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Shade of lilac by XeniaChowaniec

The minute I saw the thumbnail for this piece I was already amazed by how beautiful it was and then when I saw full view I was blown aw...


“Come one, let me do your make-up!”
“What do you want to do?”
“Just a smokey eyes, and don’t sounds so terrified, I am great at them.”
“Won’t it be too much?”
“Taur it’s a party, and no, having eye shadow isn’t too much.” Tauriel sighed and gave her friend a smile and Arwen happily went off to get her eye shadow palette. Éowyn laughed at the raven and softly combed through Tauriel’s red locks.
“I think you two are having more fun than I am.” Tauriel told her and Éowyn grinned.
“Obviously! We love an excuse to dress you up and make you happy…” then she paused and looked down. “It makes us happy too.” Tauriel reached over to touch her hand.
“I feel bad feeling so good when you both are suffering loss, it feels wrong somehow.” Éowyn shook her head and looked straight at her through the mirror with her intense blue eyes.
“Don’t! God don’t suppress your feelings. We are happy, exhilarated in fact, to see you so in love and content. It’s been a while since we’ve seen you that way. Just because of everything that has happened doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. That’s ridiculous and I forbid you to give it another thought!” Tauriel smiled in defeat.
“I’ll try.” She promised the blonde.
“Good!” Arwen said as she reappeared with her ‘weapons’ ready.

For a while the two women worked diligently with Tauriel as their canvas. Éowyn had pulled her knee length hair into an elegant half-up with highlighting accent braids. Meanwhile Arwen had given her smokey eyes with warm brown colours that made her green eyes pop. Tauriel couldn’t believe she was the made women how was staring back at her through the mirror.
“Wow, thank you girls, you made me beautiful.” And Arwen laughed, clasping her shoulder.
“You are always beautiful love. Come on lets get you into your dress, mum and dad will be done soon.” Tauriel smirked.
“I still can’t believe your parents and grandparents were invited too, Kíli didn’t tell me.”
“He probably wanted it to be a surprise, so you won’t feel alone. Besides if everything goes bad, which I am sure it won’t, Elladan will be there too.”
“I know I’ll be fine with Kíli and even his brother and mother seem fine with me, as far as he’s told me… I am just worried about the other hundred guest… especially his uncle.”
“Don’t worry,” Éowyn reasoned, “I am sure Kíli knows best.”
“Yeah but his uncle is practically his father. What if the man hates me, I don’t want to be a source of conflict.”
“If Kíli didn’t think you were worth it he wouldn’t ask you out now would he.” Tauriel thought about that, then she nodded.
“Yeah I guess you’re right.” And Arwen and Éowyn laughed.
“We always are.” Arwen winked, then she clashed her hands together. “Come on put it on.” she eyed the dark blue fabric that lay on the bed.

Carefully as if it would crumble in her hands Tauriel picked up the silky fabric. With the help of her friends she slid into it, fastening the round halter that held the dress together around her neck. Full of excitement she turned to the mirror and gasped.

The dress still looked as good as when she first tried it on in Míriel’s store. The dress fitted her body perfectly. The top was cut in the middle, revealing some chest bone in a playful but still tasteful way. Beneath her breasts the dress pleated inwards to the centre line of the dress that highlighted her waist. As the material moved down it highlighted her hips, giving them more volume. Then the folding stopped and allowed the smooth material to flow down freely, showing off the length of her legs. The blue shinned and with her hair and make-up down, Tauriel felt like a goddess. As the other two women continued to admire her she put in a pair of delicate silver leaf earrings that completed her look.

“No one will even think about rejecting you in this, I am willing to bet on it.” Arwen told her as Éowyn agreed with her. Gratefully Tauriel looked at her friends and gave both a tight hug. As if on cue there was a knock on the door and Elladan appeared. His raven hair hung impeccably straight along his shoulders. He wore a three-piece tuxedo with a white shirt, silver vest and deep purple tie. His black jacket and pants fitted him perfectly. But his usual poker face was broken as he looked in amazement at Tauriel and she blushed at his wondrous grey eyes. Then he smiled and greeted his sister and Éowyn, before finally turning to Tauriel.
“You look wonderful.” He simply stated and she smiled and him.
“Thank you, you’re not looking too bad yourself.” Which made him smirk and he offered.
“Come on, mother and father are waiting downstairs.” She nodded and grabbed her purse, checking if she had everything. Arwen handed her, her shawl against the autumn chill and said her good byes.
“You’ll have an amazing time, I promise.” She said as Tauriel smiled, hugging Éowyn who gave her similar encouragement.
“You must tell us everything tomorrow!”
“I will! Thank you guys again.”
“Oh please, it’s fine, we had way too much with this. You enjoy it.”

Tauriel and Elladan walked from Arwen’s room but right before they turned the corner to the stairs they heard Arwen’s voice.
“And try to keep your hands of Kíli so much as possible!” and they laughed at the heavy blush spreading over Tauriel’s cheeks.

Downstairs in Rivendell’s impressive entrance hall stood Elrond and Celebrían. Elrond was dressed like his son, showing off the silver and purple Rivendell colours proudly. Celebrían looked radiant in her silver blue dress with long sleeves, with a diagonal cut across the shoulders, leaving one bare. The dress with embroidered with white gems and beads. Her white silver hair gave an ethereal glow, a trait inherited from her mother. She smiled ecstatically when she saw Tauriel and pulled the younger woman into a warm embrace.
“You look even more beautiful than last time darling. Come lets get you in the car, there’s quite a chill tonight.” With that the red head was whirled away and before she could comprehend it all they were driving towards the Erebor Estate, where the party was held.

She tried to withhold herself from wringing her hands together and playing with the rings on her long fingers. She felt so nervous and prayed that everyone would like her. Most of all she just wanted to be with Kíli right now. She had missed him for the past few days. The Mirkwood Estate was empty right now, Legolas seemed busy and she hardly saw him as if he was avoiding her. Thranduil was away on one of his business trips. She was thankful he was coming back tomorrow. His mood towards her seemed better these last couple of days he even seemed to have silently accepted her attachment to Kíli. Tauriel had no idea where this sudden change came from, but she happily welcomed it. Elladan who had reached over to squeeze her fiddling hand interrupted her thoughts. She looked up at him and he gave her encouraging smile, which she returned. If all else failed, at least she would have him and Kíli on her side, and with their support, she could get through anything.

More and more guests arrived at Erebor, all of them adding to the festive atmosphere around. Fíli and Kíli welcomed each one and led them through the large palace to the large hall at the back that they had assigned for the party. It gave access to the gardens in case people wanted the fresh autumn air and see the bright stars of the night. But what made the night especially special was the blood moon proudly displayed in the sky, which called for the celebration of Durin’s Day.

The party hall was decked out with tables for the guests leaving space for a dance floor that would be used later that night after a few ales had been spilled. Thorin together with Dís were in the hall to welcome the guests Fíli and Kíli brought and showed them happily to their seats, though most, especially kin stayed around to talk and catch up, all wishing Thorin a happy 65 birthday.

Both Fíli and Kíli wore identical tuxedos with shining black vests. Fíli’s tie was a deep red colour while Kíli was a dark blue that he prayed would match Tauriel’s dress. The brunet had been anxiously staring at the door sighing in disappointment every time someone else arrived. Fíli was finding it all extremely amusing. Arild had come along with him, decked out in a beautiful ruby red dress, her blonde curls tamed into a brilliant up-do. Her neck sparkled with the golden necklace Fíli had given her on their anniversary. She smiled happily, her brown eyes sparkling as she went to check up of the Durin brothers.

“Everything going alright boys?”
“Yeah,” Fíli answered her with a smile encircling her waist with his hand, “most guests should be here on time I reckon.”
“Kíli, where’s the girl we’re all dying to meet, your mother won’t stop talking about her to Thorin.” Kíli replied in a huff and Arild laughed.
“She’s not here yet and Kee will have a fit soon.” Fíli answered for his brother, his eyes twinkling with mirth, earning him a shove from his younger brother.

Right at that moment a sleek silver car appeared on the drive way and Kíli’s heart slammed in his throat. That could be her and he sucked in his breath in anticipation as the passenger door opened and a pair of golden heels came out. But before Kíli could see who it was, a man came to help the woman, his silver hair a dead give away. It was Celeborn and full of disappointment Kíli watched his wife Galadriel come out beside him dressed in a spectacular pale golden dress that was shot with silver beading, held together in her centre by a large shining clasp. Her golden hair glowed around her and her pale blue eyes found his.

“You are disappointed Kíli Durin.” She stated with an amused smile on her face as she and her husband came to greet them and Kíli felt his cheeks burn with embarrassment. He mentally kicked himself, he wasn’t allowed to nor could he afford to screw this up now, not for himself, not for Thorin, and especially not for Tauriel. So he pasted a winning smile on his handsome face. He took her slender hand and kissed it.
“Not at all Lady Galadriel. Allow me to escort you and Lord Celeborn to my uncle.” He replied and led the two elegant people through the house.
“It is great to see you again Kíli and a pleasure to meet your family.” Celeborn smiled at him.
“The same to you sir.” Kili smiled back. He then presented them the party hall where Thorin was waiting, looking majestic as ever.
With a nod Celeborn walked his way and his wife seemed to do the same until she gave Kíli one more look, gracing him with a dazzling smile of her own, and he could understand why she often had been presented as the most beautiful woman of Arda.
“My daughter and son-in-law should be arriving here soon.” She told him and glided away, highly amused, leaving Kíli with a shock expression on his face. He watched his uncle, decked out in his own tuxedo with midnight blue vest with silver tie and adorned by several Ereborian silver jewels, to greet the Lord and Lady of Lothlórien Estate. His normally wild and thick raven hair mane shit with grey, was gelled back neatly and tied into a low ponytail in his neck. Kíli smiled at his uncle’s content expression, it was clear he was enjoying himself.

