired of rule and Kíli guessed it was be a matter of time before he retired and let Fíli take his place as ruler of Erebor.
The relations with Dale where always good and even those with Mirkwood seemed to slowly formed into one of civility at best, to one of friendship, though there was still a long way to go.

After dinner, the children were ushered to bed. Normally this would be a painstaking task, but the travel and excitement had made them tired, and in record time they were in their small beds, fast asleep.

The adults sat in the comfortable living room by the warming fire. Bilbo had offered his guests glasses of brandy, which they happily sipped.
“I am glad to hear all is well with Lord Elrond at Rivendell.” Bilbo said before sighing lightly. “I do wish to go back there sometime.”
“Why don’t you?” Tauriel asked him, her kind eyes flickering in the firelight.
“Oh I will of course! But I am enjoying my armchair here. It’s a peaceful life, so peaceful, I some times even forget that our quest was in fact real.” The Hobbit admitted and he saw Kíli nod in agreement.
“So much has happened, it can feel unworldly at times.”
“Hmmm yes. I’d been thinking, to keep myself busy, I now have the time to write my story.”
“Your story?”
“Well our story really, I want to write about our adventure.”
“That’s a lovely idea Bilbo, I know you write very well.” And Bilbo laughed away the compliment.
“I just need inspiration, you know a place to start. Perhaps even just a small part of the whole tale, just so I know how I want to write it.” He slightly mumbled, partly to his guests, partly to himself.
“That does make sense. Can we help you with ideas?” Tauriel asked him and the hobbit looked at her. He looked at her, her marriage braids, before gliding over to Kíli’s, looking at one of the Princes of Erebor. They looked so happy. The love they felt for each other had been said to be many things: untrue, not natural, impossible even. But as Bilbo saw it just there and in the way they looked at the fruits of their union, their wonderful and adorable two children, he could say it was very much real. They had gone through many hardships to be sitting here like this today, with plenty of more hardships to come, and yet here they were, the most unlikely union in Middle Earth, were sitting in Bag End in the Shire. And that’s when the idea came into mind making Bilbo smiled happily.

“I want to write down your story!” He stated happily, looking excited at the couple in front of him. They gave him a look of confusion.
“Our story?” Kíli repeated, unsure if he heard the hobbit correctly. Bilbo nodded.
“But you already know our story Mr Baggins.” Tauriel said.
“Yes, yes I know your story but I want others to know. It’s a marvellous tale. So will you allow me?” He asked and Kíli and Tauriel looked at each other for a moment, silently communicated. Then they turned back, giving him a heart felt smile.
“If you want to, it would be our honour, especially if it can help you with your tale.” Kíli said taking his wife’s hand in his own. “What do you want to know?” Bilbo clapped in his hands happily, sprang from his chair and hurried over to his desk.
“Marvellous…marvellous!” he said grabbing some parchment, a pot of ink and a feather. Then he sat back in his chair by the fire, setting the pot on the small table next to him, resting the parchment on his lap. Feather raise he looked ready to write.
“I need to know everything!” He said and laughed at their shocked expressions.
“Everything?” Tauriel asked.
“Yes, yes everything, from the very beginning! Where was that? The Mirkwood dungeons?” and Kíli grinned.
“Oh no, it would be when the spiders attacked.” He laughed.

And with that Bilbo started writing…
Children of Starlight Chapter 1
Even though I am still busy with my other Tolkien fanfic Shooting in Starlight, this just came to mind and I had to write it. A new story, this time still in the Middle Earth world and time frame. Bilbo wants to write down the Tale of Kíli and Tauriel when they visit him in Bag End with their two children. And so they start telling their story, from the very beginning.

Enjoy! Please comment! I love comments :)

Link to Shooting in Starlight Chapter 1: Shooting Starlight Ch.1 Lothlorien Academy
Chapters 1 until 13 are up, with more to come :)

Ithtirion (son of stars) name is part Khuzdul and part Sindarin. Ithtiri is Khuzdul for stars, while the ending -ion means son in Sindarin.
Amrâliel (daughter of love) is also part Khuzdul and Sindarin. Amrâ means love in Khuzdul, while -iel at the end means daughter in Sindarin

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