Right as Kíli was about to return to the door himself he heard his brother run towards him happily with someone hastily bobbing behind him.
“Kíli, Bilbo is here!” His brother exclaimed and Kíli broke out into a huge grin. Behind Fíli the revered mister Bilbo Baggins appeared. Without a single thought Kíli ran up towards the small man and picked him up to hug him tight.
“Mr Boggins! How great to see you!” he cheered, using his old teasing name for the man, smiling widely at Bilbo, who smiled back looking overwhelmed by his welcome.
“Boys, boys, its been a while.” He said as Kíli lowered him back to the ground. He had a full head of brown curls, large dark blue eyes and a friendly face. He wore a dark blue dinner jacket, golden yellow vest with flower pattern and a light blue tie, all dressed up for a party. “That last time I saw you guys you were merely teenagers, and look at you now!” Bilbo exclaimed as he seized both young men up. “You’ve both grown so much.”
“I have, Fíli’s remained the same.” Kíli teased gaining him a shove from his brother. Bilbo laughed.
“You haven’t changed at all.” He said and then wrung his hands together looking at the party hall. “Now we’ll have the entire evening to catch up, I must go and congratulate your uncle.”

The brothers let their friend pass and happily watched as Bilbo walked over to Thorin. Thorin expression changed from happy to ecstatic when he saw his old friend appear.
“Bilbo Baggins!” His loud voice roared in happiness clasping him into a tight hug, which was quite out of character for the head of the Oakenshield Company, who only reserved such gestures for family or very close friends.

Thorin Durin and Bilbo Baggins knew each other from one of their travels. Their friendship initially started out a rocky one with their characters and values being completely at odds together. But as the years went by the two men formed a very close bond despite the ten-year age gap between them. For a while Bilbo had lived in Dale, helping Thorin with the business, especially dealing with some of the competitors such as Smaug Gold. During that time the academic Bilbo had taught at Dale University for a while. But he grew weary and wanted to acquire more knowledge. At Gandalf Grey urgings and Thorin’s disappointment Bilbo travelled to the Rivendell Estate where Elrond gave him access to the Rivendell libraries for his research. Several years back, Bilbo moved back to his hometown of Hobbiton by the Shire, and that had been the last time since anyone had seen Bilbo Baggins. But now people rejoiced at his return. The brother smiled at the fond expression Thorin gave Bilbo.
“It’s so great to see you again Thorin. All of you!” Bilbo said spreading his arms as to welcome every one. “I have someone with me who I’d like you all to meet.” And from behind him a small boy appeared who seemed no older than 12. He had Bilbo’s small build with a wild head of thick black curls. He looked up in wonder at Thorin with large pale blue eyes. “This is my nephew Frodo Baggins!” Bilbo introduced and on cue Thorin crouched down to the boys level.
“It’s an honour to meet you Mr Frodo Baggins.” He had smiled.
“It’s just Frodo sir.” The boy stammered, obviously slightly overwhelmed. Again Thorin cracked a smile and softly ruffled the boy’s hair.
“You can call me Thorin.” At this Fíli elbowed his brother.
“We have competition.” He whispered and Kíli grinned.
“He’s completely smitten!” then they laughed.

Suddenly the two eldest of Bombur many children appeared, spotting bright red hair like their father. With wide grins they took Frodo’s hand.
“Hey, you wanna come play?”
“Sure…” the shy Frodo replied before looking at Bilbo for permission, who nodded happily, not that it would have made a difference as the other two boys were in the process of dragging Frodo away. Bilbo seemed to sigh in relief.
“I am glad he can play here, he needs some distraction, he’s still going through a hard time right now.” And Thorin placed a hand on the small man’s shoulders in support. “My cousin Drogo and his wife Primula died two years ago in a boat accident and I adopted him as my own. He’s still coming to terms that he’ll never see them anymore. He blames himself sometimes, silly boy.”
“It’s understandable, it was hard for the boys as well when they lost their father.” Thorin told him and mentioned for his nephews to come over. Bilbo nodded but smiled at the brother.
“Yes, but look at them now, such fine young men, you must be very proud of them Thorin.” Thorin looked at them and smiled.
“I always am.” There wasn’t a higher compliment he could have given them.

Arild practically stormed into the hall breaking the magic.
“Are you two seriously leaving me alone at the door?” she asked her hands on his hips. With worried expressions Fíli and Kíli gave their excuses to Bilbo and their uncle and hurried back to their assigned posts, fearful of Arild’s wrath, leaving the rest laughing on their behalf.

Kíli was faster then his brother, reaching the door first but he stopped so suddenly that Fíli crashed straight into him, sending them both to the ground. Cursing Fíli tried to get back up dragging his brother with him.
“What the hell man? What was that for?” he all but shouted, but Kíli didn’t respond, instead continued to stare outside. Fíli followed his gaze. A silver Mercedes was parked outside with Elrond and his wife Celebrían having stepped out of it already. A man that the brothers assumed to be one of their sons was in the process of helping out the final passenger.

Silver strappy heals exited the car first and they firmly touched the ground. Elladan held out his hand and a slender one took it. Full of grace, a woman slipped out of the Mercedes. A long midnight blue dress hugged her slender feminine body and contrasted with her flaming her. A silver shawl that protected her from the cold shone like the stars in the sky above them. Her green eyes locked with Kíli and an amused smile formed on her lips.
“Tauriel…” Kíli muttered as if it was a question. Fíli looked over at his brother who looked like a love struck fool and he gave him a sharp jab in the ribs. This seemed to wake him up as he shook his head before looking at her again, now returning her smile. He walked over to her, took her hand from Elladan, who grinned, and kissed it.
“Welcome to Erebor,” he said with his warm brown eyes, that made Tauriel melt every time. “You look absolutely stunning.” He told her and a heavy blush formed on her cheeks.
“Thank you,” she breathed, “you’re looking handsome yourself.” And she gave him a wink. A small cough returned them to the present before they got lost in each other’s eyes. Quickly Kíli walked over to where Elrond, Celebrían, and Elladan where standing who had already greeted Fíli.
“Sorry,” he apologized as he shook their hands, “I am Kíli Durin. It is a pleasure to meet you.” Celebrían gave him an encouraging smile.
“It is great to finally meet you Kíli, Tauriel and especially Arwen, have told us so much about you.”
“Only good things I hope.” He joked as Tauriel came to stand beside him.
“Of course.” She told him before focusing her attention on Fíli. The blond smiled at her and gave her a kiss on the cheek when they greeted.
“Finally I see the girl that my brother is so obsessed about.” He grinned and she laughed.
“And I finally meet his better half.” She joked and Kíli groaned.
“Oh I see it’s going to be pick on Kíli night.” He grumbled prompting Tauriel to kiss his cheek.
“Of course!” She giggled and with a shake of his head, Kíli began to lead her inside holding her hand tightly in his.

While Lady Galadriel had already left quite an impression on the guests present they didn’t know what they had coming. As Kíli walked her into the hall a silence grew with fervent whispers filling the air as they gazed at their clasped hands. Many had of course heard rumours about one of the heirs of Thorin dating a child of Thranduil Greenwood. But of course hearing those rumours and seeing live confirmation was a completely different story. Most hadn’t been able to understand what could possibly attract Kíli Durin to someone affiliated to the Mirkwood Estate. But now gazing upon her star-like presence that mystery appeared to be solved… although she was quite slender and tall compared to the other Durin women. But probably the most convincing fact of all that showed that this wasn’t some practical joke that the young Durin was famous for, was the love that seemed to radiant between the two people. Only a blind fool wouldn’t be able to see that.

Dís happily clapped in her hands, which seemed to the break the hall out their trance and continue their festive activities and chatter. The mother made her way to her son and upon arrival immediately grabbed Tauriel’s hands and pulled her into a motherly hug.
“Oh it’s so great to finally meet you! Kíli has sheltered you away long enough.” Dís gushed happily and Tauriel looked at the small but sturdy woman in front of her. She had wild raven hair that like her brother was shot with strands of silver. Her piercing blue eyes that Fíli seemed to have inherited sparkled. All in all she and Thorin looked very much alike although Dís’ face was finer and more delicate and she radiated warmth unlike her brother’s stoic appearance.
“It’s an honour to finally meet you too Mrs Durin.” Tauriel told her and the woman laughed.
“Oh please,” she waved, “call me Dís, Mrs Durin makes me sound so old!” and Tauriel laughed looking sideways at Kíli who gave her a huge grin. But before he could pick up her hand again, Dís intervened and put Tauriel’s arm on her own.
“Come on, you’ve got plenty of people to meet.” She said as she meandered her way to Thorin. Kíli hurried after her.
“Uh mum… I can…”
“Nonsense, it’s your own fault for not bringing her around sooner.” Dís scolded him and Tauriel laughed at his sad expression. While there was no doubt Kíli had a rebellious streak, it was nothing Dís couldn’t handle. However she was rather grateful for having Kíli so close to her, who had promised to not leave her sight for the evening, especially as they got closer to Thorin. The man in question turned his brooding eyes their way as Bilbo stood beside him shifting his weight around with obvious glee.

Finally the two stood opposite each other. With her heels Tauriel had grown an extra few centimetres making her a full head taller than Thorin. But inside she felt so incredibly small as his ice blue eyes judged her. Nerves filled her body as she stuck out her hand hoping fervently that she wasn’t shaking.
“Tauriel Greenwood.” She said, relieved that her voice hadn’t cracked. Thorin shook her hand but didn’t break his eyes contact.
“Thorin Durin.” He said rather brusque.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you sir.” She hastily said and felt herself suck in her breath as she waited for his response, trying desperately not to show the fear in her eyes. She felt that the people around her had done the same. Precious seconds ticked by and Tauriel started to feel more and more awkward. Then suddenly his lip curled and the robust man in front of her broke into a grin. He gave her hand another shake.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you too Tauriel.” He said and Tauriel couldn’t resist her own smile of relief rise on her face.
“Thank you.” She said and was happy to feel Kíli’s hand in hers. He looked at her with utter happiness and similar relief. Thorin laughed at their expression
“I got you there.” He said grinning and his sister rolled her eyes.
“I will never understand your humour brother.”
“And I’d love to keep it that way,” he replied, “that makes it so much more fun for me.” And Dís gave him a playful shove. With Kíli’s mother and uncle’s approval, nothing seemed to be able to ruin their night.  

The night passed with great splendor. Tauriel enjoyed all the food that was presented to her, trying all the different types of Ereborian cuisine, most of them heavy meat dishes. She couldn’t resist stealing glances at Arwen’s family, who were all vegetarians. But they seemed to enjoy themselves nonetheless and were happily engaging in the party. They were especially enamoured by Balin and Bilbo who had taken it upon them to entertain the standing out guests.
Kíli and Fíli had been fantastic hosts and she felt extremely content among them. Arild, Fíli girlfriend, was very animated and told Tauriel tales of the brothers from when they were teenagers. She was also very helpful in explaining what everything on her plate and beyond represented.

Dinner made way for desserts and Kíli had a field day making her try all his favourite puddings, cakes, sweets until she feared she but burst out of her dress. At this commented Kíli replied that, that would be a shame for the dress she was wearing looked fabulous, something he mentioned often throughout the evening. But, he added when the rest was distracted, he was sure she would look beautiful without it as well, if not more so. He gave her a playful wink and she, though very much flattered, attempt to hide her blush by drinking her champagne.

More and more ales seemed to pop up everywhere as people had, had their fill of sweets. It didn’t take long for the background music to play louder and the make shift dance floor to fill up by guests dancing, although Tauriel wasn’t exactly sure if she could call all of it dancing. At first the music was elegant and Kíli surprised her by effortlessly gliding her along the dance floor.

“You never told me you could dance like this too.” She told him and he grinned remembering their first date, when he had dance with her at a club.
“Mum went through this phase where she wanted Fíli and I to be able to dance. I think we were still in our awkward teens and hated every minute of it, but I guess it did pay off.” And Tauriel laughed.
“It definitely did!”
“Am I impressing you milady?” He teased.
“Aren’t you always?” She replied and he laughed, pulling her closer to him so he could give her a swift kiss.
“Did you ever learn to dance?” He asked and she nodded.
“Yes, but not like this, it’s a different type of dancing, very popular in our circles.” He raised his eyebrows in curiosity.
“What’s it like?”
“If difficult to explain, it’s kind of like tap dance up not really. We call it Riverdance.” She explained and he smiled.
“Can you show me?”
“Not right now, especially not in this dress. But I will show you show time when you come over and meet my friends, we all learned. Actually Elladan can dance it too.” At the mention of her friend his face fell slightly and she noticed instantly. “What’s wrong?”
“Are you and Elladan very close?” He asked softly as if embarrassed by his own question and Tauriel laughed.
“Oh dear, you’re not jealous are you?”
“Maybe,” he challenged, “it’s sometimes just weird to think that there are people who have known you for so much longer than I have and who have shaped your life.” He said stealing a glance at Elrond’s tall handsome son, who was currently the centre of attention by most of the female in the hall.
“Elladan is a brother to me, we are very close but that’s also because he saw me grown up, there’s ten years between us. But I understand you Kíli, and I feel the same. Hearing Arild and your mother talk about you and your brother makes me almost feel sad to not have known you then, to share those experiences with you.” At her response Kíli smiled and twirled her around before firmly pressing her against him.
“Then we should focus on the shared experiences we are making now.” He murmured huskily into her ear. She grinned at him slightly flushed and kissed him.

The night went on with more alcohol and less proper dancing. Tauriel felt as if she slowly but surely started to enter a pub. Celeborn and Galadriel had taken their leave already and Elrond, Celebrían, and Elladan were about to do the same. But Tauriel was enjoying herself far too much to leave yet, and there was no way Kíli was going to let her leave yet anyway. So she said her good byes and told them to tell Arwen that she would call her the following day. She laughed as several women looked heart broken by Elladan’s leave, while the men seemed to look hopeful at his removal, though they were disappointed to discover that Elladan had left a lasting impression that no other man could compete with at least for tonight.

To escape the heat and the ever-losing control party, the two young lovers went outside where they admired the stars and fire moon. Kíli wrapped his arms around her waist as they looked up.
“Have I told you yet how beautiful you look and how lucky I am to have you?” he asked her softly as he nuzzled his face in her neck, enjoying the sound of her giggle.
“Hmmm, I don’t think you have yet.” She replied laughing and he joined.
“Well then Tauriel,” he whispered as he placed a kiss in her neck, “you are, the most beautiful creature I have ever beheld.” He muttered between kisses going down to her collarbone and Tauriel felt herself shiver in delight, butterflies spreading through her body. She turned around to face her, her own love, lust, and happiness reflected in his eyes.
“You’re very poetic tonight.” She told him as she kissed his jawline.
“That’s what happens when you find you’re muse.” He told her and she smiled against his skin. They looked at each other before crashing their lips together in a hungry kiss, her fingers travelling through his hair. After several minutes they broke apart for breath, their cheeks flushed, but their eyes were no less intense.
“Let’s go home.” He said and with a nod she wordlessly agreed.

They made their way through quick good byes and promises for meetings in the near future. Dís hugged her son and Tauriel tight as they gathered their belonging and invited them over for dinner in the next few days. Tauriel happily accepted the invitation, seeing in Dís a similar motherly figure that Celebrían had provide for her. But the couple couldn’t get through the pleasantries fast enough and where relieved when they were finally in Kíli’s car as he speed home.

Once they reached his apartment he had tried to calm himself down, but as he helped her out of the car he saw it was useless. There was currently one thing on his mind and that was getting her out of that dress. It had teased him the entire night, and Kíli, who prided himself at his self-control, had been finding it difficult to do exactly that, especially when she was looking at his suit with the same expression.

They had just entered the room and he closed the door when their kissing from the gardens resumed. He thought back on their night in Dale when he had taken her to the hill to see the stars. Those passion filled kisses had come back with even more need. As her hands found their way back into his hair he set himself the task of releasing hers from its bounds. Pin by pin did Éowyn’s creation fall apart, falling a waving strands over her shoulder. How he loved her hair. He carefully removed her earrings afraid they might get tangled up while she worked on his tie.

Somewhere between his door and bedroom he’d lost his jacket and vest, while her shawl lay in a pile of the floor.

Reaching his bed he unceremoniously sat down on it and turned her around. With nimble fingers he found the hidden zipper and slowly pulled it down. Then he stood up again, loosening the halter of the dress, before sliding it off her. He turned her back to him. She was wearing an amused smile as he admired her body. Her fingers glided over the buttons of his shirt loosening them before he impatiently tried to shrug it off. Freed, her hands explored his broad chest, softly playing with the dark hairs that lay on it. He kissed her, moving down her neck to her collarbone, nibbling at her flesh as he went along, marking her as his. Within their dance of passion, he’d lost his pants and they lay together on his bed, an entanglement of limbs.

“Kíli.” She breathed against his warm skin, holding him by his strong shoulders and he stopped what he was doing.
“Yeah?” he asked, his intense eyes on her and she swallowed her nerves away.
“I haven’t… I have never… God, I am still a virgin.” She told him, her cheeks colouring at red as her hair and she turned her head away from him, scared of his reaction. Then she heard him chuckle.
“Why?” he asked her softly, reaching out to stroke her face. “I am not going to lie, I am surprised.”
“I just never found the right person.” She told him, before trying to cover her face. ‘It’s stupid.” She muttered. Kíli’s hands found her and pulled them away from her face.
“Why are you embarrassed?”
“I don’t know, I guess because everyone expects me not to be.” Kíli’s eyebrows furrowed together.
“But that shouldn’t be embarrassing, I think it’s anything but.” Her head snapped back to him.
“Isn’t it?” she asked rather harshly but Kíli smiled at her and kissed her cheek.
“Nope, not at all. In fact…” and he rose a bit, looking her deeply in the eyes. “Do you want to do this, because I don’t want you doing anything you don’t want to do? I can and will wait until whenever you feel you’re ready.” At that she smiled.
“But I am ready, I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t.” and Kíli smiled.
“Well in that case I am very honoured milady.” And she smacked him. “Ouch! What was that for?”
“Don’t be cheesy.” She told him and he laughed.
“You should know by now that cheesy is my middle name.” and he kissed cheek again.
“You’re a fool.” She laughed and he grinned at her.
“But a cheesy fool.”
“I love you.”
“I love you too.”

With one final look of confirmation, Kíli hands slid down her body, leaving shivers of pleasure down her spine. At first his touch and kisses were hesitant, asking for permission but when she responded with vigorous need of her own he complied and soon they were lost within each other. Every stroke and kiss led them further into a spiral of blissful passion, claiming each other as theirs and bonding together, creating memories to last them a lifetime.

Time passed what felt like days when they finally came to rest in each other’s arms. They were grinning to each other like fools as Kíli covered them with him blankets. He reached forward and softly kissed her on her freckle-covered nose.
“Amrâlimê.” He told her and she laughed.
“You still haven’t told me what that means yet.” She told him, giving him her best pout face and he laughed, kissing her again.
“It means ‘my love’.”
“It sounds beautiful.” She said.
“As it should, you better get used to it.”
“Oh, how so?” she asked and cheekily raised an eyebrow at him.
“Because I am going to be calling you that very often from now on.” He told her and she kissed him.
“Sounds lovely.” And with that they cuddled up together ready for sleep to take them.

As she started to fall asleep in Kíli’s warm and strong arms, she hoped Legolas wouldn’t be too worried at her not returning home for the night. Either way, she would explain everything tomorrow.
Shooting Starlight Ch.11 Thorin's Birthday
Eleventh chapter in my fanfic that mixes The Hobbit and LOTR characters and puts them in a modern (AU) setting.
This is a very long chapter, but I didn't have the heart to break it down into too, so a long read, but hope you enjoy it.

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“Do you have everything?”
“Yes, it’s all packed. The rest will be there at the camps and hospitals.”
“When will you leave?”
“Tomorrow morning, quite early I am afraid. I have to be on time to catch my flight. I am going to the airport by train, to make it easier.”
“Please what?”
“Please don’t go!”
“No, please! I beg you!”
“Arwen my love, try to understand, I have to go.”
“No you don’t, you think you have to go, nobody else thinks that, I don’t think that.”
“Arwen…” Aragorn reached out to her, holding her hand and pulling her close. His grey blue eyes met her tearing ocean ones.
“Is there really nothing I can do to stop you?”
“I am afraid not. I know this is hard for you, it is hard for me too, but it’s my duty.”
“It’s not your duty. Did Denethor ask you to go or Faramir?”
“No they didn’t.”
“Then why Aragorn, why?”
“I promised him myself.” Arwen took a step back in shock.
“What?” She asked, her voice high and Aragorn sighed.
“When Boromir left, he seemed weary and tired, but he wanted to fulfil his mission. I told him that if anything would happen I would take over for him. Of course I hadn’t expected that would actually happen, and definitely not because of this death.” He paused for a second, running a hand through his long waving raven hair. He so hoped she would understand that he had to go through with his promise, his gut told him to do so. But he understood her anger and sadness. He felt it as well, and normally he would do anything to be able to stay with her, if only to see her. But things were different and he wanted to part with her in a good way, to make their separation tolerable. He reached behind his neck unfastening the necklace he wore and handed the pendant to her. She looked at him a shock.

“What are you doing?” She breathed, her eyes wide as she saw the shining jewel in his open hand. She had given it to him several years before as a token of her love for him and for luck. Her heart broke at the sight of it in his hand.
“Take it back.”
“I am afraid I might lose it, and it’s too precious to me for that.” She looked at him, stubbornness flooding her eyes. She reached for his hand and closed his fingers around the jewel.
“It was my gift to you. Keep it, you need it more than I do.”
“Arwen…” he started is eyes sad. “If I don’t come back, promise me…”
“I will promise you nothing!”
“Arwen, there’s a chance that…”
“I don’t want to hear it! You will come back, don’t you dare think of it otherwise.”
“I am trying to be realistic here, I don’t want to cause you pain.”
“Well it’s too late for that now Aragorn Strider! You, we, knew from the start that our relationship would be a difficult one, but we have managed this far, and we will manage it further. You cannot expect me to now turn away. Whatever happens I will always love you, and you can’t make me do otherwise!”
“You don’t understand, I do love you, more than anything, you know that, but I…”
“But you what?”
“Your father…”
“I don’t care what my father has to say about this, I want to stay with you!”

“Arwen!” the voice of her father flooded the room. Arwen turned around to look her father’s tall strong frame, his long dark brown hair flowing over his shoulders. One usually didn’t have to question the love Elrond felt for his youngest child and daughter for it was plain for everyone to see. But right now his stormy blue grey eyes were set hard, with the determined look to reason with his daughter.
“Ada please! Don’t encourage him to go! He’s like a son to you! Would you let Elladan or Elrohir go too?”
“As much as it pains me, Aragorn is free to choose his own path, just as all my children. I might not agree with everything but I want to support them…”
“Support? Are you suggesting him to give me up? Is that supporting?”
“Arwen!” Elrond raised his voice and within seconds Celebrían appeared, cautiously watching in the background. “I don’t want to hurt either of you and as you should know by now, I, we, support you both.”
“But with Boromir’s death we have to be prepared for everything, even you, my child. We’ve been living in a dream, in a world where nothing can hurt us, but it’s time to see the reality.” Tears streamed down Arwen’s face, breaking the hearts of all in the room and her mother stretched out her hand to her to comfort her baby. But Arwen did move, instead her eyes were hard set on something in the distant, and they could see a battle raging in her head. After several minute she turned herself back to Aragorn, who looked at her sad but lovingly with his silver blue eyes.

Without any second thought or concern of her parents being so near she kissed him full force. Aragorn moved in surprise before engulfing her with his strong arms, returning her passionate embrace. Celebrían smiled softly and amusingly dragged her shocked husband out of the room to give the two the privacy they deserved.

The rest of the night and day Arwen and Aragorn fed of each other passions, savouring every kiss, every stroke, every shiver, and every smile like it could be their last. The night was late when they lay together under the heavy covers, tangled together, her raven hair spilling around them. Her head was on his chest and she delicately played with some of him dark chest hair, while his stroked her face and hair. They didn’t have to say anything, and there was nothing more to be said. Aragorn had decided and Arwen reluctantly accepted. Now the only thing that matter of them together like time was standing still.

“Arwen?” He murmured in his deep voice.
“Would you ever want kids?” and she giggled against him her hand travelling to his and she softly started to play with his finger, tracing his palm.
“Yes, I would. Would you?”
“Yes, of course.” Then he laughed and she shifted to look at him questioningly. “I was just thinking, mother would force if I wouldn’t want them.” And Arwen laughed with him, being able to picture a distressed Gilraen demanding grandchildren. She kissed him.
“How many would you want?” She asked cheekily and he laughed, rising an eyebrow.
“That would depend on what you wanted my darling.”
“How so very considerate of you.”
“I always am.” He said smirking with a twinkling in his eye but she didn’t respond the way he’d hoped, instead she rolled away from him.
“Not always.” She said and Aragorn sighed and then hugged her nuzzling his face in her neck. His hand traced her body until he found her hand and interlaced his fingers with hers.
“Maybe not now but,” he said and then turned her around to face him. “But I want to make sure you live in a safe world, and that our children, no matter how many, can grow up in a peaceful and happy one.” His eyes bored into hers and after a while she looked away, threading her fingers through his dark mane. Then she gave him a small smile, the smile he had wanted to see on her lips for so long.

“You are a very noble man Aragorn Strider.”

“Only for you, my beautiful Evenstar.”  

In the Mirkwood Estate Thranduil was sitting in his favourite chair by the large fireplace, a full glass of red wine in his hand. He swirled the liquid around, his thoughts elsewhere. He was in fact waiting for a moment to come, a moment that he so desperately dreaded but knew it was going to come eventually. He eyed Lemaril’s portrait, looking into her bright eyes that were unknowing and still lived with happiness. He clenched his hand around his glass. He carried a large secret and burden with him these past few years. Elrond was the only one who knew and had advised him to tell, hoping it would aid his recovery, but it just never seemed the right time, and so he carried it. If Thranduil had a choice he’d carry it into his grave.

His musing as interrupted by footsteps descending down the stairs. You could hear a lot by the walk people walked. Thranduil had perfected this observation technique so that he knew what his clients were up to without them telling him themselves. These footsteps he knew were the ones he’d been dreading to hear this entire time. He took a swing of wine as Legolas appeared in the living room. He looked at his son, the jewel of his life, his little green leaf. People were quick to say that Legolas was his mirror, but they were wrong. If one looked at the young man closely they would see that the only thing his son got from him were his blue eyes and darker eyes brows. His face was softer with his mother’s mouth and cheekbones. His golden locks were just like hers just like his smile and even his ice blue eyes seemed to still emit the same brightness as her grey ones had done.

Thranduil put his glass done and opened his arms, mentioning for Legolas to sit next to him. He reached for the empty glass beside him and filled it too with wine before handing it to his son. He picked up his own again and looking at each other they clinked their glasses together.
“To your health father.” Legolas said.
“To your life, my son.” Thranduil replied and they drank.

Several minutes they spend in each other’s company in silence before Legolas spoke up.
“You know why I am here.” He said; it was more of a statement then a question.
“I do.” His father confirmed and Legolas spend some tension leave him. At least he wouldn’t have to break the difficult news. He looked at his wine.
“You’re not going to stop me?” And Thranduil sighed.
“I could and I would very much like to, but I know it won’t make a difference, you’ll go regardless.” Legolas gave him a small smile.
“That stubbornness you gave me.”
“Yes, unfortunately.” Legolas put his glass down and reached for his fathers arm, looking at him intensely. It was at times like these that he could see his father was getting older, age reflected in his eyes.
“You know I can’t let him go there alone. I have turned down the offers up until now but with Aragorn going, I want to know what is happening there. There’s a severe lack of journalist on the ground.”
“That’s not very surprising now is it?”
“No, but perhaps that makes me even more eager to go.”
“Yes, I can understand that, war tends to excite people.” Thranduil said bitterly but quickly recovered himself. “Legolas, if you want to go, then I won’t stop you. When do you plan to leave?”
“Aragorn leaves tomorrow morning, I will follow him four days later.”
“The 22nd of October?”
“On Thorin Durin’s birthday.” And Legolas chuckled.
“It appears so. How do you remember that?” and Thranduil smiled lightly.
“I am very good at remembering those things, especially that date.”
“And why if that one so special?”
“I always make sure I am gone that day so that I have an excuse to refuse a possible invitation.” Legolas raised his eyebrows in surprise.
“Would Thorin send you an invitation?”
“Oh no, but Mr Grey as pleaded for me to attend, he thinks he might mend the ties.” And then Thranduil scoffed at the idea. “Ridiculous.” He muttered and his son laughed.
“And so you travel every year just because of that.” And Thranduil smirked.
“It’s a ugly truth.” He then turned serious, his eyes sad. “That means Legolas, that I won’t be able to see you off Sunday because I leave tomorrow morning as well.”
“Where will you go?”
“Somewhere far away enough.” Thranduil answered mysteriously.

Legolas nodded in acceptance and finished his wine in a few quick swallows; he then turned back to his father.
“Then I guess I will say my goodbyes to you now.” His father smiled as they both stood up and embraced each other tightly.
“Not goodbyes my son, but good luck.” As they separated he held his son’s face in his hands.
“Travel safety.” He whispered.
“I will.”
“Do your best.”
“Of course.”
“And come back to me alive.” With that Legolas looked his father in the eyes with a determined look.
“I promise.”

Thranduil released his face, moving his hands to Legolas’ shoulders a gripped them firmly.
“I want you to know that I am proud of you.” His voice croaked, but he didn’t feel any embarrassment and tears filled his son’s eyes.
“Thank you Ada.”
The men hugged each other once more before letting go. Legolas walked over to his mother’s portrait to take his leave of her too. Thranduil walked up to stand beside him. He didn’t look at his son when he spoke.
“Legolas, your mother loved you, more than anyone, more than life…”
Legolas looked at him, both sharing a look filled with grief and understanding. Then the young man turned back towards the stairs he’d come from but right before he went up he turned to his father once more.
“Don’t tell Tauriel I am leaving. I want to spare her the pain of my departure.” Thranduil nodded.
“A wise decision.”
“But will you be there for her when she does find out?”
“Of course, I am always there for her, even when she doesn’t realized it.” And Legolas smiled.
“She’s reckless.”
“She is indeed.” Thranduil returned the smile.

Legolas gave him one last look.
“Good bye father.”
“Good luck my son.” And with that Legolas turned and walked away, not seeing his father close his eyes in pain, taking a deep shivering breath.
The sky was slowly darkening after a brilliant blood red sunset. Normally this would have been moments treasured, people is awe with nature’s beauty. But today it left Tauriel cold. She was unfeeling and emotionless after a draining day. Life was unfair. How was it possible that she had been having great fun and love filled weeks, while others were fighting for their very lives? While some had fought the battle between life and death… and lost…

“Here.” She looked up at the steaming mug of tea Kíli held out to her. Gratefully she took it, giving him a watery smile and refocused her attention on the horizon through the windows of his apartment.
“Tell me if you need something else alright?” he asked, concern lining his voice.
“Tea is fine, thank you Kíli.”
“I have some whisky for later. It’s Durin’s Whiskey, which is the best of all. You’re gonna need something stronger than tea to get you through tonight.”
“Yeah I guess…” Kíli sat himself beside her on the couch, pulling her against him. He stayed silent, as he had done for the most part that evening, which Tauriel liked. Talking was useless right now, but she enjoyed his physical support. He understood her process of grief, which was one of the reasons she had called him after the funeral that afternoon.

His body had arrived two days after they received the shocking news. A day later all the arrangements were made and several hours ago, he was lowered into his freshly dug grave. Everything had passed in a blur: the speeches, the goodbyes, the blessings, and especially the tears. Tears had been everywhere, showing the sadness of the event, the injustice, the cruelty, and the loss of some so strong and helpful, who had always stuck to his morals. He had been brave and selfless to try and help the people in need without a thought of his own safety and life. He would be remembered as a honourable man, a great son, lovingly brother, and wonderful friend, because that was everything Boromir Gondor had been.

Tauriel clenched her fists as she wrapped herself tighter in Kíli’s arms. She couldn’t bear thinking about Faramir and Éowyn and the suffering they were going through right now. So close to their wedding, the wedding Boromir had actively helped plan and had been deliriously excited for. Why had fate been so cruel to not allow him to experience that moment of happiness that he had so desperately wanted for his younger brother? But this loss wasn’t the only tragedy.

With the news of his oldest and favourite son’s death, Denethor Gondor had fallen into a severe depression, blaming everyone, especially Faramir for his loss. Tensions and emotions were running very high creating an extremely unpleasant atmosphere. Éowyn and Faramir had decided to postpone their wedding into the unknown future, and Aragorn had become so upset by his friend’s passing, that he had decided against everyone’s wishes to volunteer for Boromir’s place. Part of him was feeling incredibly guilty and he had the irrational idea that if he had been there too, Boromir would still be alive, which of course was completely absurd. But it didn’t matter how much Arwen or anyone else begged, Aragorn’s mind was made up and he would depart to Mordor next week.

Tauriel couldn’t bear all the negative and sad emotions after the funeral and called Kíli, who came to her saving. Within half an hour he’d picked her up and driven her to his place. There he’d sat her down with a box of tissues as he went to prepare dinner. Tauriel hadn’t been able to stand the sight nor smell of food the past few days, but Kíli’s curry had tempted her to eat at least a little bit. That had been an hour ago. Now with the steaming mug of tea in her hand and Kíli softly stroking her hair, she finally started to relax, letting the emotions come out of her, even in the form of tears.

“Thanks.” She told him, feeling incredibly grateful for his support while at the same time feeling sad that she needed him instead of her friends. But every one of her friends was dealing with the loss in their own way and being near Arwen or Éowyn only made her feel worse. Kíli however wasn’t in mourning and was able to give her the positive energy and care she needed.
“No worries love.” He replied and kissed her temple. “I am always there for you.” And she smiled.

“How’s Faramir holding up?” He asked.
“He’s barely, he’s completely devastated. If it weren’t for Éowyn, who knows what he’d do. He’s got no one to turn to now that his father has gone mad.”
“I can imagine. If anything happened to Fíli…” Kíli fell silent for a bit and Tauriel could see the intense pain in his eyes just imagining the situation. She squeezed his hand.
“Fíli and I are so close, as children we were inseparable, and even now, I need to see him at least once a week, just to make sure he’s fine, even though he’s the responsible one and always takes care of me. If he would be gone… life would seem pointless.” He looked at her and then grinned. “Of course, now that I know you I’ll be able to get through. But if you’d asked me a few months ago, I’d probably have followed him into his grave.”
“Well I am glad I can be of some service.” And Kíli laughed.
“I am sorry love, that sounded terrible for you.”
“No I understand. Well maybe not completely, I’ve never had an actual blood sibling. I mean, Legolas and I grew up together and if he were to be in trouble, it would hurt me terribly, incredibly. But we were never full siblings; I think it’s different. I always wanted to have a brother or sister, even a twin, always thought it’d be cool to have a twin. But now… I don’t think I want that anymore…”
“Why not?”
“Because it makes you vulnerable. My parents are dead and I don’t have any close relatives… I can’t be hurt like that anymore.” Kíli looked at her quizzically.
“But aren’t your friends your family now? How would you feel if I left?” The second he said that she tightened her hold of him and stared deeply into his eyes, almost furiously.
“Don’t you dare!” He softly caressed her cheek.
“I wouldn’t want to love, but what if?” Tauriel was silent for a moment.
“I’d be devastated. It’s one of the reasons why I didn’t let anyone into my life. Arwen was right when she accused me of being afraid. I am afraid of love. I’ve seen it hurt so many times that it’s become scary to me.” Kíli looked at her and smiled before giving her a kiss.
“And how are you feeling about love now?”
“I am still afraid,” she told him honestly, “but I am also seeing the amazing sides of love that I tried to keep out and that, you, gives me courage.”
“I am glad to hear that.” He said and got up. “I am getting the whiskey.” He poured both of them a generous amount. They clinked their glasses together filled with the golden brown liquid.
“To Boromir.” She said.
“To Life.” He replied.

As they drank they listened to the jazz music Kíli had put on that played softly in the background.
“Did you hear anything from your cousin Gimli?” She asked.
“He’s alive and doing fine apparently. Of course everyone is still in shock. He was close to the hospital when it was bombed. Found it utterly barbaric of course. Made him feel quite useless. He’s there to try and protect people. It’s supposed to be his blood, not that of patients and doctors, that should be spilled. These are his words by the way, not mine. But I can understand where he’s coming from.”
“Will he be here next week?”
“He doesn’t know yet so I guess it will be a surprise for all of us on the day itself.” Kíli smiled at her, pulling her closer to his strong broad chest. “I am glad you’ll be there though.” And she smiled back at him.
“I am glad as well. I can’t wait to meet your family. Actually, since you and your brother are so close, I am surprised I haven’t met him yet.” And he laughed.
“Honestly, I don’t really know why. He’s quite a busy guys and you’re schedules tend to clash. But I guess I am also just looking for the right moment to show off such a beautiful gem as yourself.” He said winking and she laughed.
“Gosh, you’re so poetic.”
“I have more, would you like to hear it?”
“Haha I bet, and I’d love to hear more, but maybe another time.”
“Don’t worry, I won’t bother you with them now, they still need polishing.”

They fell back into a comfortable silence, both sipping their whiskey as the night grew dark. The alcohol and the warmth of his body were beginning to make her drowsy, which surprised Tauriel. She’d hardly slept these past few days, but being tired was a welcomed change. Kíli noticed and gallantly offered her his bedroom, being perfectly happy to sleep on the couch. But she knew she wouldn’t be able to sleep once he was gone. Thus he lent her his sweatpants and a t-shirt and they snuggled up together in his soft bed. Within minutes Tauriel was sound asleep beside him. He felt relieved. He hated seeing her so upset. She was tired and weak and he’d do anything to make her feel better. Right before he himself drifted off, he had an idea how he could cheer her up…

Sunshine shone through a crack in the curtains into of the windows awakening Tauriel to the light and the soft chirping of birds. She kept her eyes closed, trying to enjoy the last few moments of rest. She had been exhausted and had slept dreamlessly that night. Kíli and his bed had been very comfortable to sleep with though she blushed at the thought. Lazily she stretched her arm to his side of the bed, but after a few pats she discovered that his side was empty and had gone cold. Feeling a wave of terror go through her, her eyes shot open. With terrified eyes Tauriel saw that indeed her hands hadn’t misled her, Kíli wasn’t in bed anymore.

“Kíli…” she muttered rather loudly, feeling completely silly as she said it. Why wouldn’t he have been awake and left the bed. She couldn’t expect him to lie there all there and try to comfort her pathetic self. What time was it anyway? But just as she wanted to check the time there was a knock on the door and Kíli poked his handsome but adorable face into the room.

“Well good morning darling, or rather good afternoon! I wondered when you’d wake up. Did you sleep well?”
“I… yes I did, thank you. Wait, good afternoon?” and Kíli chuckled.
“It’s almost two.”
“What! Oh god, everyone must wonder where I am and I’ve waste most of your day. Why didn’t you wake me?” Tauriel felt horrified and even more so when I blush crept up her cheeks. She was normally out and about very early. She felt so silly. But Kíli apparently found it all very amusing and strode over to her, planting a solid kiss on her lips.
“First of all, they know where you are, so no need to worry. Secondly, you haven’t wasted any of my time you would never be able to. And finally I didn’t wake you, because you needed the sleep.” She looked into his warm brown eyes and he gave her one of his puppy winning smiles. She lifted her head and kissed him back.
“Thanks Kíli.”
“No worries love. Now you must get up though, I am gonna make some lunch while you shower.” Tauriel laughed.
“And what’s the hurry now?”
“Apart from the fact I am starving, I’ve got something fun planned, or at least I’ll hope you find it fun, something to take your mind of things. So hurry.” He said and she gave him a quick kiss before disappearing into the bathroom.

As she showered and dried off the smell of something delicious drifted from the kitchen and she was pleasantly surprised when she saw Kíli baking pancakes.
“Oh yummy! You always know what makes me happy.” She told him as she took a seat and he placed a pancake in front of her.
“I try milady.”

The mood was relaxed and happy as she ate her pancakes with jam and some powder sugar, while he enjoyed his with bacon and some with syrup. He kept joking around and generally making a fool of himself to keep her mind off the unpleasant events of the past few days.

“So what had you planned to do?” Tauriel asked him. She wasn’t very good with surprises, but Kíli knew this and enjoyed teasing her too much, just like now.
“You’ll see.” He told her.

She kept questioning him, even when he drove them by bike. But slowly she started to recognize her surroundings. They were passing the Lothlórien Forest.
“Kíli, are we going where I think we’re going?”
“Maybe.” He laughed. Not soon after they arrived and Tauriel smiled happily, the entrance of the Lothlórien Shooting Academy gleaming at her invitingly. Kíli went over to her and held her hand.
“I figured this might take your mind off things. Celeborn told me we could use the Outer Pass today.”
“You’re amazing, really.” She told him but then looked down at her jeans and sweater. “But I am not sure I can move properly in these clothes.”
“Don’t worry,” He replied happily, holding up the bag he brought with him. “I’ve got everything covered.” He showed her the contents and she gasped, taking out her casual training clothes.
“How did you get these?” and he grinned secretively, obviously very pleased with himself.
“While you were still asleep I went over to your place and asked for these. Honestly I was surprised, I had expected that I would have to climb through a window or something, but your father opened up and he was quite helpful actually.” Kíli was still slightly shocked by Thranduil’s cooperative behaviour. As far as he knew, the man wasn’t very fond of him, and that was an understatement.
“He has his good days. He knows how upset Boromir’s death made me, so I guess he’s just happy you’re trying to make me feel better. Archery generally does make me feel better.” Tauriel said, slightly shocked but also very pleased with her father’s reaction, she would thank him for that later.
“Anyway, I am just happy it went smoothly. I didn’t know how long you would sleep and I didn’t want you to wake up with me gone.”
“You’re sweet.” Tauriel smiled at him and hand in hand they walked into the academy.

They quickly changed and went up to get their bows and arrows. As they tested their bows, Celeborn came up to greet them. His silver grey eyes that matched his hair, making him look so very unique, were sympathetic and he took his time giving his condolences. He also expressed his worries. He detested the war going on, especially with his wife so involved in trying to resolve peace, which at time endangered her life. But especially now that his immediate family was affected and his granddaughter’s boyfriend had decided to go to the warzone, the man grew even more anxious.  
“It is difficult to digest such a horrible loss so close to our hearts. Boromir is a reminder to all of us of the horrors that happen to many families every single day. At least we can say he died in honour while following his heart. I found the funeral proceedings were done very well yesterday, but let us hope it will be the last one we will have to attend in such a manner.”
“Have you talked to Aragorn?” Tauriel asked and the man nodded his head with weary eyes.
“Yes I have, just like all of us, but to no avail. The terrible thing is, is that I understand his actions. As much as I don’t want him to go, I do understand. I have lost kin and friends during war and I would be lying if I told you that some of my missions I choose weren’t only to revenge their lives and finish what they started.” Kíli saw the sorrow and memories across Celeborn’s face, but they passed over quickly and his teacher put a hand on Tauriel’s shoulder.
“But enough about sorrows, life goes on. Enjoy your shooting, I have always found it helps with recovery.” Then the Lothlórien Lord smiled and left them to themselves.

Kíli and Tauriel choose the Outer Pass, the one that lay the furthest away from the Academy and was the most wild, running through the thick and dense forest. The targets placed were small and generally quite while hidden by the branches and leaves. But the two archers didn’t really mind the targets; rather they were here for fun, shooting anything they saw fit. They were running wildly, chasing each other and having a competition, seeing who could shoot the best, making up the targets as they came along. It had been Tauriel’s idea. Once they set a few steps into the woods she had eyed Kíli in a playful and cheeky manner. Just her smile had said enough and they started to run, douching branches and trying to stay on the indicated path of fallen leaves.

Tauriel was leading currently, which wasn’t that much of a surprise. She was taller, thinner, and far more agile than Kíli. But while she rushed through, adrenaline pulsing through her, Kíli took his time and his shots tended to be a bit more accurate than hers. But neither of them really paid attention to where exactly their arrows landed, it was all about the play. Tauriel’s mind, much to Kíli’s relief, seemed to currently only involve the forest, bow and arrows, and him. That was at least until they reached up of the streams running through the trees. They were forced to stop and catch their breath. He looked at her, her chest moving up and down fast as she breathed heavily, her eyes were fixated on the other side. He moved closer to her and touched her arm and she wiped her head around to face him.
“Perhaps we should take a break, we’ve been at it for a while and you look tired.” He gave her a smile but she shook her head. Parts of her flaming hair had slipped out of their braided restraints giving her a dishevelled appearance while her eyes were wide and wild.
“No, I have to continue.” She stated and before he could say anything she rushed off, leaping over the stream with her long legs and continuing her run. It took him a few seconds to realise what happened, before Kíli turned to her and called out.
“Tauriel! Wait!” and rushed after her.

But his love didn’t hear him and quickened her pace, shooting as she went. It was an exhilarating feeling, and with every arrow she shoot, it seemed as if more of her pain and emotions seemed to leave her body, making her feel satisfied. They had long since left the assigned path and movement had become more restricted, but that only seemed to fuel her more. She wanted to go faster, deeper, away from everything. Trees became denser, casting darkness over the forest, making it harder to see, and she started to trip more often. Kíli’s calls and footsteps were gone and it seemed as if she was there alone. She went further and further, leaping and jumping until as she landed her foot catch with an sticking out root and she landed flat on the ground. Grinning to herself she stood up, brushing of the dirt from her clothes. Her grinning turned into laughter, and she looked at the trees she started to imagine a battlefield. She was surrounded by enemies who tried to obscure her path. Her laughter turned into sobbing, her breath hitching in her throat and a wave of fear washed over her. This change of sudden emotion seemed to activate her senses and her ears started to pick up all sorts of sounds. The drumming of footsteps, cracks and cries and her heart pounded in her chest. Her body told her to run and so she did, through the rows of dark clad enemies. She had to fight them, just like Boromir had, but she also had to flee. Fleeing away from the arrows, the guns and the bombs. The darkness started to get stronger, like someone who was losing their life. Had Boromir felt that way? Had he seen the light slip away from him? He must have fought against it, anyone would. Her parents had surely, just as Lemaril, Thranduil’s wife, or Kíli’s father Kaelin. Would she ever die that way? She didn’t want to die that way, she didn’t want anyone to die that way. She hated the darkness, she always had. As a child she had been terrified of the night. There had been a time when she would wake up in the night as a child and be completely terrified. She would cry and cry until someone came to comfort her. At first this had been her parents and then Thranduil, his long pale blonde hair casting a light around him. Legolas often insisted on them sharing a room as kids so that whenever she had a nightmare, he would be able to comfort her and cast away the darkness. She missed him. She missed all of them. She wanted them back, and wanted them to chase the darkness away. Something pulled her down to the ground. An enemy probably, dark arms extending towards her and she twisted around, trying to shake them off. She didn’t want to be killed and dragged into the darkness, not like Boromir. She screamed, shielding herself as tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Get away from me!”
“Tauriel my love.”
“Go away!”
“Open your eyes!”
“Open your eyes dammit!”
“Leave me alone!” Something suddenly pulled her up into a sitting position and she crashed into something hard… a warm. Someone’s breath surrounded her, their hair tickling her face and its hands smoothing her hair. That wasn’t something enemies did. Carefully she opened her eyes. It was dark and she could barely make out the person sitting in front of her through her tears.

“Tauriel.” The deep soothing voice of a man sounded familiar and he smelled like someone she knew.
“Tauriel… look at me.” He softly lifted her head and she finally saw his warm brown eyes, surrounded by dark lashes. Stubble lined his jaw. How did he know her name?
“You’re safe, you’re safe with me, Tauriel. Wake up, it’s just a dream, a nightmare.” She blinked her eyes and suddenly the world seemed to come crashing down on her. She felt their bodies together, their limbs tangled up. She felt the leaves she was lying on and as she looked up she saw the outline of the trees. She was in a forest… Lothlórien Forest… training… the Academy… Kíli… Kíli!
“Kíli…?” She asked and his face appeared clearly in front of her this time.
“Yes, I am here.” He was and joy filled her body. She was safe now.
“Kíli.” And with that she pulled him towards her onto the ground. He rolled until she lay on top of him and held her tight, protectively in his arms as she cried.
“I am sorry, I am so sorry… I don’t know what happened to me… I was lost… a battlefield…” she apologised and she felt embarrassment rise to her cheeks.
“Shush it’s alright my love, everything is fine Amrâlimê.” And he continued to stroke her hair until the last tears seemed to have left her body. He looked at her, happy that he had found her, he’d had been so afraid. The look she had given him right before she’d run away had told him she wasn’t alright and that something was haunting her. That something of course wasn’t hard to figure out. Boromir’s death had shocked her and left her shake. His heart was breaking at the fact that she was so hurt. He had come to the realization that, though he knew her quite well already, there was still a lot about her that he didn’t know about. As much as he didn’t like Thranduil nor Legolas, this was definitely something he wanted to talk about. What was she so afraid of?

But that all would come later, right now he was just happy that she was back in his arms again. His arms pulled her closer to him and he placed a kiss on her temple. Then he pulled both of them up. Tauriel looked around her, finding her bow and quiver. She then turned to look at him, her hair falling in tangles around her. She smiled at him gratefully and he reached for her once more, taking her delicate hand in his own and kissing her hungrily and she kissed him back with equal force. As they parted panting she shivered. Without a second thought Kíli unzipped his jumper and put it on her. Then he placed his hand in the small of her back and started to lead her through the forest back to the Academy.

“I am sorry Kíli. This was supposed to be a fun time.”
“It’s fine Tauriel, really. It was stupid of me to think that some shooting would make you feel better.”
“But it did,” she protested, “at least in the beginning. What just happened wasn’t you’re fault, and I am sorry to make you worry.” He looked up to her and smiled.
“I am just happy you’re back.”
“And I am happy you found me, my love.” She smiled back.

After a while they reached the end of the forest and saw the lights of Lothlórien Academy. The sky had already grown dark, the stars and moon lightening up the night. Celeborn was relieved to see them come back. Had it been any later, he would have gathered a search party he told them. The couple apologised as they put back their weapons. All changed they walked hand in hand back to Kíli’s bike.

“What were you thinking about?” Kíli asked her, wrapping an arm around her waist. She sighed softly looking at him with her wise, starlit green eyes.

“How unfair life can be.”
Kíli had finished his shift at Café Bree and was currently in Bifur’s workshop, where he was making his present for his uncle Thorin.

Bifur was an old family friend of the Durins. He was very creative, using his workshop to make unique traditional Erebor toys for children. However he liked to dabble in all different forms of art. As a young adult Bifur had gotten into a fight during which he had gotten badly wounded especially his head. While the rest of his body had healed extremely well, part of his brain had been permanently damaged, which had given him speech impairment. At first it hadn’t been very bad, but so the years went on, it had gotten worse. He was now only able to talk with a heavy low voice, sometimes merely grunting.
His cousins Bofur and Bombur had been very helpful during his recovery and were able to understand his current speech. After the fight, Bifur had completely thrown himself into his art as a way of expression. He enjoyed whenever he had visitors and was more than happy to help Kíli with his gift.

Thorin had never wanted nor needed much. He was happy with small things and signs of affections. This made it very hard for Fíli and Kíli to think of gifts to give him. Finally Kíli had decided on something practical. He was going to fashion his a belt. He’d bought some fine quality black leather that was both supple but firm. Now he wanted to make a buckle, which was going to be of an old Durin design. It would be made from silver and decorated with Ereborian patterns. He wanted to transform the simple belt into an item of power. But it also had to be relatively subtle enough so that Thorin could actually wear it.

Kíli came from a family where working with metals and gems was as normal as playing outside, so he didn’t have too much trouble. However Bifur helped him give the buckle its basic shape that Kíli would later polish and smooth out himself. Working in the workshop meant that he had all the time in the world, no fear of getting caught by his uncle, and he had everything he needed.

Kíli pushed his chair back and looked happily at the metal in front of him. It had a regular hexagon shape and slowly but surely the decorative patterns were starting to come together. He figured he needed two more days before the buckle was be done and could be attached to the leather.

He went out to grab himself some more coffee and checked his phone. Right as he did so he received a text, from no other than Tauriel. He knew she was out today, shopping with Arwen and Celebrían. She had slightly looked up against the trip, since twirly dresses wasn’t something his girlfriend felt very comfortable in, to his great amusement. Curiously he opened the message and laughed as he read the simple text.

‘Help! I’m being consumed by miles of pink fabric! ☹’

‘Haha, it can’t be that bad! I am sure the pink looks lovely ;)’ he replied smiling. Within seconds he got a response.

‘No I swear, it’s horrible. There’s nothing normal here!’

‘Well you could always wear nothing ;)

‘Haha yeah I don’t think so love. Want to make a good impression.’

‘Trust me, you’ll make the best one ;)

‘Pervert :P Ok what colour? Green or blue?’

‘Hmmm they’d both look great on you…’

‘Awww thanks ☺ But still choose!’

‘Haha ok blue? Are they allowing you to choose your own dress now?’

‘Yes finally! :D

‘Show me? ☺’

‘Nope! It’s gonna be a surprise! ;)

‘Aw man really? It’s not your wedding dress! ;)

‘No I’m keeping it a secret! Be prepared to be blown away ;)

‘I always am ;)

‘You’re sweet ☺’

‘And you’re gorgeous and too kind’

‘Still not gonna show you ;)

‘Damn it!’

‘Can’t you wait two weeks?’


‘Too bad ;)

‘Why do you make me suffer, o fair maiden?’

‘Because I want to surprise you dear sir.’

‘Fine, I just hope it confines to the dress rules.’

‘…Dressing rules?’

‘Yep, didn’t I tell you about them, they are very specific.’

‘Asshole, there are no dressing rules… I checked the invitation.’

‘Nice language ;)

‘Haha stop trying, I won’t show until the party.’

‘What if I want my tie to match?’

‘Its blue, there you go :P

‘Fine, I’ll leave it… for now… ;)

‘How’s your gift coming along?’

‘Going great actually, it’s almost done :D

‘Wow that’s great! I am sure it’ll look amazing and your uncle will love it!’

‘He better! It’s costing blood, sweat and tears!’

‘Drama Queen ;)

‘Haha ;) Gotta go work on it, talk to you later!’

‘Good luck! Xxx’

‘You too ;) xxx’

Smiling Kíli grabbed his now cold coffee and went back to work, not seeing Bifur shake his head amused.

Meanwhile Tauriel was still standing in the dressing room in Míriel’s store. She had lost count of how many dresses she’d tried on, but many had been pastel coloured and very flowing… something she didn’t really like. Had she just been with Arwen it would have been different, but Celebrían was there, and to the surprise of all women, Lady Galadriel, Arwen’s grandmother and Celebrían’s mother decided to come along too.

Tauriel wasn’t someone who was easily scared but Galadriel had something about her that was intimidating. Not that the woman was unkind, it was the opposite, she was very friendly, but she had an air of authority and it was obvious that she was incredibly intelligent. Despite her older age, she still worked as the Secretary General of the United Earths, the head of the multinational organisation that brought the nations of Arda together and tried to establish peace.

She had long golden thick hair shot with silver that fell in waves to her hips. Her high cheekbone face was beautiful and her light blue eyes twinkled happily, though Tauriel could imagine them turn icy blue when angry. Galadriel had passed on her good looks down to her daughter and granddaughter. But Celebrían like her father Celeborn had silver hair that she also kept long. Her eyes were sky blue that seemed to be constantly smiling.

Being in the company of such beautiful women made Tauriel nervous and unsure, and she found it hard to refuse the dresses Arwen and Celebrían picked out. Galadriel had been looking very amused, and it was actually she who had picked out the midnight blue dress Tauriel was currently wearing. Finally a dress she liked. There was a loud knock on the door and Arwen’s voice floated through.
“What are you doing in there? Do you have the dress on?” Tauriel laughed and slipped away her phone.
“Yes, yes! I am coming out!” She opened the door and stepped through the arched doorway into the waiting room.

It was a large oval space surrounded by mirrors to show of every single detail of all the beautiful gowns Míriel had made. Arwen, Celebrían, and Galadriel sat in the comfortable chairs in the middle, enjoying some tea and looking through some more designs. When Tauriel entered they looked up and Arwen gasped.
“Wow! Taur, you look… just amazing… enchanting really!” Tauriel smiled at her gratefully. She twirled around, liking the feeling of the soft fabric caressing her ankles. Celebrían and Galadriel smiled at her.
“It’s true darling, it’s like its made especially for you.” Celebrían said.
“You look like a star.” Galadriel agreed and a blush formed on Tauriel’s cheeks. Arwen came up to her and started inspecting her from up close. She playfully poked her ribs and toned abdomen.

“Gosh, you’re so fit!”
“And so flat. This dress gives the illusion of curves.”
“You do have curves! They’re just smaller.”
“Oh god, you look amazing and don’t you think otherwise. Kíli is going to faint when he sees you and the rest of his family won’t be able to take their eyes off of you.”
“You don’t think it’s too…?”
“Too what?”
“Don’t you want to look sexy?”
“Well yes, but not too much, I mean, I’ve never met his family and want to make a good impression.”
“You will make the best impression and no it’s not too sexy, don’t worry!” Tauriel gave her friend a careful hug.
“Thanks Arwen!’
“No problem! Now, time for dress number two, for the wedding!” And Tauriel groaned.

She was given another dress, again given to her by Galadriel. This time the dress was a light beige colour, decorated with golden beading, making it shimmer. Tauriel didn’t care for such glitter, but she agreed to try it on. Carefully she slipped into the thin fabric and turned to the mirror in her dressing room and gasped.

She really should have known that anything Galadriel would pick out would have been wonderful. The fabric was soft and had several light sheer shimmering layers. It hugged her waist and hips, running down the length of her legs, before widening a bit by her ankles, creating a slight mermaid effect and allowing for room to walk. From her waist up the dress was covered with golden beading that formed a round neckline and her long sleeves, looked like glittering lace. The golden colour highlighted her red hair, bringing out her creamy complexion and bright green eyes. She stood mesmerized for a few moments and wished Kíli was here to see her.

Slowly she opened the door to show the others and received the same reaction she had just had herself.
“I don’t know what to say, you’re a goddess.” Arwen told her in awe. “I almost think you should wear this to the birthday instead and wear the blue one to the wedding. What do you think mum?”
“I think both dresses are gorgeous, but I think the blue one is more appropriate for the birthday, especially since we don’t know what the others will wear. But this one, child, you could wear this during your own wedding as well as Éowyn’s wedding, it’s enchanting.”
“Well then, I guess I found my dresses… finally.” Tauriel said and Arwen laughed.
“Yes, come on, we’re done here, you look exhausted. Go get changed and I’ll tell Éowyn we’ll be on our way for dinner.”

Gratefully Tauriel slipped back into her jeans and blouse and carefully handed the dresses to Míriel, who was going to make a few minor adjustments to them so they would be perfect for her. All women had found themselves a beautiful dress for the wonderful event ahead of them. Tauriel knew Thranduil would be proud of her for buying both dresses. He always thought she was too careful when buying things, especially when she had money enough. But while it hadn’t been easy, Tauriel was happy with herself, and for the first time in a while she couldn’t wait until she was allowed to slip into those beautiful gowns again.

Together with Arwen, Tauriel went over to the restaurant where they would be meeting Éowyn, Faramir, Aragorn, Éomer, and Théodred. Legolas had planned to come at first, but he had been called to a scene to report on that day. Tauriel didn’t mind too much. While they were talking again, it still felt awkward at times, especially when Arwen loved to ask her questions about Kíli and the rest always reacted curiously, since none had seen him yet.

The restaurant served a tapas style menu, which was great since everyone had different preferences with food. Arwen was a vegetarian and Tauriel wasn’t always too found of heavy meat like beef or pork. Éowyn and her brother and cousin weren’t overly fond of fish, while Aragorn and Faramir indulged in everything they were given. But the restaurant provided something for everyone, which helped the evening along. The seven of them had become very good friends over time, with many adventures to look back upon. But the main topic of conversation was Éowyn and Faramir’s wedding.

It was obvious that the two loved each other very much. Éowyn had always looked radiant with her pale golden hair and bright blue eyes. She had a strong and healthy physique that radiated life. Tauriel could relate with her no-nonsense attitude, while Arwen had discovered her inner romantic side, which had bonded the three of them very closely.
Faramir and his older brother Boromir were quite alike in appearances. Both had sea green eyes, prominent facial features and dark strawberry blond hair. But Boromir was the taller of the two and also had the stronger physical build like their father, with a strong upper body and wide shoulders. Faramir in comparison was more delicate, although no less powerful. He looked more like his mother, also inheriting her softer character and personality. This was a cause of strain with his father Denethor. Finduilas had died when Boromir and Faramir were still children. Faramir had gotten sick with a virus that Finduilas also picked up when treating him. But while Faramir survived, she didn’t. Denethor was inconsolable, and during fits of anger and sadness, had blamed Faramir for her untimely death. Her death had impacted the entire family, with Faramir trying to prove to his father that he was worth life, while Boromir had decided to become a doctor to prevent this from happening to other families. But Denethor had seemed to cheer up quite a bit with the prospects of a wedding and had been very helpful. Faramir suspected that Éowyn reminded him of his lost wife and the older man couldn’t wait for grandchildren to fill up his life.

During dinner Tauriel at times wished Kíli could be there with her. Arwen and Aragorn were happy to see each other again after months of separation and Faramir and Éowyn couldn’t keep looking at each other, to the great annoyance of her brother Éomer, who, though accepting Faramir with open arms, finding in him a new friend, was still very overprotective of his little sister. He and Théodred were very close, seeming more like brothers than cousins. They had been quite rebellious in their youth and found in each other a comrade for adventure. Tauriel enjoyed the blonds company, who enjoyed to joke around, especially making fun of Aragorn. But Arwen’s dark haired prince didn’t mind and enjoyed the banter as well.

They had finished dinner and were enjoying some tea and coffee when Aragorn’s phone went off and he excused himself.
Arwen looked at him worriedly and Tauriel reached over to squeeze her hand.
“I am sure it’s fine Arwen.” And her friend sighed.
“I just hope they aren’t calling him to work, he’s enjoying his time at home at his family’s hospital. I know Aragorn and if they ask him he generally can’t refuse. It’s in his blood to travel.”

To stir the conversation away from Aragorn, Tauriel started to tell Éowyn about the dresses they had bought today for her wedding. Distracted Arwen enthusiastically joined the conversation. They didn’t notice the time that passed that Aragorn was away. But when he did return back to their table, the mood immediately shifted. One look on his face told everyone that something was not right. He was pale with a faraway look in his eyes. Arwen stood up and supported him, her arms around him.
“What’s wrong love?” she asked as the rest looked at him questioningly. It took him a while to speak, but then his eyes found Faramir’s and he took an agonizing deep breath.

“It’s Boromir…”
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